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One of the best home mods - The Raven's Breezehome now in the lands of Skyrim Special Edition.

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I am not the original author of this mod. This mod is the work of the super cool
Helixien. The OG author has granted me permission to port this mod. Even then, if the OG author finds this mod in violation of any of his rules, then they have the right to BURN IT DOWN!

Support the original Mod as well!

General Information
This standalone version of the player home for my hearthfire styled player home which I am currently working on is a replacer for Breezehome. I made it extra for people who do not want my fort mod once it is done, but still like the inside of the player home and instead of placing another house somewhere in Skyrim I thought replacing Breezehome in my favorite city (Whiterun) would be a pretty good idea. So I hope you guyslike that!

The layout for the house, as you will notice, is clearly based on the vanilla Breezehome, as well as Elianoras/Goatk Breezehome (I took the idea with the tower from there), plus I added another two rooms in the back.

The house itself looks jsut glorious! Its unique in every way, since I spent hours and hours working on the custom shelves, etc and also a lot of time getting the lighting to work so far (still not perfect, but pretty good). It features a lot of storage, beds for kids and housecarl
and a lot of books! Like, really a lot of books!

How to install [Important]:
Please follow these steps before installing my mod:
Following these steps is NOT optional!

1. Remove all your stuff from storage. Everything you leave in the house will be gone.
2. Tell every NPC in the house to get outside. Every NPCs in the house would be stuck and just gone.
3. Now get out of the house yourself and make a save.
4. Now reste the Breezehome cell.
5. Now install the mod and restart Skyrim.
6. Load the save and move everything inside your new, amazing Breezehome!

Note:To get children to move into the house, you still have to buy the Breezehome upgrade (children bedroom) from Avenicci! Otherwise it wont work!

Here is a list with the current features so far!

- A retextured exterior for the Breezehome!
- House Storage & other: House Storage is one big place for everything. Never bother with 1000 of containers again, one place for everything! Other: Sotrage for Food, Soul Gems, Potions and Gems (more if requested!)
- Working gramaphone with about 1 HOUR of music made by Vindsvept! You can even skip tracks! (tracks will stop once you leave Breezehome)
- Displays and Storages: Displays unique items and storage for books (bookshelves and other),
quest items (like scrolls), unique items, armors and weapons, etc!
- Unique item storage can be turned on and off!
- Garden with planters outside of Breezehom!
- Custom desgined furniture, build out of a lot of normal vanilla meshes into an awesome interior. You have no idea how much time it took!
- Each room has a unique design and layout! Starting from the amazing kitchen to the Magic Tower!
- Working Children with beds and everythign vanilla Breezehome overs!
- Unique clutter made with hearth so that it looks realistic!
- Amazing Lightning! Well, it depends on your ENB but it looks really good!

These House is a standalone version of my Heartfire Fort mod which I am currently working on.
I did not keep track on which resources I used only for the fort and
which one in the house as well. So I used pretty much the whole resource
list from the fort mod.

People and other help:
- Thanks to K13RaN64 for fixing the hearthfire adoption stuff!
- DarkFox127: Help with Scripts and general things
- Hodilton for screenshots!
- Ren for fixing some minor issues!
- VALKNUT for fixing the Lydia issue
- mannygt for telling me about the NevMesh thing!

Raw Ressources: (Fonts, images, logos, sounds, etc)

- Font 1 for the logo:
- Font 2 for the logo:
- Logos (Raven, Hunter, etc):
- Cloud for Logo:
- Vindsvepts Music:
Vindsvepts Music is free to use as long as you credit him! Will also not get a copyright strike if you are a Youtuber!

Game Ressources: (textures, models, etc)

- jacknifelee (also Runspect and Tamira): Skyrim Toy Story:
- Elianora: Elianora's Extra Resources:
- DarkFox127: Creation Kit Tutorials and Resources:
- TESA Ressource Kit:
- Tamira: Stroti Resource Pack 1.2:
- lolikyonyu: Lolicept Resources:
- MrDanSG1: Modder Display Compendium:
- Insanity´s: Clocks:
- Blary: Ingredients in a Jar Resource:
- Saerileth: Wind Chime Resource:
- Insanity´s: Pillows:
- Darkrder: Cletic Decor:
- Insanity´s: Wall Charts:
- Tamira: Strotis Resource Pack:
- Tamira: Strotis Kitchen Tools:
- markusliberty: Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource:
- Blary: FoodContainer Resource:
- Tamira :Phitt's Fishtank 1.0:
- BrettM :The FPI Aquarium Kit:
- Garnet: Riften Fish Market:
- Jokerine: Seashells:
- mrpdean: New Lakeview manor meshes:
- stoverjm: Open Books:


- Creation Kit
- NifScope
- Oscape
- Nconvert
- BSAdopt
- Gimp 2 (with dds plugin and normal map plugin)
- MultiXwm
- TES5Edit
- Fallout Mod Manager

Q: Will you update The Ravens Breezehome
A: Yes! Its open beta. I didnt write that just for fun!

Q: I would have an idea for a mod!
A: Great, then download CK and begin to work on it ;) I dont do requests!

Q: xxx isnt working!
A: Please let me know in the comments. The mod is open beta, erros/bugs can still be in there! Thanks for telling me!

Q: Where is the storage for xxx item?
A: Go around the house and look in empty space on shelves. You should see a
text saying "Place/Take item xxx" and if you have the item in you
inventory, there you go!