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A collection of patches for magic mods to be compatible with Spell Research v2.2+

Permissions and credits
This patch compendium is up for adoption by a modder with sufficient *existing* knowledge of Skyrim, Spell Research and Papyrus to maintain it.  All tools used to create and maintain the patch will be provided as well.  To its users: if no one steps forward don't worry it will not be deleted, hidden, etc.  I'll make sure to turn it over the the caretaker.

Feb 14, 2022
Added 25 new ingredient-only patches (which includes 6 new Creation Club effects)
Updated 11 existing patches to include ingredients
Alchemy Additions
Enhanced Alchemy SSE
Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey
Improved Butterfliegen
Improved Fish SE
Konahrik's Accoutrements
Lepidopteran Invasion
More Colorful Critters
More Lore-Friendly Soul Gems
Morrowloot Ultimate
Real Wildlife Improved
Paper and Ink Crafting
Scrimshaw Expanded - Legendary
Solstheim - Lost Levels
Tamrielic Culture
Tundra Berries
Tundra Berries - CACO Patch

New ingredient expansion patch for Skyrim SE + DLC: Now imports Hearthfires ingredients (they were excluded before), added archetypes for ingredient's 1st effect (it's what happens when you eat it after all).  Now all vanilla + DLC ingredients have been standardized.

After discussing the current state of the Spell Research Patch Compendium LordOfDragons01 was very kind to allow me to add their existing scripts where available and beneficial to this patch collection.  The patching system itself has been being almost completely redesigned with optimization in mind!  Altogether in this release 357 patches which includes 13 Creation Club modules.  For the time being, the reworked patches are spell-centric but in the future will have further additions.

A few additional things have been made available:

  • Option to skip all confirmation prompts;
  • Source scripts are now included;
  • Mod's compiled script assets are available in an optional BSA format;
  • Individual zPatches were created for each mod using gutieashl's incredible zPatcher that alters the Spell Tomes so that they no longer teach the associated spell but now include the listed Spell Research archetypes of the spell.  These patches are 100% mergeable but they do also have the appropriate bash tags assigned;
  • Some players consider the above patches to be cheating since they provide a 'road map' to the spells two additional versions of the patches are available.  One version doubles the price of all covered spell tomes and the other triples said prices;
  • Because some hardcore players seem to feel that spells learned via spell research should be discovered organically and shouldn't be A modified version of those zPatches were made that nullifies all tomes by setting the value to 1 and changing all description, text, etc to "Indecipherable Text".  Some leveled lists and containers have been edited to try and cut down on the clutter that could be created (the appropriate bash tags have been assigned to these as well to also include any additional edits made by this script;
  • For zPatch generation, the file used to make these patches (SpellResearchzPatcherList.txt) is in the source folder of the loose version.  (Creation Club content isn't compatible with the zPatcher but every other .esm, .esl and ESL flagged .esp file I've tried is so go figure)
    Example text:
    Ace Blood Magic SE.esp;SpellResearchAceBloodMagic.psc
    Advanced Alteration - Telekinetics.esp;SpellResearchAdvAltTelekinetics.psc

Since it was laid out perfectly, the format from LordOfDragons01's patch compendium page has been used here:

What is this?

A collection of addons for Spell Research to incorporate spells from magic mods into the newer versions of Spell Research (v2.2+). Patches are flagged as ESL as to not count towards the mod limit. Spell Research originally had several patches integrated into it, but as of v2.2, it has been made necessary to remake/make them.

If you have a mod you'd like patched, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do. Or, if you have a patch you'd like to have included here, i'm happy to host them.

*Compacted ESP BETA*
The patch will automatically detect if the mods in this first spoiler have been compacted using SSEEdit v4.0.4 and patch accordingly:
This beta is in no way intended to state or imply that these mods are compactable or that you should compact them.  It is no way provides any information regarding how to compact mods.  Because I just don't have time to do any of the following I regrettably will not  provide:
  • a definition of what "compacting" forms means;
  • support for the use of these or any other compacted mods;
  • information, instruction, assistance, education, recommendations, confirmations, or the equivalent in reference to the process of compacting forms; 
  • support ESL flagging esp files or the use of any tools used to do so including, but not limited to, SSEEdit;
  • Anything else that may not have been mentioned regarding compacting or ESL flagging.

