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Adds dynamic changes that occur over time to the Greenwood Shack in Falkreath. At the start of the game, its inhabitants will be alive, but the location will evolve as the game's story unfolds. Creates a small change of scenery to help Skyrim's world space feel more alive.

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This mod makes edits to the Greenwood Shack location in Falkreath and adds new NPC inhabitants. It applies dynamic changes to the location which evolve over time as the player progresses through the game. It is designed to be as lightweight, compatible, and vanilla-friendly as possible

*** Ok to install mid-game.

*** Do NOT update mid-game.

*** The new update tweaks the mod's progression to be based on actual time in game, rather than player level.

Skyrim's world space tends to feel very static. Despite a civil war, dragon attacks, and a rising vampire menace, not much ever changes. If the player could notice visible changes taking place over time it would help make the land of Skyrim feel more alive. It would help give a sense that events were occurring and time was passing throughout a playthrough. Ideally, these changes should be as seamless as possible with the base game. This mod attempts to implement this idea to at a small vanilla location.

In the vanilla game you can find the aftermath of a dragon attack at the Greenwood Shack, including the two burnt corpses of two residents. Now at the start of the game, the shack will be undamaged and the young couple will be alive.

Later on you can come across the location after the dragon attack (its state in vanilla).

After more time passes (levels gained), a new NPC will move in. She'll be busy repairing the location, and will even give the previous residents proper burials.

Eventually the location will be fully repaired with some small improvements to its environment. It's subtly implied that, being wood elf, this new NPC has been tending to the natural ecosystem near the shack . She will also sell pelts and animal parts to the player, similar to generic hunters. There are four progressive stages for the location:


Initial state - Shack is intact, two occupants alive
Second stage - Dragon attack aftermath (vanilla)
Third stage -  New resident arrives, begins repairs
Fourth stage - Location improved


Default - Shack is destroyed after the dragon attack at the Western Watchtower
Way of the Voice - Shack is destroyed after reaching High Hrothgar
Timed Destruction - No reference at all to the Main Quest. Shack is destroyed after 50 in-game days.
Pilgrim Versions - Available for each of the above. Adds a shrine of Jephre from the mod 'Pilgrim' by SimonMagus616 

(These alternate versions are useful if you have a mod like Skyrim Unbound, which disables the first part of the Main Quest, or if you simply prefer a their approach. The Pilgrim versions are completely optional addons, and require the mod 'Pilgrim').

Designed to be as compatible and light-weight as possible:
- no navmesh changes
- no landscape changes
- does not touch vanilla quest records
- does not touch vanilla npc records
- touches very few vanilla records in general.
- cleaned and checked for errors in xEdit

Should be compatible with everything, except mods that alter the same location.


Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE
Bear's Cave Mill Revised (Cut Content Restoration)
Interesting NPCs*
Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
Lux Via
Northern Roads
Skyrim Unbound

* Interesting NPCs adds a trapdoor to the shack for a quest. I have no idea if it makes sense narratively with this mod, but it's not in the way of anything.


New Beginnings - Live Another Life Extension SSE Patch
Only for the 'New Beginnings' extension mod for Alternate Start. No patch required for the main mod, Alternate Start. Resolves the conflict that disrupts this mod's transitions. The "I was attacked by a dragon" start may feel inconsistent... since the NPCs will be alive.

New Beginnings - Alternate Perspective Patch
Only for the 'New Beginnings' extension mod for Alternate Perspective. No patch required for the main mod, Alternate Perspective. Resolves the conflict that disrupts this mod's transitions. The "I was attacked by a dragon" start may feel inconsistent... since the NPCs will be alive.

These patches should work for all main files.

Each version of the main has a different trigger to destroy the shack, based on quest conditions or the amount of days passed in game. After its destruction, each further stage is enabled based on the amount of days passed in-game. After the destruction of the shack, each stage is triggered after 30 days have passed. For the Default and Way of the Voice main files, the shack will only be destroyed once the player is near its location, this will start the countdown for the next stages. The Timed-Destruction version does not require the player to approach. So for the most part the story of this shack takes place whether you visit it or not, and there's several states that you could find it in. 

These changes are implemented with a simple script that fires when you approach the location (when the cell loads). It checks the quest and days-in-game requirements, and enables or disables the correct objects for each stage. With this method, there are no scripts or spells constantly running in the background, and the script that's used turns itself off after the last stage. There is also a built-in condition for the new Bosmer NPC to be alive, so that the shack does not get magically rebuilt even if she's dead.

Feel free to use any resources from my mods for your own, as long as you leave some credit. 

Please create any compatibility patches that I have been too unaware or lazy to do myself ;)

Due to Mods revising its port rules, I am publicly giving permission to anyone to upload, maintain and merge my mods for Xbox on under the condition they do not claim the mods as their own and agree to remove them from if asked to do so.

Open permission to anyone to upload translations of my mods for other languages, as long as you leave some credit. 

Open permission to anyone who wants to convert and upload my mods to LE, as long as you leave some credit.  To much work for me!