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This mod adds some elements to the exterior area of High Hrothgar for a better visual experience.

** NOW an esl plugin !

Permissions and credits
*** Disclaimer: This isn't my mod, but I got the permission from MannyGT to port  his work on SSE. Also, I didn't edit the file and I will not because this isn't the goal.  Hope every one will enjoy this mod on SSE.  I port it because I can't play skyrim without this overhaul and it was an easy task.  

*** Only the original author is owner of his creation, this mod is here because he want  that. Also,  this mod will be removed without question if he change his mind. 

*** Let me know if something go wrong with the port.

*** Original mod:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41580/

*** NOW, this mod is an ESL file and will no more take a slot in the load order !

*** Over 1500 endossements on oldrim and very lorefriendly, light and compatible overhaul ! 

This mod adds some elements to the exterior area of High Hrothgar for a better visual experience.
The elements are:

- Some braziers
- Some banners
- 2 panoramic bridges

Lights are turned off in daytime (expect about burning braziers effects).
The mod is clear, simply and does not drops any fps, so install it without hesitation.

Just place the ESP in data folder and then enable it via menu launcher

No clean savegame required, just delete it from data folder even if you're in High Hrothgar area.
However don't save when you stay on one of the panoramic bridges or you'll fall down when reload the game :)

There are no big issues on this mod. The only one is that lights will pop-up on weather change (Skyrim Engine bug, sorry)
This mod is not compatible with other mod that modify the High Hrothgar areas like Claralux.

I'm on Facebook, so join me if you want.