I will however share the following: If you don't fully understand what compacting means you shouldn't be doing this.  Uninstall some mods so you can have space to install whatever you're wanting to install.

Only the stated mod version is compatible!
4thUnknown Daedra SE by 4thUnknown (v1.0.0)
Advanced Alteration - Telekinetics by ALEXXiRAPTOR (v2.2)
Blood Spells Pack by esu_riddick (v1.4)
Cosmic Spells by EnaiSiaion (v1.0.1)
Dragon Age Spells Redux by powerofthree (v1.0)
Expanded And Leveled Spells by nekollx (v3.8)
Forgotten Magic Redone SE by AGEE1981, 3jiou and Sward66 (v1.65SE)
Glamoril - Magic of Time and Space by KataPUMB (v3.1.7)
Harvest Flora and Find Ore by megapatato (v1.02)
Mark and Summon Creatures by MeridianoRus (v1.3.1)
Mining For Mages Redux by IsharaMeradin (v1.1)
Psijic Teleport Spells - SSE by Sjogga (v4.8.0)
Shadow Spell Package by TenebKel (5.02SE)
Teleport Milestone by DovahShu (v1.31)
Use the Force Skyrim by nubyplays (v1.5)
Yennefer's Flames by hekterios (v0.0.4)

Standard File Structure
Creation Club Content Patched
Arcane Accessories (updated-reworked)
Arcane Archer Pack (updated-reworked)
Bittercup (updated-reworked)
Bloodchill Manor (updated-reworked)
Fishing (updated-reworked)
Forgotten Seasons (updated-reworked)
Goblins (updated-reworked)
Necromantic Grimoire (updated-reworked)
Plague of the Dead (updated-reworked)
Rare Curios (updated-reworked)
Saints & Seducers (updated-reworked)
Spell Knight Armor (updated-reworked)
The Cause (updated-reworked)

