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Travel deeper into the Reach than you've ever gone before! With custom assets and lively characters, this new lands collaboration is brought to you by the students and teachers of the Arcane University.

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Beyond the Druadach Mountains, there exists a hidden valley of merry misfits...

When the sun rises and dawn breaks, the inhabitants of this idyllic land emerge; wanderers lost in the mountains, adventurers ailed by knee-related injuries, warriors seeking to guard a once prosperous trading route, Forsworn looking to further their cause, and exiled on.

Hestra's Nest is a short term modding project developed by the students of the Arcane University. It's an opportunity for students to collaborate across departments and experience mod development in a structured learning environment, while receiving in-depth feedback and creating work to a higher standard.

To start your journey into Hestra's Nest, you will need to start an introductory quest. The quest starts after you encounter two unique npcs, as they leave Markarth, and listen to their conversation.

  • Visit the new lands valley of Hestra's Nest, located snuggly between Skyrim and Hammerfell.

  • Built from the ground up by the game writing, concept art, 3D, level design, implementation and voice acting students of the Arcane University.

  • Come meet our 7 weird and wacky residents - and 2 tourists on their way to the Miss Hammerfell Contest.

  • Play through our 3 quests that'll take you on intense, harrowing, deadly excursions into the deepest places of the earth... or into beautiful meadows to make a friend...

  • Explore the beautiful valley and its Forsworn camps, the Tottery Tunnel, the Madancha, and Drmgl... Drmzz... Grlgrllrr... uh, our famous Dwemer ruins, while listening to our custom music! (Can't get enough of Natalia Popova's music in Hestra's Nest? Listen to it on Spotify.)

  • The mod is served as is with no planned bug-fixes or updates.
  • Hestra's Nest is an individual, standalone, unofficial mod, unrelated to our Partner Projects and their releases. There is no planned connections between Hestra's Nest and any other mods. 
  • Hestra's Nest was created by a group of students whose primary purpose was to learn, collaborate and grow as developers and artists.
  • Unfortunately only half of the NPCs has custom voice overs at this time, the rest are filled in by VASynth.
  • Unfinished content will be available as assignments via the Arcane University. 

The Arcane University is a place for focused, self-driven learning of the skills relevant to Skyrim modding, supported by some of the best and most experienced teams in the modding community. Our primary purpose is to exist as a learning platform for potential Partner Project recruits.

This project has been a great learning experience for the dozens of talented students who made it possible. The Arcane University has their doors open to anyone who wants to learn the skills to create their own content.


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