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New Hybrid Spells ,Shields and Crossbow

Permissions and credits
Bakurai Zeros
SpellsShield & Crossbow
Version 1.0a(main) & 1.3a(optional)

Chaos Wall(note for some reason i typed cloak not wall lol but it is a wall spell but can be fired like a flamethrower too)
Cost: Zero
Info: Once casting will keep casting for 30sec can stop it by swapping to non combat mode.
can aim and more around.

Supreme Chain Lightning
Info: Supreme Lightning Damage with Hidden Effects

Info: Will Destroy Almost Anything and Regenerate You In return *There Can Be Only One!*

Light Master Healing
Cost: 20/s
Info: Heals Everything Within Range and Grants Ward While Healing In Effect.

Heavenly Thunder(Must Have Optional File Installed)
Cost: Base 200
Info: Looks Like Fire But has Lightning effect and paralysis, can rapid-fire.

*Shield Of The Just
Type: heavy
Def: Increased
Effects: Secret/Unknown


*Cross-bow(Must Have Optional File Installed)
Typeranged weapon
Range:  1 - 1000
Effects: as long as have one bolt will work and never use it up, extra bolts can be sold, prefers bolt SHOCK.
similar effect as bound weapons, has other hidden effects,  no jam after reload, increased crit and fire-rate.

Item Locations:
Outside RIVERWOOD near a wall and the river, In a cart in RIVERWOOD & in DRAGONSREACH

Note: Download The  Optional FILE For Fixes and Addons

Why I Did This:
As far As I Know There Is No Wall Of Chaos and The Shield Has Other Alternate Hidden Buffs