Mods Patched
_Elder Spells_ by Hedieded (updated-reworked)
101BugsHD by 83Willow (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Clannfears SSE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Daedra SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Daedroths SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Flesh Colossus SE (esl) by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Fort Windpoint SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Hungers SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Imps SE (esl) by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Ogrims SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Scamps SE by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
4thUnknown Seducers SE (esl) by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
Ace Blood Magic by Elias555 (updated-reworked)
Advanced Alteration - Telekinetics by ALEXXiRAPTOR (updated-reworked)
Aetherial Tomes - Spell Overhaul by EthicalLune (updated-reworked)
Aetherius Magic - The Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived by Advocus (updated-reworked)
Air Spells Of Skyrim by Holzey (updated-reworked)
Alchemy Additions by Midgetalien (updated-reworked)
All Makers' Lexicon - Solstheim Magic by Ilysen (updated-reworked)
Alterion Wards by BanjoBunny and Z4K97B (updated-reworked)
Andrealphus' Additional Spells by AndrealphusVIII (updated-reworked)
Animated Wings Ultimate by lDelta6l (updated-reworked)
Anna's NPCs by Anduniel (thanks to HocusIocus)
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked)
Apocalypse - More Apocalypse by FelesNoctis and EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked) [listed twice on purpose]
Apocalypse - Waterstride Addon by EnaiSiaion (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Apocalypse and Other Weathers Changes SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Arachnomancer Spiders Spells Redux SE by only1dragonr (updated-reworked)
Arcane Miscellanea - Simple Wind Spells by Hypebringer (updated-reworked)
Arcanum by noptasis (updated-reworked)
Archery Gameplay Overhaul by DServant (thanks to GabenMathis)
Arkay's Rites by TwinCrows (updated-reworked)
Arrow Transmutation SE by ADM Ntek (updated-reworked)
Ash Golem by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Astral Magic by Lertkrush (updated-reworked)
BakuraiZeros Chaos Wall by Bakurai (updated-reworked)
Battle Wards - Ward when you Block by ChizFoShiz (updated-reworked)
Bears Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Beholders by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Beyond Skyrim: Bruma [Assets] by The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Beyond Skyrim: Bruma [Heartland] by The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Big Cats Mounts SE No Companions by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Big Cats Mounts SE With Companions by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Blacks Mounts Chocobos with Music SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Blink Spell by meh321 (updated-reworked)
Blood Spells Pack by esu_riddick (updated-reworked)
Blue Fire Magic - Fire by SimonSiminss (updated-reworked)
Blue Fire Magic - Frost by SimonSiminss (updated-reworked)
Bone Colossus by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Bound Arrows by Spectacle (updated-reworked)
Bound Daedric Armor (updated-reworked) by sagittarius22 (updated-reworked)
Bound Elemental Arrows - Arcane Archery by DracoX09 (updated-reworked)
Bound Elemental Quivers for Arcane Archer by Rheknir (updated-reworked)
Bound Tools by xXGRIMNIRXx (updated-reworked)
Bunnies Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Buxom Wench Yuriana by lordkoz (updated-reworked)
Caranthir Tower Reborn by DarkFox127 (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Carved Brink by HaemProjects (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Cernunnos SE (esl) by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
Cernunnos SE (esp) by 4thUnknown (updated-reworked)
Charge or Fill - Spells - SE by dylbill (updated-reworked)
Chocobos Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Chronomancy - Time Magic Spell Pack by Garresh (updated-reworked)
Classic Spells by danexuslurker (updated-reworked)
Coldharbour Resummoned SSE by Kaipowers01 (updated-reworked)
Colorful Bound Weapons SE by CyborgArmGun (updated-reworked)
Colorful Magic by 184Gesu SE by 184Gesu and Gardemarin (updated-reworked)
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul by kryptopyr (thanks to TheInfernalDragon)
Conceal spell by napafo (updated-reworked)
Conjure Ancestral Bosmer by julius2790 (updated-reworked)
Conjure Ash Atronach by Nirilor (updated-reworked)
Conjure Female Dremora by Sdesser (updated-reworked)
Conjure Skeletal Flameweaver by arcanus1776 (updated-reworked)
Conjure The Five Elements by L3st4t (updated-reworked)
Coral Atronachs by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Corpse to Coinage by ZauberParacelsus (updated-reworked)
Cosmic Spells by EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked)
Creatures of the Hell - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Cthulhoids by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Daedric Entity Restoration Project by alanovichromanov (updated-reworked)
Daedroths by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Dawnguard Arsenal SSE by Madcat221 (updated-reworked)
