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Small shack opposite of Honningbrew meadery, with tons of storage for unique items, and most workstation.
Very compact but packed with stuff. For those of us who like tiny homes. 

• Safely store away and display dragonpriest masks
• Display tons of the unique items in the game
• Reset crafted items to re-enchant and temper them


• A "reset font" that lets you remove enchantments and smithing upgrade from player created items
• All vanilla workstations and storage for them
• Awesome clutter and some new shiny textures
• Cool looking custom storage
• Space for all your books
• Bed gives "Well Rested" / Spouse bonus
• Outhouse and small plantable garden
• Lots of display space, some free, some predetermined
• Spot for a horse, fast traveling moves horse to shed


• House has day and night cycle, so it's darker at night
• Navmeshed for your friend's convenience
• OBVIOUSLY all storage is safe, set to no-respawn and the house is a no reset zone so nothing you place anywhere will reset

TO GET INTO THE HOUSE: You have to go find the previous owner in Helgen.
They got into a bit of a... scaly situation.

Halla means "cold night", a situation where the temperature lowers during growth season (summer, early autumn) at ground level to below 0ºC (frost).
If the temperature near ground level goes below -4 °C, it's called "harsh halla". During this situation the vegetation and crops will suffer greatly. I thought it was suitable because Pelagius is always complaining about "the nip in the air".


Ruins Clutter improvement does something to the enchanter. Remove enchanting table mesh to fix.

• I know there's another mod in this exact location. I made this mod for myself and I don't use any other house mods.
• The ladder to the attic is a bit of a pain due to small space,and not navmeshed because NPC's would have trouble with it.
   Please do not comment about it, I won't do anything to fix it :P version for XB1:


Music by Vindsvept -
Vindsvept music is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 License

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