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Makes Rorikstead the farming community it always should have been!

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The Great City of Rorikstead
Yes I know it's not a city

Thank you Hodilton for showcasing my mod!

Rorikstead is a village on the western edge of Whiterun Hold. Rorikstead is a farming community owned by the local landlord Rorik. Most of Whiterun Hold is infertile tundra and yet the farmers of Rorikstead soldier on and thrive even. Where most farms struggle to get by the lands of Rorik are always filled with crops and every harvest is bountiful. 

The Great City of Rorikstead expands upon the small scale farming vibe of Rorikstead. It adds to the farms with extra crops, windmills and shacks and turns the area around Roriks manor and the inn into a true estate fitting for a succesful landlord in the harsh land of Skyrim. This mod does not add new NPCs except for two new guards. Only one interior is added for the new great hall of Rorikstead.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area surrounding Rorikstead. 

Interiors remain unchanged. 

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