Detect Levers by atpeace (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Dealing With Daedra by Flinch147 (updated-reworked)
Detect Light by EagleBirdman (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Dracos Master Healer Paladin restoration by draco1122 (updated-reworked)
Dragon Age Spells Redux by powerofthree (updated-reworked)
Dragonborn Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
DragonMonarch's Master Spells by EMPTYd (updated-reworked)
Dragons Dogma spell pack SSE by KuaiBan (updated-reworked)
Druid Conjuration by Anduniel (updated-reworked)
Druid Essentials by ArcZeroEssentials (LE mod, thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Dual Summon Horses SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dual Summon Mounts SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dwarven Colossus Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dwarven Motorcycle and other Vehicles SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dwemer Dogs Companions SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dwemer Horses Companions SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Dwemer Mechanicals - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Elemental Archery by Wyldsong (updated-reworked)
Elemental Destruction Magic by reaperix (updated-reworked)
Elemental Triad by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Enchantment Tomes by Dthen and Battousai124 (updated-reworked)
Enchantment Tomes  - Summermyst Addon by Dthen and Battousai124 (updated-reworked)
Enhanced Alchemy SSE by SirSalsa (updated-reworked)
Expanded And Leveled Spells by nekollx (updated-reworked)
Explosive Kamikaze Pumpkins SE by Tissendel (updated-reworked)
Extra Spells of Skyrim (SE) by amazedmonster6 (updated-reworked)
Eye Of Magnus Plus Archmage and Battlemage Spells by LogicalD (updated-reworked)
Female Falmer Enemies by baddragonlor (updated-reworked)
Fertility Mode by Narue (updated-reworked)
Fire Golem by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Flame Turmoils by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
FlareStar - The Final Cataclysm by Lertkrush (updated-reworked)
Forbidden Arts - Book of Necromancy by SKUBAxSTEEZ (updated-reworked)
Forest Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Forgotten Magic Redone SE by AGEE1981, 3jiou and Sward66 (updated-reworked)
Frost Coursers by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Frostfall by Chesko (thanks to HocusIocus)
Gargoyle Overhaul by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Gargoyles - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Gemstone Prophecy I - Destiny by ff7legend TheWorldofRipX (updated-reworked)
Gerbils Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Giants and Mammoths - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Glamoril - Magic of Time and Space by KataPUMB (updated-reworked)
Glamoril - The Maze of Labyrinthian by KataPUMB (updated-reworked)
Gorons by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Grand Healing Orb by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Grummites by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Gryphons SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Guardian Spectres by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE (esm) by venjhammet (updated-reworked)
Gabriella Follower by Arkadiets27 (updated-reworked)
Harvest Flora and Find Ore by megapatato (updated-reworked)
Heritage Reflexive Enemies by PastChristmas (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Hololive- Fubuki Death by Friendzone by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Kiara Fried Phoenix by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Matsuri Fubuki Scream Spell by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Sora Spells by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- The Haachama Experience Mayhem Spell by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Three Pekora Spells by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Two Ookami Mio Spells by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hololive- Two Rushia Spells by Xodsam (updated-reworked)
Hungers by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Hunterborn by unuroboros (updated-reworked)
Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey by CorvustheFallen (updated-reworked)
Huskies and Co - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
iHarvest by IDontEvenKnow (updated-reworked)
Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050 (thanks to GabenMathis)
Immersive Wenches by lordkoz (updated-reworked)
Improved Blink Teleport by Jaxonz and Mentha (updated-reworked)
Improved Butterfliegen by Mentha (updated-reworked)
Improved Fish SE by Skinwalker21 (updated-reworked)
Indrik by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Indrik Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Infernal Spells and Summons by Tzunamii25 aka ViperEX (updated-reworked)
Inigo by Smartbluecat (updated-reworked)
Interesting NPCs by Kris Takahashi (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Iron Golem by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Isle of Artaeum by Pyromanius (updated-reworked)
JeffyJay's Spell Compendium by JeffyJay (updated-reworked)
Judgement - A Light Based Spell Pack by Kurasa25 (updated-reworked)
Konahrik's Accoutrements by Edhelsereg (updated-reworked)
Kyne's Zodiac - Spectral Guardian Beasts by spkyfshy (updated-reworked)
La Bella Magia by Alaebasta (updated-reworked)
