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Extends Riften beyond its walls with a new district running along the southern road. Includes seven new buildings ,an outdoor eating space, and 20 new npcs with ai packages.

Permissions and credits
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The Southwoods District extends Riften beyond its walls along the southern road. The goal of this mod is to show some of the urban sprawl that would surround the dense walled center of medieval cities. I also wanted to build on the lore of Riften as having once been the prosperous trade center of Skyrim, but which is now rife with poverty and crime.

Some of the district's features include:

20 npcs are added, 9 of which have full custom voice acting.

New vendors:
-Lakeside Vesture sells normal clothing
-Pelts of the Rift sells pelts, meat, and bows
-Southwoods Exotics sells goods from across the neighboring provinces and some leveled enchanted items. Sadela will also offer enchanting training
-Known outlaws can talk to Anjiir by the water for some goods of questionable legality

New Quest "Family Ties" - After level 9, Jyte Hide-heart will ask for help to confront a problem from her past. The player can also talk to her wife, Elabyth, for a second opinion. The quest has two slightly different endings depending on how it's completed, with a different unique reward for each.

The Workhouse - An asylum for some of Riften's poorest citizens, the workhouse also has a few small interactions for the player.
-Lilius Doran will send the player on an errand which will unlock him as a block trainer
-During the Thieves Guild quest "Trinity Restored," a secret path can be found to reach the Shadow Stone behind the building. A note in the Theives Guild will reveal who the contact is. (This does not affect the vanilla quest scripting in any way.)
At the center of the district is an outdoor eating area where the residents of the district will gather to carouse at night. Among the npcs is a server selling food and a bard who will play for the crowd around the fire.

-JK's and Dawn of Skyrim - should be compatible, Southwoods does not affect the interior of Riften

-Skyrim Better Roads - patch provided, only needed if using the separate Rift module
-Riften Eastern Road - patch provided
-Northern Roads - patch here: Northern Roads - Patch Compendium. Still has some minor clipping and terrain issues

-Riften Docks Overhaul - patch provided. I highly recommend this pairing, the two mods have natural interaction with each other
- Laketown - Basically compatible by default. Some missing navmesh in the Laketown mod may cause strange ai behavior
-Ryn's Farms - not compatible, a 3rd party patch has been made available here

-Mihail's Goblins - patch provided to remove a goblin camp that overlaps with this mod. The 0.91 patch versions should still work for 1.0
-RS Children - patch available under the
patch compendium
-Song of the Green- patch to remove clipping trees here:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/80713/

-Open Cities - very likely to have conflicts. A third party patch is now available here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/84729/

If your grass mod is clipping through the stone patio, Complementary Grass Fixes includes a patch for this mod

There is also an NPC overhaul available at Modpocalypse NPCS - Riften Extension

For all patches provided on this page, your load order should be:
>other mod
>this mod

For 3rd party patches, please check the author's recommendation

Known Issues
-Because some of the NPCs are meant to enter the city, there can be strange ai behavior when the gates are locked. This is usually not noticeable if you go through the north gate when you first arrive at Riften, as most players naturally will. There can also be odd behavior during the first day of a new game (again not noticeable during a normal playthrough.)
-Very rarely some npcs, like the bandits for Jyte's quest, may fail to spawn entirely. This is a vanilla Skyrim issue with factions that I can't do much about
-The stormcloak-aligned guards in Southwoods sometimes keep spawning after Riften is handed to the Empire in the Civil War questline. They are usually killed by new imperial guards, which isn't totally lore-unfriendly, but definitely unintended.

Originally there was a second, longer quest planned for this mod. Much of the work has been done and is still hidden in the mod but the quest has been disabled. It may still be completed at a future date but for now I consider this mod to be complete.

Voice Acting:
 Alex Cain - Hides-in-Leaves, Lilius Doran; Casting Call Club page
(Also an extra thanks to Alex for getting me started on adding custom voice work to this project in the first place.)
 Elizabeth Plant - Jyte Hide-heart, Sadela Areth
Rich Heller - Balyn Areth; Casting Call Club Page
Jordan Karst (VoicesOfKarst) - Ogmir; Casting Call Club Page
Laurie Day - Varillia Caro
Valentine Castonguay - Elabyth Hawkton; Casting Call Club Page
robbobert - Anjiir

This mod includes resources made by:
Stroti - Strotis Spinningwheel Resource and Stroti Resource Pack II
Kelretu - Kelretu’s Modders Resources
Oaristys - Modder’s Resource Pack
Jokerine - Jokerine’s Misc Resources
The unique bow reward uses a model from Real Bows by DecimusMaximus

Regarding the Bethesda.net porting rules change:

I give permission for console users to port this mod, and any other mod I release, to Bethesda.net, under these conditions:
  • full credit is given, including credit(s) to other authors for any assets used in the mod
  • the porter will not attempt to profit monetarily by asking for donations or Patreon patrons
  • a link back to the original mod page is in the description
  • the porter will independently maintain the mod with respect to updates and bug fixes for any issues with the port
  • the porter posts clear contact information in the Bethesda.net mod description so Xbox users can report issues and get support
  • the port will be removed at the request of the original mod author(s)

If further public permission is needed for something more specific, such as a compilation mod, please contact me and I will add it as appropriate.