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Adds various watchtowers across Skyrim's landscape, brought to life with detail and immersion. Enjoy the view!.

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Watchtowers of Skyrim


Watchtowers of Skyrim aims to provide new locations to explore, rich in detail and immersion, from the misty peaks of The Throat Of The World
to the pine forests bordering Riften.
All hand crafted from scratch, these marvels of building are used to signal attacks from each faction,
Guarded and unguarded, these are a sight to behold, Stoke those fires and sound the alarm!.


-Remastered areas of the game, adding watchtowers all across skyrim-
-Includes loot to grab and sights to see-
-Fully rendered LOD and handcrafted-
-Some guarded, some abandoned during war-
-Future Watchtowers to be added with quest-


Question: Confliction with ABC mods? Answer: Should be in areas not used much by other mods, this was made to be super compatible with most if not all mods

2. Question: Do you plan to support this mod after release?. Answer: Yes absolutely, bug fixes and further suggestions are and will be worked on.