La Tomatina -The Tomato Spell by nakano52 (updated-reworked)
Land of Vominheim by venjhammet (updated-reworked)
Lepidopteran Invasion by GreyMtnFox (updated-reworked)
Liam's Conjuration Spells by LWatson95 (updated-reworked)
Liam's Destruction Spells by LWatson95 (updated-reworked)
Liam's Staves of Skyrim by LWatson95 (updated-reworked)
Lore Friendly Spells by undomir (thanks to LordOfDragons01)
Lost Grimoire of Skyrim by steelfeathers (LE mod, thanks to 33Speedy)
Lunar enchantment and spells by Idiot9999 (updated-reworked)
Macromancy Lite by Revylrie (updated-reworked)
Magic of Apocrypha - Seeker Spells by ALEXXiRAPTOR (updated-reworked)
Magic of Tamriel SE by DarShonDo (updated-reworked)
Magic - Spells and Tweaks (Spells only) by User_24636339 (updated-reworked)
Magistrate Levitate by Magistrate2020 (updated-reworked)
Maleficus Blackjack by Maleficus32
MArc - Muken's Arcane Archery by AWildMuKen (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Mark and Summon Creatures by MeridianoRus (updated-reworked)
Mehrunes' Champion's Army by Alexcbrazill (updated-reworked)
Meteorokinesis by EddieTheEagle (updated-reworked)
Midas Magic Evolved by darealslenderman (LE mod, updated-reworked)
Midwood Isle SE by DdsLedg (updated-reworked)
Mihail's Bound Armors by MihailMods (updated-reworked)
Mihail's Golem and Atronach Pack by MihailMods (updated-reworked)
Mihail's High Fantasy Pack by MihailMods (updated-reworked)
Mihail's Nixads by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Mihail's Undead Pack by MihailMods (updated-reworked)
Milky Spell by nakano52 (updated-reworked)
Mind Twist - Illusion Spell Pack by Jinxxed0 (updated-reworked)
Mini Dragons - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Mining For Mages Redux by IsharaMeradin (updated-reworked)
Minion Mastery by Lycanite (updated-reworked)
Minor Spells by cdcooley (updated-reworked)
Moose Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
More Apocalypse by FelesNoctis and EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked)
More Colorful Critters by Mentha (updated-reworked)
More Lore-Friendly Soul Gems by AndrealphusVIII (updated-reworked)
Morrowloot Ultimate by chocolatenoodle (updated-reworked)
Mountain Lions and Panthers by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Multiple Marriages SSE by SlyWolfe (updated-reworked)
Mysticism Magic by SimonMagus616 (updated-reworked)
Necromage Conjuration Spells by RohZima (updated-reworked)
Necromancy Spells Pack by esuriddick (updated-reworked)
Necromancy Summon Spells by KhajitDave (updated-reworked)
Necromantic Spells by passet (updated-reworked)
New Armored Horses SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
New Centaurs Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil by Joopvandie (updated-reworked)
Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul by EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked)
Overlord - Become an Evil Lich by mrx16 (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Overpowered magic by BeterThe (updated-reworked)
Paper and Ink Crafting by LeucisticDinosaur (updated-reworked)
Perfected Reanimation by MisanthropicShayna (updated-reworked)
Phenderix Magic World by phenderix (zPatches only, Spell Research support is native to PMW)
Pinpoint Explosion by zappmaster22 (updated-reworked)
Poison Magic of Skyrim by animejunkey54 (updated-reworked)
Poison Spells by Jay093 (updated-reworked)
Potent Concentration Spells by Tranquillus (updated-reworked)
Prehistoric Wildlife Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Progressive Novice Spells by herumorgul (updated-reworked)
Project AHO by HaemProjects (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Protection Hecate. Leta. by Arkadiets27 (updated-reworked)
Psijic Teleport Spells - SSE by Sjogga (updated-reworked)
Psychokinesis - A Telekinesis Spell by Shamimia (updated-reworked)
Pumpkin Party by nakano52 (updated-reworked)
Reach Magic by HeirOfTheSeptims (thanks to gutieashl)
Real Wildlife Improved by toostruus (updated-reworked)
Recorder by potasticpanda (thanks to HocusIocus)
Red Shock Spells SE by aphest (updated-reworked)
Regeneration spells No Stack by Kombinator1991 (updated-reworked)
Regeneration spells Stack by Kombinator1991 (updated-reworked)
Remorseless Winter - A Death Knight Spell Pack by Kurasa25 (updated-reworked)
Repel Rain - Magical Umbrella (Alteration) by piotrmil (updated-reworked)
Restore Fatigue by HazakTheMad (updated-reworked)
Resurrect - NPC Revive Spell by dolandemort (updated-reworked)
Return Home - Teleportation Spells by ecktos1 (updated-reworked)
Riding Summonable Behemoths SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
RoW by Tlam99 (updated-reworked)
RustyTrader's Teleportation SSE by Derwan (updated-reworked)
Sankese's More Familiars by Sankese (updated-reworked)
Sankese's Swordspells by Sankese (updated-reworked)
Scamps and Banekins by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Scrimshaw Expanded - Legendary by TravLaney (updated-reworked)
Seeker Thrall Spell by Dracula420 (updated-reworked)
Shadow Spell Package by TenebKel (updated-reworked)
Shadow Step Teleportation Spell by Kamikaze1 (updated-reworked)
Shock Spell Upgrades by PhantomNX (updated-reworked)
Silt Striders Mounts SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Simple Bound Weapons Expansion by Velgath (updated-reworked)
Singularity by Kittytail-Lertkrush (updated-reworked)
Skyramas - A Warcraft inspired Death Knight Playerbase by Skyhooper (updated-reworked)
Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock (updated-reworked)
Skyrim Spells and Powers by WarriorKeKe by WarriorKeKe-icannotaim (updated-reworked)
Skyrim Teleportation Collection (V2) by 0CalBacon (updated-reworked)
Slow and Freeze Time Spells by TwinCrows (updated-reworked)
Slow Time Spells by Jay093 (updated-reworked)
Solstheim - Lost Levels by GreyMtnFox (updated-reworked)
Soul Cairn Drainlife Crystal by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Sovngarde Summonables by WeerW3ir (updated-reworked)
Specialized Spells by notwaterproof (updated-reworked)
Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge by Enai Siaion (updated-reworked)
Spellmaster - Spells and Spellcasting by devon752 (updated-reworked)
Spider and Co - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Spine's Simple Spells by spinerex (updated-reworked)
Spriggan Destruction Spell Pack SE by TreyVio (updated-reworked)
Stendarr's Light - Cleric Gear and Equipment by QueenLunara (thanks to HocusIocus)
Stendarr's Spell Pack by soupmayo (updated-reworked)
Storm Golem by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Succubus Waifu Summon Spells by FishBiter (updated-reworked)
Summon Crystal Golems by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Summon Draugr by bubwv (updated-reworked)
Summon Ice Golems by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Summon Ice Horse SE by Undriel (updated-reworked)
Summon Mihail Animals SE by RohZima (updated-reworked)
Summon Monsters by smallway (updated-reworked)
Summon Nazeem Spells by spinerex (updated-reworked)
Summon Spriggan and Spriggan Spray Spells by Dracula420 (updated-reworked)
Summonable Auroran Dragon Guard by DaKindofKind (updated-reworked)
Summonable Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Synthesis Redux by SeraphimKensai (updated-reworked)
Tamrielic Culture by Watcherzero (updated-reworked)
Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul by DarShonDo (updated-reworked)
Teldryn Serious by Undriel (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Teleport - City Spells by TheWulfPanda (updated-reworked)
Teleport - Faction Spells by TheWulfPanda (updated-reworked)
Teleport - Towns and Villages by TheWulfPanda (updated-reworked)
Teleport Milestone by DovahShu (updated-reworked)
Teleport Spells SSE by o1o1o1 (updated-reworked)
Teleport Tomes Cities by Khazikane (updated-reworked)
Teleport Tomes Factions and Homes by Khazikane (updated-reworked)
Teleport Tomes Towns and Villages by Khazikane (updated-reworked)
Tentapalooza for Campfire by Rusey (updated-reworked)
The Betteronomicon by bettter (updated-reworked)
The Career Mage by GreyMtnFox (updated-reworked)
The Curator's Companion (LotD) by icecreamassassin (updated-reworked)
The Dark Path - New warlock spells by ramonfg95 (updated-reworked)
The Falkreath Hauntings by opusGlass (updated-reworked)
The Final Cataclysm - 2020 by Kittytail-Lertkrush (updated-reworked)
The Hive by ChakraSSE (updated-reworked)
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE by mannygt (thanks to CrithionLoren)
The Gray Witch by Radinka (updated-reworked)
The Lost Wonders of Mzark by Trainwiz and DarthVitrial (thanks to CrithionLoren)
The Noiral Reborn by Wyldsong (updated-reworked)
The Republic of Maslea - Chapter one by anthelius (updated-reworked)
The White Wolf (esl) by WastelandWarlord99 (updated-reworked)
Tomebound - Lore Spell Additions by Elyem (thanks to fullex2064)
Tomes of Want by razorkid (updated-reworked)
Tools of Kagrenac by PrivateEye (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Tournament of the Ten Bloods by FrankFamily (thanks to GabenMathis)
Transfer by Figor888 (updated-reworked)
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes by EnaiSiaion (updated-reworked)
Tundra Berries by ArtByMari (updated-reworked)
Tundra Berries - CACO Patch by Somohexual (updated-reworked)
Undead Guardians by UserMingzi31 (updated-reworked)
Undeath by Antioch08 (updated-reworked)
Underwater Shock Pulse Spells by fireandsun (updated-reworked)
Unique Conjuration Thralls by OracleofGanta (updated-reworked)
Unofficial Skyrim Spell Expansion by ButlerOfMara (updated-reworked)
Use the Force Skyrim by nubyplays (updated-reworked)
Useful Alteration by Haptly and ShinySword (updated-reworked)
Useful Fire Wyrm Magicka by MihailMods (updated-reworked)
Verzus' Dragon Spells by mnwv (updated-reworked)
Verzus' Expanded Master Spells by mnwv (updated-reworked)
Vigilant by Vicn (thanks to GabenMathis)
Vitrium - Spells and Tools Pack v6.0 by juhaaaa (updated-reworked)
Voidgate - A Simple Town Portal (apprentice) by Arctal (updated-reworked)
War Revenants by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Warbird's Dwemer Train Stations by ManKannon89 (updated-reworked)
Warbird's Whiterun Metropolis by ManKannon89 (updated-reworked)
Wards Functionality Extended by skepmanmods (updated-reworked)
Watchers by mihailmods (updated-reworked)
Werewolf and Co - Mounts and Followers SE by gg77 (updated-reworked)
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion (thanks to CrithionLoren)
Wispmother Summon and Ice Volley Spells by Dracula420 (updated-reworked)
Wyrmstooth by Jonx0r (thanks to GabenMathis)
Yeetus Magic Destruction Spells by Marfleet1987 (updated-reworked)
Yennefer's Flames by hekterios (updated-reworked)
Zim's Improved Dremora by Zimmermjaz (thanks to GabenMathis)
Zombie Dogs and Skinned Hounds by mihailmods (updated-reworked)

