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Bone Colossi are large undead golems formed from thousands of bones gathered together in a vaguely humanoid form and animated using powerful necromancy. They are conjured from piles of osseous matter by Bonemasters and use small Bonelings as their minions. The most powerful Colossi are imbued with elemental magic such as fire or shock.

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"Bone Colossi are large undead golems formed from thousands of bones gathered together in a vaguely humanoid form and animated using powerful necromancy. They are conjured from piles of osseous matter by Bonemasters and use small Bonelings as their minions. The most powerful Colossi are imbued with elemental magic such as fire or shock. A Bone Colossus can be animated in many different ways, usually using the soul of a powerful (or artificially powered) spirit imprisoned by necromancy as the source of the golem's "life", or, less often, a daedric animus. As with other terrifying abominations such as the golems known as Legions, legends speak of massive Bone Colossi being animated by the souls of entire armies and possessing the internal conflict and dangerous instability that a being with tens or hundreds of conflicting personalities would have.

Bonemasters, powerful sorcerers resurrected by dark forces, are the most common creators of these abominations from beyond the grave. It should be noted that these walking skeletons differ from Liches: a Lich is a necromancer who has directly forced his way through the confines of death and beyond, becoming immortal, albeit paying the high price of decay and constant hunger for souls to maintain his existence, in a somewhat unstable and fragile undead form. A Bonemaster, on the other hand, is simply a powerful necromancer who has been resurrected by external forces, and who therefore has not attained undead status on his own, unlike a Lich. Although they are still sentient and apparently retain their personalities (as evidenced by powerful mages who have managed to temporarily control them and engage in some sort of conversation), scholars question the extent to which they actually have this apparent free will, or whether they are simply under the direct influence of the ones who resurrected them, serving as minions and nothing more, possibly not even knowing it. However, Bonemasters are in fact the ones who imbue their creations with the elemental magic that surrounds them and, like their constructs, Bonemasters are also coated with considerable elemental protection against the very element they dominate, which undoubtedly shows immense power on the part of these undead mages. It should be noted that some even have control over fire, something that is usually enough to drive most of the undead back to the grave, including many so-called mighty Liches.

Bonelings are small bone constructs created as aids to the Bone Colossus, often seen re-adjusting the leather straps that hold the Colossus' bones in place. When these straps come loose or break, they end up leaving the bones dangling, affecting the golem's stability and efficiency. Some experts speculate that they may be the reanimated bones of children, but it is unknown if this is their true origin. Fragile and mischievous, they use long dragon-wing bones as spears to defend their giant masters."

by Beastmaster Mihail *
(*Who is Beastmaster Mihail? He is my avatar/persona within the universe composed of all my mods. He is the ingame author who writes the texts that are usually presented as descriptions for my mods. A former monster hunter, now a dedicated scholar, he is planned to be released as an NPC in late 2022/early 2023, doing the same job in-game as my descriptions do on Nexus.)

- 11 new creatures: Bone Colossus, (Dragonfire) Bone Colossus, (Stonefire) Bone Colossus, (Thunderchild) Bone Colossus,
(Dragonfire) Bonemaster, (Stonefire) Bonemaster, (Thunderchild) Bonemaster, Boneling, (Dragonfire) Boneling, (Stonefire) Boneling, (Thunderchild) Boneling

- 3 new weapons: 
Ebony Staff of the Wall of Storms, Ebony Staff of the Wall of Flames, Ebony Staff of the Wall of Cold-Flames

- 2 new ingredients: Mingled Bone Meal, Stonefire Salts

- 4 new spells: Conjure Bone Colossus (can be randomly found in the same places where this variant can be found), Conjure Dragonfire Bone Colossus (carried by Bonemasters in control of this Colossus variant, or randomly in dungeons linked to warlocks), Conjure Thunderchild Colossus (found inside locked chests in areas where this variant can be found; the colossus carries the key with it), Conjure Stonefire Colossus (can be found either being carried by Bonemasters in control of this variant, or inside a specific chest in Soul Cairn)

So far no incompatibilities have been found between this mod and other mods.
One last addendum: It's not a problem with this mod per se and you probably won't even need to worry about this because you will not experience the bug, but when this mod was built many years ago it used a set of tutorials and textures for some of the blue fire spells used by the Stonefire Bone Colossi and their respective Bonemasters and Bonelings. It turns out that despite being magnificent, this set of resources had a small bug that caused the arrows fired to have a blue fire trail associated with them. When I detected this problem, I ran to solve it, however, any other mod that has used the same tutorials and resources in the past, and hasn't noticed this bug, or at least hasn't solved it, when used together with my Bone Colossus mod will cause the problem to return, because it will reinstall the problematic meshes that were deleted by me on my mod folder. Obviously I don't have control over which mods share these same assets and which among them fixed the bug or not, nor do I know which mods they are (apparently Naruto Ultimate Overhaul and consequently The Uchiha Clan are two of them). In case you got the bug, go to Meshes > mps, and delete the following files: BLUEmpsfireballsmoketrail, BLUEmpsfireballsparktrail, BLUEmpsfireboltfire01, BLUEmpsfireboltimpact01, BLUEmpsfirewallbase, BLUEmpsfirewallsparks, BLUEmpsfirewaveflames, BLUEmpsflamesfire and mpsfirestormareaflamesBLUE. If these files are present inside the "mps" folder, it means that you have installed a mod that still has this bug in its structure, and that will end up making the same bug reappear in my mod.

(OBS- If by chance when installing several of Mihail's mods at the same time you are asked about files overwriting those of other Mihail mods or other authors mods, don't worry because they are just the same files shared between mods. I recommend that on these occasions always give preference to the files contained in my mods, and among mine always give preference to the mod you are installing last.)

The Mihail Monsters and Animals series aims to create and make available to the community the most complete set of creatures for TES 5: Skyrim, implemented in an immersive and unique way, with respect to the pillars of lore. Instead of pathetically just throwing models and textures in the game reusing 100% vanilla mechanics, the creatures made by Mihail have uniqueness and extreme zeal in their idealization and implementation, which will provide you with an experience that you have never had before in this area.


Mihail- models, 4k retexture of CD Projekt Red bones used as part of the colossi and bonemasters, 4k retexture (and texture variants) of Babooncru and MangoMonkey necromancer robes, 4k retexture of the vanilla bones used as part of the colossi, bonelings and bonemasters, 4k retexture of the ebony staff used by the bonemasters, model and 4k retexture of the bone pile,  animations, effects, spells, sounds, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

SimonSiminss- tutorial about changing magic colors and blue fire magic textures;
CD PROJEKT RED- some of the bones models and originalt textures used on the colossi and bonemasters;
Babooncru and MangoMonkey- necromancer robes model and original textures, used on the bonemasters;
74_mos- for the model and original texture of the ebony staff used by the bonemasters;
in order to save time, I started the model of the boneling using as base a vanilla skeleton rigged as riekling by Vicn;
Nieb- original bone pile texture