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A bug-fixed update of AssyMcGee's beautiful overhaul of the docks of Soiltude. It expands the docks adding a lively seaside neighborhood, as befits what's supposed to be Skyrim's largest trading hub.

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Since the author of Solitude Docks has taken a pause from development leaving all the permissions open for everyone's benefit (thanks!), I decided to update my bug-fixed version so all of you can enjoy the mod in full without making your own trip to the CK.

You can read the description on the original page to have more information on what this mod does; what I have done is:
- fixing the merchants: now you can trade with the smith and the alchemist, they won't ignore you anymore;
- adding a texture that was missing. 

Moreover, here's a few more updates since version 2.0 is out: 
- you can buy Marsh View from Isabella, the general merchant at the stall (thanks to DarkFox 127 for the script and the tutorial)
- in Marsh View, I removed children items from followers room and upgraded all beds to Noble (beds were supposed to be for children but weren't properly set up to work with Multiple Adoptions; I thought it was a good house for followers so I adjusted it accordingly)
- the various fliers you find in shops can now be taken without stealing
- smithery has now a tanning rack that was previosuly missing
- for users of Hearthfire Extended, a patch that makes the butter churns and mead barrels work like the improved ones you can get in the HF homes (that is to say, usable crafting benches instead of weird harvestables). ESL-flagged.  - UPDATE: the patch is still available if anyone wants it, however I strongly suggest you use my newer mod Hearthfire Extended - Base Object Swapper instead

Additionally, I've made a small patch for compatibility with the Seaside Library. It simply relocates the rain barrel so it does not clip with the library anymore (the library still sits on part of the garden, but since it has its own farm animals for some reason it does not look too out of place).  It doesn't technically require or use any asset from the library, it's just meant to fit with it. ESL-tagged ESP so it does not fill up your load order.

A note on the Library Patch: Currently, the SSE version of Seaside Library isn't properly usable since it requires Legacy of the Dragonborn and, at once, isn't compatible with LotD V5 (I *think* the library in Markarth conflicts with a location where you do some LotD quest, I haven't checked because I am not currently using LotD). I'm keeping the patch available anyway since someone could make a compatibility patch, make a different port from LE that doesn't require LotD, or simply want to relocate the water tank for other reasons (the patch does *not* require the Seaside Library as a master, it just moves some clutter from this mod).