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Overhauls the Silent Moons Camp location and the Lunar enchanted weapons you find there.
Introduces a new range of Lunar steel weapons, and allows you to craft them at the Lunar Forge,
Extends the Silent Moons Camp exterior, as well as adding a new interior cell, with a unique weapon and some lore to flesh everything out.

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“The Scourge of Whiterun" is a famous horror story told throughout the Whiterun hold. It is a tale passed on by generations and while
much of it may be embellished, it still has remained one of the most renowned folklore tales of the region. One that has exhilarated and
horrified people for many, many years.

- Excerpt from The Scourge of Whiterun - Volume 1, by Kjeld Songwind

Just north of Whiterun you will find the Silent Moons Camp. At first it seems just like any other bandit-filled dungeon, until you encounter the named Lunar Forge on top of the hill and the enchanted weapons, called Lunar weapons. There really isn’t anything more to it than that. The Lunar weapons are just common iron and steel weapons with a unique enchantment, and the named forge doesn’t actually provide any benefits. It’s almost like a piece of lore was cut from this area.

I started designing a bunch of visually new Lunar weapons as part of a new Heavy Armory update. But I realized quickly that I couldn't just give the weapons a new character without also creating the rest of the story.
Next I started writing some new lore, continued on from that by editing the Silent Moons Camp location, and next thing I knew this small update had become its own full mod.

Lunar Armory adds new models for the Lunar Weapons, changes their enchantment, changes the Lunar Forge and the entire Silent Moons location, adds lore to the area and extends the dungeon with a new (hidden) section.

New weapons
The vanilla Lunar weapons were identical to standard iron and steel.
I redid the design for Lunar Amory to make the weapons now look ancient and more vicious, like they were forged by an ancient evil long ago.

In vanilla you could find a war axe, sword and mace in both enchanted iron and steel. I ditched the iron versions all together and extended the range to also include a dagger, greatsword, warhammer and battle axe. You can find these in normal Lunar steel, or Honed Lunar steel!
Lunar steel weapons will be around the Orcish tier. Honed Lunar steel is closer to Elven.

If you use Heavy Armory, make sure to get the HA compatible version that also adds the club, hatchet, shortswords, quarterstaff, shortspear and spear.

New Enchantment
You can find the new Lunar weapons in both enchanted and unenchanted versions and the higher your level, the stronger the enchantments you encounter.
The Lunar enchantment was changed from the vanilla version. The book "Notes on the Lunar Forge" in the vanilla game described the Lunar weapons as having a Drain Health ability that is only active when the moons are out (between 9pm and 5 am). This seems to have been Bethesda's original intent, but for some reason the actual weapon enchantment was changed to do fire damage! This mod changes the enchantment to drain health, and adds a little extra perk:
Lunar weapons do 25% more damage to Werewolves and Werebears.

Overhaul of the Silent Moons camp
The exterior has been changed to be a lot more interesting and imposing. This was once a true stronghold that has long fallen into ruins.
I’ve made some practical changes as well as adjustments for visual storytelling. The interior cell had its name changed to Silent Moons Ruins. Otherwise, the interior location hasn't had a lot of changes, but I did add an entrance to the Inner Sanctum. What is in there? Well, the door is locked, so you better look for that key if you want to find out…
Just like in vanilla you'll have a chance to find some Lunar steel weapons lying around here.

Oh yeah, the Lunar Forge can now actually be used to create (unenchanted) Lunar weapons! Both the normal and the Honed version.
Important side note: The Lunar Forge is the only place you can create these Lunar steel weapons, and even then only at night!

Changes to the bandits
The bandits in the Silent Moons Camp now have a chance of carrying a Lunar steel weapon. They've settled into a ruin that has some powerful weapons lying around. Makes sense some of them decided to claim one for themselves! Since the location was extended, I also added a couple of extra bandits to populate it.

New Lore
This was a big one for me, but it is completely optional for the player.
You'll find a couple of books in the ruins that might clue you in to what happened in this place and who actually created the Lunar Forge. You can find a couple of journals laying around (including an updated version of the vanilla book "Notes on the Lunar Forge") and you might even encounter 2 new books called "The Scourge of Whiterun" . This story comes in 2 volumes that you might find in the ruins, but I also added them to book level lists, so you might encounter these in shops or the College library!
Again, reading all this is completely optional, but it will give you more context to the weapons, as well as the "boss" enemies you'll find in the ruins.

