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An enhanced Inn overhaul.

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- Mod Description -

An lore-friendly Overhaul of The Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude, featuring a new third floor with a small player home with a balcony (you can buy the key from the Innkeeper), an expanded Inn with four extra rooms for travelers a balcony (on the second floor) and tons of new decorations all over the inn.
The ESP has been cleaned with the SSEEdit auto clean feature and flagged as an ESL, so it doesn't count towards the ESP limit.

- Performance -

My Rig: Asus P8B75-M/CSM Motherboard, Intel I7 2600 @ 3.4 GHz
8 Gb RAM, NVidia GTX 980TI 6 Gb, running alongside Aequinoctium ENB + 2048 Textures and I get 60 FPS average.

- Installation -

Install with your preferred mod manager.

- Requirements -

- Skyrim up to date

- Compatibility :

Enhanced Lights and FX (ELFX): Compatible with patch, provided in the download section under optional files.
- Alternate start mods: Compatible with patch, provided by DrMonops in the download section under optional files. It will work with any mod that allows you to start in the Winking Skeever. It should load after whichever alternate start mod is being used. It allows the player to watch Roggvir's execution from either balcony (although the apartment balcony would still need to be purchased first). 
- Not compatible with other mods that overhaul the interior of The Winking Skeever Inn (with the exception of texture mods)

- Future Plans -

add a few more details, small fixes etc.

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- Credits -

Teabag86 and DrMonops for testing.
Darkfox127 for the vendor sell key script.