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Build a mine, hire workers, and earn gold!

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[size=8]Windstad Mine[/size]


Build a mine, hire workers, mine ore, and earn gold!

Windstad Mine is a player-owned mine that allows you to transform a bandit-infested cave into a profitable mining operation.  Constructing the mine and its facilities will reward the player with income every day and the ability to extract ore from its vast mineral reserves.  The mine can be further expanded by excavating two additional mining shafts (which allow access to additional types of ore) and a fishery business, as well as hiring guards to protect your property.

As the name suggests, the mine is located within Hjaalmarch next to Windstad Manor and Ustengrav.
To start this adventure, investigate the destroyed cart and rubble located along the road that leads from Riverwood towards Whiterun  Or simply stumble upon the mine.

Cleaned with SSEEdit.



Collect materials gathered in the province of Skyrim to construct the mines facilities and structures, or hire construction workers to do the job for you.

Mine Ore and Harvest Fish

Windstad Mine is rich with ore.  Fabricate weaponry and armor with ore excavted from your very own mine, or sell your finely crafted wares to merchants scattered across Skyrim.

Furthermore. the mine also utilizes a custom mining system.  No need to worry about running out of ore, as Windstad ore deposits do no deplete.  Using the pickaxe and ore bucket next to the construction area will allow you to select the rate at which you extract ore from Windstad Mining deposits at your preferance, and have no impact on ore deposits outside of Windstad Mine.

Constructing a fishery meanwhile will allow you to grow and harvest fish which can be used for alchemy ingredients, or as food for any needs related mod.

Mine Transportation

Windstad Mine is large.  This can be a problem when over encumbered and lugging around  tons of ore.  Once transport carts are constructed, travel around the mine with ease and use the carts to temporarily store your excavated items.  

Earn gold

Hiring workers for your mine will allow you to earn a steady amount of gold income every day at 9:00 AM.  A nice amount of gold to help with your adventures throughout Skyrim.


Proudly show your affiliation with the Stormcloaks or Imperials around the exterior of the mine, or fly a more simple banner around your business for decoration.

Compatibility and Requirements

Requires Skyrim Special Edition.
Furthermore, this mod will not be compatible with any mod that alters the cell it is located in (the Ustengrav Cell and cells around it).


Too many to list really, but to name a few:
Bethesda for making this fantastic game.
Darkfox127 for his awesome mods and extremely helpful Creation Kit videos.
CreationKit Wiki
Cipscis for his scripting guides and Light Switch scripts.
The Nexus site.  Great place to find and download mods.
Goghost for helping test.
Brodual and MMOxReview for the videos.

The modding community.

Custom Resources Used

Blary (Resource packs)
Stroti (Outhouse)
Artisanix (Paintings)
Oaristys (Modder resource pack)
Lolicept (Resources)

Known Issues and FAQ

Tovis Horansen, the vendor in Morthal's Highmoon Hall who sells the business permit for the mine, won't talk to me!

First, make sure you are talking to the correct NPC and are in the correct location (Tovis Horansen.  Second, his merchant dialogue option is set to only appear once you have killed all bandits located inside the mine.  There should be five of them.  If you are in the correct location (Highmoon Hall) and have killed them all bandits inside Windstad Mine, use the console to obtain the deed.  Type 'help permit', then look at the number to the left of the item 'Windstad Mine BusinessPermit and Deed'.  Type in that number, put a space and then type 1.  (Example:  00000f 1)

Shaft 1/Shaft 2 construction option doesn't go away!

I am aware of this and this is intentional for the time being.  Purchase the upgrade once and then leave it alone.  It should take 3 in-game days for Shaft 1/Shaft 2 expansion to complete.  If you purchased the upgrade and after 3 days construction does not complete, leave a comment on the posts tab and report it.  Use the console to give your character gold and try again.

Why aren't there any dwemer mining deposits?


Gold doesn't accumulate:
1. Gold sometimes doesn't accumulate. This is generally caused whenever you use the 'wait' or 'sleep' feature through the time where gold and items are added to the chests (9:00 AM In-Game). However, playing through this time normally will add gold and items to the chests as normal.

2. Clicking 'Start Income' repeatedly continually adds gold and items to the chests. The intention of this option was to reset the script in case it fails, not to be abused for quick gold accumulation.  Click it once, leave it alone.

Do not upload my mod to another site without my permission.  Contact me if you are interested in doing a translation.

Change Log
V.9 - SSE Conversion
V.8 - Reduced amount of ore added to ore containers for second income ledger option
V.7 - Added option to let miners/blacksmith store prospected ore instead of selling it 
-Added dragon perch markers to exterior mine buildings
V.6 -Fixed map marker issue
-Removed gap in player cabin
-Fixed scripting issue involving bandit scrap/shaft 1/shaft 2 inappropriately being placed in player inventory
-Fixed goat horn order issue
V.5 - Initial Release.