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Turns Mixwater Mill into the lumber mill it was always meant to be!

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The Great Village of Mixwater Mill

Many thanks to Fabricio Siqueira

Mixwater Mill
Mixwater Mill is a small lumber mill community along the White River in Eastmarch. However lumber production has slowed down significantly due to the ever prideful inhabitants leaving to fight for the Stormcloaks. Now the old worker house lies abandoned.

The Great Village of Mixwater Mill
The Great Village of Mixwater Mill is a small overhaul. It replaces the vanilla farmhouses and lumber mill with new custom meshes and adds a new familiy of proud (though bigoted) Nord farmers. The custom meshes are part of the Eastmarch farmhouse set. The buildings are in a Nordic style with sod roofs.

The custom structures in this mod use vanilla textures and are compatible with texture overhauls. I personally use Noble Skyrim 2k as can be seen in the screenshots.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area around Mixwater Mill or it's interiors.

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