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This mod adds shadows casting lights to all giant campfires in the game as vanilla was missing them for almost 10 years now.
The logs of the fire do not cast shadows, cause it looks stupid. (as seen in similiar modding attempts).

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Requirements: None.

This mod adds shadows to giantcampfires. Vanilla didn't have them for a long time now and it was always hurting my immersion whenever going to a giant camp. So here it is finally, a way to make those giant camps ten times more atmospheric. You have to see it ingame to really appreciate it as it can look quite different depending on your ENB.

My ENB makes the burning logs and the fire look messed up, so I apologize for that. It's normal without ENB but it wasnt dark enough to take screenshots with shadows in that case. My campfire logs looked shit with ENB before this mod too. You really have to try it out and see for yourself, it really adds a lot to your immersion seeing those big giants and mammoth cast a shadow on the surroundings.

Here is a video demonstration, but as I said ignore the blinding neon glowing burning logs, they are not part of the mod.

If you use ENB Light download the ENB light version and let it overwrite everything, I added the ENB Light nodes to the mesh by following the article  available on the ENB Light page. I figured this is okay since every major ENB Light mod released in the past just did that. If it's somehow not, please contact me.

This mod fully supports TML. Load this mod after TML or else you get duplicate lights.

Partly compatible, load this mod after but you will still have ugly lighting
and duplicate lights for interior giantcampfires. (2 locations)

Load this mod after, it already includes the fix.

Fully compatible


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