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A complete overhaul of the Windhelm bridge and stables area.

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The bridge of Windhelm has never looked good to me, I always found it too blocky and bleak even by the city's standards. So I decided to completely recreate it, as well as the stables area. Now it really feels like you're entering the capital city of the Stormcloaks in the middle of a civil war. I won't describe the changes I made in detail, a picture is worth a thousand words so just head to the gallery to see the bridge in all its glory !

Thanks to Hodilton for the video !

You can use it with mods that change the same area like Enhanced Landscapes, just put this one after those in your load order.

If you use Claralux, Windhelm Exterior Altered, Lanterns of Skyrim, SkyR - Windhelm Docks or Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul, be sure to download the necessary patches.

I tried my best to replace all the markers for the Battle of Windhelm but it hasn't yet been tested in game, use with caution if you sided with the Empire for the civil war questline.

If you use RLO or Lanterns of Skyrim you will have some fliying lights around the bridge.


Kraeten for the Stormcloak Cabin Resource
Oaristys for the Modder's Resource Pack