A general note on compatibility and the "weapons-only" version

There are a couple of mods out there that overhaul the Lunar weapons, so obviously, those will be incompatible with Lunar Armory.

Lunar Armory should be compatible with most other mods, besides those that overhaul the Silent Moons Camp location.
In those cells I added meshes and NPC's, and adjusted the Navmesh. No landscape changes were made.

These are the cells that are changed in Lunar Armory:
- 00009146 (SilentMoonsCampBlacksmith02)
- 00009165
- 0000951F (SilentMoonsCampBlacksmith)
- 00009540 (SilentMoonsCampExterior)
- 00009541

Also the interior cell:
- 00015211 (SilentMoonsCamp01)

If you have any mod that also changes these cells, then make sure to load Lunar Armory after them.

If you are worried about compatibility issues with other mods that change the same cells, then you can choose to get a "weapons-only" version of the mod. This version still adds the weapons and makes them craftable at the Lunar Forge. It's included in the FOMOD installer. In the first step of the instalation process you get to choose which version you want.

--This mod does not include LOD meshes, so I advise you run DynDOLOD after installing.--

Here is a list of patches for other mods. Unless stated otherwise, you'll find these in the FOMOD installer:

- Audio Overhaul for Skyrim & Immersive Sounds - Compendium
Patches some of the weapons to use new sounds from these mods. The installer should auto detect which mods (if any) you have active

- Heavy Armory
Extends the range of new Lunar steel weapons with new weapon types introduced in HA. There's a version available for the full and lite versions of Heavy Armory. Also includes a version that works with the new animations from Animated Armory by NickaNak.

- Book Covers Skyrim
Patches the Notes on the Lunar Forge book to have the new cover added by Book Covers Skyrim

- Bow of Shadows (Creation Club)
Changes the exact location of the assassins hideout to avoid clipping issues. You can now find the journal on top of the mound.

All patches have been moved into the Lunar Armory FOMOD installer! I also added new variations of these patches to work with Animated Armory.
There are a lot of different variations of these patches included in the installer, but the correct ones should be auto-selected for you!

- Enhanced Lights and Effects
Patch for the ELFX Enhancer plugin. Carries over the light changes from ELFX and the name change from LA for the Silent Moons Camp interior.

- Immersive Creatures
Patches the new Draugr enemies to use Ancient Nord armour for Immersive Creatures.

- Lawbringer
Patch adds Lawbringer support to Silent Moons Camp! Claim the ruins for the Imperial, the Stormcloaks or Whiterun hold!
You can find new journals that details how the soldiers of the new controlling faction react to being stationed at this notorious location.
Note that the new owners will get rid of (almost) all of the Lunar steel weapons they find lying around!
The Inner Sanctum and the key to that door will remain as they were.
The banner to claim the location will be up the hill, before you enter the structure to the Lunar Forge.

- Legacy of the Dragonborn
Merges the changes to the "Notes on the Lunar Forge" book to fix direct incompatibility issues
Doesn't add further support like displays for new weapons
Patch is not included in the installer, instead get it from the optional downloads section!

- Serenity
Patch made by robo86844 is available right here
This removes some structures added by Lunar Armory to avoid the worst clipping issues between these two mods.
I personally don't recommend using LA and Serenity together (because they both do the same thing in their own way), but if you want to use both, this patch allows you to do it.
If you use Lawbringer and Serenity, use this patch instead of the Lawbringer patch

- Will you make a patch for mod X? / Can I make a patch for mod X?
In general, I am likely to make a patch if it is a mod I use myself, or that's otherwise easy to throw together. But of course, if you want to take things into your own hands and create a patch for any conflicting mod you find, then you are free to do so.

- How can I craft Lunar weapons?
You can only craft Lunar steel at the Lunar forge, and only between 9pm and 5am.
You'll need the steel perk for the normal weapons and advanced smithing perk for the Honed versions.

- Why doesn't the Lunar enchantment work?
The effect from the Lunar enchantment only works when the moons are out, i.e. between 9pm and 5am.

- Can I put the Lunar enchantment on other weapons?
You can simply destroy a Lunar weapon to learn the effect and use Enchanting to put it on any weapon of your choosing.

- The door to the Inner Sanctum is locked!
You'll have to find a key, but it's well hidden. Look around the exterior. Explore. It's hiding (somewhat) in plain sight in a "container" (so no worries about accidentally fus-ro-dah ing the thing).

In case you are really stuck finding that key: It's right here