Simply install like any other mod. Once in game, go to Spell Research MCM menu, Options tab, and re-import your spells.

Compatible with everything, as it overwrites nothing. Other Spell Research addons will work together without issues if made correctly.

NOTE 1: This is for Spell Research 2.2, not 2.1, it won't work with 2.1, so don't do it!
NOTE 2: Do not rename any of the listed mod's esp's/esl's. If you do, the corresponding patch will not load. Same goes for if you merge any of these together.


I really don't care what any of this is used for as long as it isn't illegal, immoral, unethical or unsafe.  No need to contact me.
NOTE: I can't give permissions beyond the patches and even then, before publishing patches for mods you must request permission from the mod author!

Load Order


Manual Installation

Don't look at me...


Here are the changes that have been made:

  • Now, only one running quest is required.  The small mod import format requires one start-game enabled running quest (that remained running indefinitely) with 2 scripts attached per supported mod whether said mod was installed or not.
  • The smaller import format includes multiple Formlist properties in each of the loaded scripts.  For example, the Apocalypse script had 81 properties that were all filled 'manually' via GetFormFromFile().  With the smaller format import, regardless of how many of the supported mods were installed, the patch compendium as an example added 81 properties * 39 supported mods or 3,159 Formlist properties to a save game.  Now the single controller quest's script contains the Formlist properties that are all pre-filled in the CK.
  • The footprint of the individual mod scripts has been decreased and the events were replaced with global functions that only need to use a single GetFormFromFile() function as opposed to 70-80.

