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Makes Ivarstead the town it was always meant to be!

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The Great Town of Ivarstead

Many thanks to Fabricio Siqueira for showcasing my mod!


Ivarstead is a small community at the foot of the Throat of the World, Skyrim's tallest and holiest mountain. It is at the Throat of the World where the breath of Kyne, the warrior-wife of Shor, formed the races of men. Near to the peak lies High Hrothgar home to the Greybeards. Because of this most of Ivarstead's visitors are pilgrims. It's economy is based on pilgrims and forestry.

The Great Town of Ivarstead replaces the basic farmhouses structures with buildings from Riften and three new custom structures. A new Hall of Kyne has been added. Here the priests and monks follow the old ways of Kyne instead of Kynareth, who to them is but a mere shadow of Kyne. There's also a new shop and one of the bridges has been replaced too.

For this mod to function optimally it's recommended you start a new game (just like with any other major city overhaul). Otherwise the bed in the inn won't show.

The custom structures in this mod use vanilla textures and are compatible with texture overhauls. I personally use Noble Skyrim 2k as can be seen in the screenshots.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area around Ivarstead or it's interiors.

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