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MLOS increases the variety of the candle lanterns used in the Skyim world from 1 to 16, in a regional motive and installs light posts with candle lanterns across the main roads. Now with animated lanterns.

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- MLOS greatly increases the variety of the candle lanterns used by the people of Skyrim. Each hold will now have its own candle lantern, in interiors and exteriors, and a matching metal decoration on its light posts.
- MLOS replaces a great portion of the candle lanterns found in Skyrim interiors (around 900/1550) with custom made models of higher detail and quality. It will not modify/add/remove any interior light sources.
- MLOS installs light posts across the main roads of Skyrim. Those come with a single light source per lantern.

- As of 1.0.3 all hanging lanterns in exteriors are animated and will react with the wind.

Optional. Scripted. MCM configurable.
Will turn off the reflecting light of the candle lanterns during day time.
Its never recommended to uninstall scripted mods during a playthrough.
Scripts by tarlazo.

More than 20 models have been used in total, 9 basic candle lanterns, one for each hold, plus some variations and a few special ones. They should all look medieval, realistic and very suitable for the era and place.

As low in your order as possible.

- Incompatible with LoS , since both mods are practically doing the same thing (in exteriors) and they will conflict
- Incompatible with Blowing in the Wind. The lanterns are already animated. Animated signage here

- Compatibility with interior lighting mods should be fine.

- Compatible with Point the Way.
- Compatible with JK Cities (full version) via patch provided on this page. The patch is not required if using the 'No Lights' version of JK's cities.
- Compatible with BS Bruma via patch provided on this page. This is an optional integration patch.
- Compatible with The Great Cities via patch provided on this page.
- Compatible and fully integrated into Solitude Expansion via patch provided on this page
- Compatible and fully integrated into all Arthmoor's Villages expansions via multi patch provided on this page.
- Compatible and fully integrated into the Settlements Expanded mod via patch provided on this page.
- Compatible with Skyrim Bridges via patch provided in this pages.

- Compatible with RLO Exteriors via patch provided in the page. (RLO Interiors highly recommended, RLO Exteriors not recommended)
 Despite what LooT might say, MLoS must load AFTER rlo exteriors (and/or interiors). Correct load order is RLO > MLoS > patch

- Compatible with Dawn of Skyrim (after a quick look in xEDIT) only if MLoS is loaded last. Otherwise, double lanterns will appear.
- Compatible with ReLighting Skyrim (after a quick look in xEDIT).

Check the sticky post for more info related to compatibility and available patches.

- As of 1.0.2 there is no static collision on the wooden posts. I was unable to make the animation to work while the post collision was active. Will be probably fixed in future updates. The hanging lanterns do have a collision though and will ragdoll when contacted.

MLOS is a quite elegant mod that is mostly suitable for gamers who appreciate some beauty in their scenes. There are countless candle lanterns in game, you will be surprised of the impact this mod will have in your game.

Thus said, a big number of candle lanterns is left 'vanilla', about 650 in total, all in interiors, caves and forts. This is simply because in some scenes the replacer from the Medieval Candlehorns and Sconces feels more suitable. There are quite many empty lanterns in many interiors. Those are not touched by this mod but the replacer from the Medieval Candlehorns and Sconces will fit perfectly.

Another thing to notice is that a great number of candle lanterns in placed on top of a barrel. Unless you enjoy seeing beauty on top of blurriness, a nice barrel replacer can be found in the 3D Misc mod catalogue, do your self a favor and install it.

If you have been using SMIM + LoS, this will actually be an improvement since the new light post are (way) better optimized.
There will be no FPS hit whatsoever.

All models included are my creations and are freely available as modder resources as long as nothing is used in any kind of paid project.
The high poly candle sculpts are also available in fbx format if requested.
In case you want to use my models in your project, linking back to this page and providing credits would be nice, but you don't have to.

Maya and Blender for the lantern cages.
ZBrush for the candles scuplting and retopo.
Substance Painter for normal map baking and texturing.
Nifskope for animation adjustments .
Bethesda CK for custom asset placement.
xEDIT for peace of mind.
I like A but i dont like B. Can you make a version without B please?
No. I can show you how to do it your self though, assuming B is willing to cooperate.

Would you upload all 1k textures for people with old rigs?
No. Download and the dds extension and scale your textures to whatever resolution you like.

Can you make a version that would match my whatever texture pack?

Oldrim version?

May i offer ideas for improvement?
Yes, it would be very much appreciated

The original idea for the light posts on the main roads comes from the LoS mod and mannygt, which is a beautiful and very well executed mod for your game. I got a lot of help from their work, especially regarding roads that are better left in the dark.
The other half of the mod, the interior province-based replacers is my idea, materialized after many hours spend with the CK.