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This cosy little home, located in Hjaalmarch halfway between the Imperial and Stormcloak camps, is based on the traditional dwellings of the Sami people, with Elder Scrolls-ish flair.

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Located halfway between the Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp and Pale Imperial Camp, Várridallu is a small peat-and-log hut sitting on the shore of a frozen pond.

Inside the cosy shack you will find a bed of furs (gives well-rested bonus) for you and another for your follower. The fire can be put out and relit, and the state of the fire is reflected even outside--when you extinguish the fire, no light or smoke will be visible through the chimney. There are also a few idle markers for your followers to do stuff. The interior and exterior are fully navmeshed.

There is a tanning rack and wood chopping block outside, along with an anvil, alchemy tools, enchanting tome, and cooking pot inside the hut. The military camps nearby can supply the rest of the crafting stations. Literally everything is static this time, so it should be fully compatible with SMIM and all other replacers. In fact, I recommend it.

I wanted to challenge myself to create something unique using only vanilla assets. One reason was because I'm lazy to add new resources, but it also results in a lovely tiny .esp file to install with no extra stuff. As for design, I was inspired by the goahti and lavvu, traditional Sami dwellings.

Arctic Scrolls made a great video showcase of the hut (old version, still good), if you're not convinced:


Install your usual way, but I recommend Mod Organizer 2.


There is a minor incompatibility with Enhanced Landscapes. That mod adds some medium-large snow drifts around
and in front of the hut. You can safely disable them using the console (open console with tilde key, click the snow pile, type "disable").
Or keep them, up to you.


Version 1.4
- Merged Frostfall compatibility patch into main file, since it works even without Frostfall installed.

Version 1.3a
- Added Frostfall compatibility patch.

Version 1.3
- Changed the name from Samifjell to Várridallu, meaning "mountain homestead" in Northern Sámi (thanks Geriljasamen).
- Added some black planes in the ceiling (not visible in-game) to block some light leaks on the walls.
- Added two new containers! Food sack and alchemy pouch.
- Added more cosy pelts, and some other small clutter.
- Put a collision cube in the fireplace so that characters don't sink down into it.
- Moved the mapmarker just a tiny bit to make arrival by horse a little more comfortable.
- Made the alchemy lab a little bigger for easier use.

Version 1.2
- Changed the bed marker for the bed on the right to have a correctly-facing entry marker. Followers (and you, if you have some mod that does this) will now enter and exit from the fireside, rather than the wall.
- Slightly moved a log pile that I noticed was clipping the feet of characters sitting on the wood stump.

Version 1.1
- Fixed music not playing in the hut. Music was correctly selected in Cell, but not in Location.
- Map marker name changed to be more consistent with the name of the cell.
- Shadow striping from spotlight fixed.

Version 1.0e
- Added optional esl-flagged version. Use at your own risk, may be unstable. xEdit gives warnings about editing the new cell, so unless you really know what you're doing, download and use the main .esp if you think you might be making edits sometime.

Version 1.0
- Initial Release. Mod cleaned with xEdit, fixed deleted navmesh.

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