At first I had collected the open permission patches made by others in addition to those in the Patch Compendium namely:  l3lessedcharlymbx5CrithionLoren and 33Speedy.  Some of the assignments have been kept as is but I noticed that there was a fair amount of disparity between each patch.  There is a fair amount of 'flavor' that a patcher can imbue via their choice of archetype assignments.  For example, an invisibility spell.  Does it affect the "senses" of others, or maybe it "strengthens" the target's sneak ability, or does it "infuse" the target with "shadow"?  There is one correct answer that I have now come to.  The answer is: the way the mod author intended it to be.  If a player is going to use research as their method of learning spells then there needs to be a logic behind the assignments but just as importantly there needs to be consistency (many packs contain very similar spells).  To achieve this goal I took a look at IronDusk33's assignments and found the light.  Their assignments for Invisibility were exactly as they should be (spoiler alert):
Cloak, Control, Light

For the majority of the Spell Research scripts the spell data was exported from the mods to csv format and then completely reviewed, updated and made uniform by hand all the while doing my best to implement IronDusk33's archetype assignments.  Each spell has been reviewed by a combination of its name, description, stats, perk assignments, conditions, leveled list entry, tome art, magic effect description and their conditions.  In their respective mods, some spells don't have certain assignments that would normally be relied upon to determine their levels, etc so further research was done to determine said levels e.g. which leveled list the tome was assigned to, which level NPC would drop the tome, the stats of the NPC in the case of a summoning spell, or if nothing else a comparison of spell data such as MGEF magnitude, magicka cost in relation to similar spells in the mod that did have data.  My professional career used excel quite a bit so that's the route I took for the project:  If this sheet would be of use to anyone for whatever purpose please feel free to make a copy of it in Google Sheets and do whatever you want with it.

Further notes on methodology:
Tomes for 'powers' / shouts, etc were excluded in the new and reworked patches, and only spells that are learned via Tome are included.  Effort was made to try to exclude spells that were taught by quest please report any issues.


The inclusion of all of these magic mods does not mean that they are all evenly balanced (or balanced at all for that matter).  The presence or lack thereof of a mod in this pack implies nothing.
This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by ZenimaxBethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates. Except as expressly stated to the contrary this mod is not guaranteed, or supported by any other mod developer or uploader.  Providing a patch does not imply an endorsement, approval or guarantee of compatibility for the patch’s master files.
Credit for mods or other resources contained herein may be incomplete. For further detail visit the mod’s Description page.  Please remember to endorse mods you enjoy! 

Additional Credits

Bethesda Game Studios
 for the game and Creation Kit
Nexusmods for Vortex
ElminsterAU and the xEdit team for SSEEdit (xEdit)
Arthmoor for his help, his disclaimer statement and his seemingly unending contributions to the community just wow.
The Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
Don Ho for Notepad++
Igor Pavlov for 7zip
The GIMP Team for GIMP
Google for Sheets and Chrome
The community here at NEXUSMODS for just being awesome
The xEdit Discord most there for huge amount of information
Jonathan in the xEdit server for too much to keep up with
KhrysINXS for great opportunities and knowledge
FelesNoctis for too much
SimonMagus616 for putting up with my 'specialness'
yggdrasil75 for answering a crap ton of questions and not getting irritated (well not too bad anyway)
elwaps for offering sympathy and support in my time of newbieness
mator for zPatches and zMerge
gutieashl for their amazing Spell Research Altered Tomes zEdit Patcher
and just a LOT of love for all the people in the Nexusmods discord channel.
My personally chosen higher power for our existence
My wife for everything
Starbucks for their coffee
Our baby girl for being awesome.  After 12 years of failed infertility treatments we found the perfect baby to adopt!!! DON'T GIVE UP :D