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10 highly interactive Followers with enhanced AI: quest aware, fully voiced, new songs, party banter, several quests, sandbox, set home, set wardrobe, horse riding, romance & unique weddings! Several potential Player homes. New plants, recipes, Armors and weapons.

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
ANNA NPCS NOW INTERACT WITH LUCIEN FOLLOWER! Banter is fully contained within the Lucien esp., no patch required. For banter to fire you just need to be outdoors and the characters sort of near each other. It fires randomly.

Permission for Porting to Consoles:
I'm sorry but No. I do not give anyone permission to port Anna NPCs to XBox, Bethesda, or any other platform. I have been asked this numerous times, and while I appreciate the enthusiasm, I always say no. I will never be giving permission for this to be ported. 1) I use many assets and resources from other authors, and some of them don't want their assets shared outside Nexus, and I respect and need users to also respect that. 2) there is absolutely no way I could support it if it were ported to Xbox. I don't have one, and have no idea how the mod would behave, and no ability to fix any problems. It's not flawless as it is on PC, but at least on PC I can do something or provide some sort of help and troubleshooting. This mod, until such time as I can create a "lighter" version and reduce the amount of outside assets, at which time I would port it myself, this mod must remain a Nexus PC-only mod. Thank you.

French (by Ruonikenshin)

Highlights: 10 highly interactive Followers with enhanced AI:
 - Quest aware
 - New original songs & tunes
 - Fully voiced: ~ 9,000 lines of custom dialogue, commentary, songs, and Party banter
 - Party banter -- 100+ banter scenes both among themselves, with vanilla NPCs, and Interesting NPCs
 - 13 quests to enjoy
 - Sandbox while following -- they do their own thing rather than stay glued to your side
 - Set home, set off-duty activities like sleep & eat locations
 - Dismiss and "Meet at (Place)"
 - Set wardrobe -- highly customizable if you have SKSE
 - Horse riding -- each Follower had own horse & custom riding AI
 - Unique romances & marriage for EACH Follower
 - Approval & Affection, Unique Romance & Marriage, for EACH Follower
 - Several Player Homes
 - 5 New Inns & Taverns
 - Several New Ingredients, foods, and harvestable plants

If you like please remember to ENDORSE :)

Character profiles, quest details, party banter, character trivia, open roles and more


Skyrim SE!
OptionalSKSE64 & SkyUI (extra configuration available)

Download MANUALLY and install with your mod manager.
Mod manager download is disabled b/c they have problems with very large mods like this.
Simply install new version over the old one.
Uninstall with your mod manager. If necessary, delete AnnaNPCs folders and AnnaNPC.esp.

Follower AI and Special Features:

MCM configuration available if you have SKSE and SkyUI.
If you don't have them, you're just missing out.
Track Followers; Wardrobe Management; Warp to Player; and more
Standalone faces - contains all face & hair resources, NO mods required.
Vanilla body - Inherits body meshes/textures from your game, so uses whatever (if any) mods you have installed.
Except Anduniel, Mareen, and Nadina, who have unique body tattoos and Textures (see Credits) They still inherit MESHES from your game.
Following - Each follower runs on separate scripts, factions and packages from vanilla, so true conflict should be nonexistent.
NO FOLLOWER COUNT! Have any many of them together as you want!
I recommend taking at least 2 or 3, not more than 4, for best Party Banter experience.
More than 4 may start to have scripting lag.
Riding - All followers come with their own horse and will ride when asked or automatically when the Player rides in Tamriel and select other worldspaces (not City worldspaces).
Sandboxing - Followers will sandbox while following, just like Serana, as long as they are not in a hostile area.
Followers go anywhere with you -- even into the DB Sanctuaries, and Sovnguarde
Set Home - while in any Player home, as long as it has the keyword "LocTypePlayerHouse", you can set the follower to live there.
Dismiss and Meet at (Place) - You can send them to meet you at any of the five main inns.
Special Favors - Anduniel, Nadina and Valyen have unique special favors on request.
Special Carry Bag - Followers can store items safely, in addition to regular trade.
Useful if you want them to carry armor/weapons for you but not equip them.
Singing - Followers sing little ditties and songs, including some duets
No Helmets - Followers un-equip helmets when not in combat.
Party Camp - Inspired by Dragon Age Origins, where you can hang out, craft, sleep, cook, talk, CHILL.
Using Camp is optional, however some select conversations are only available there.
Marriage - All 10 Followers have a unique Romance path and wedding.  Some are more extensive than others. Romances include choices for straight, bi, and gay PC.

Followers react to how you treat them, and their approval will increase or decrease based on how you reply.
Giving them gifts will also raise approval. To give a gift, you must first have it in your inventory, or the Dialogue will not come up (or it will close).
A high approval opens the path to friendship and possible romance and marriage. Approval is outlined in the Articles Tab.
Each Follower has their own unique romance and wedding. These are constantly being developed and expanded upon.

!! 10 Unique Romances !!
Anduniel: Two Souls, One Heart (for males)
Darion: A Pirate's Lass (for females)
Elyndra: Courting A Knight (for males)
Garrett: A Ranger's Bride (for females)
Lyra: The Nightingale's Song (for anyone)
Mareen: A Blades Ceremony (for anyone)
Nadina: Bonded in Blood (for anyone)
Teryn: Ashes of Indoril (for Elves)
Valyen: A Druid Handfasting (for anyone)
Zorya: A Gypsy Wedding (for anyone)

For quick details on all marriage, visit the Blog: Marriage page.

Banter with each other:
If the followers are near each other, they can have random conversations, more than 100 total.
Banter scenes were largely inspired by Dragon Age games, so if you're also a huge fan like me, I'm sure you'll notice where that influence is.
You can find a list of all Banter scenes on the Blog: Party Banter.
Banter with Vanilla NPCs
Anduniel with Erik the Slayer, Ungrien, Valindor, Mjoll, Marcurio
Darion with Faralda
Elyndra with Adrianne Avvinici
Nadina with Mikael
Valyen with Fihada (future)
Banter with Interesting NPCs:
If you have Kris Takahashi's Interesting NPCs, this mod INCLUDES banter with some of those followers!
A script will detect if INPCs is installed, and if so, will fire the banter.
Currently included banter:  Amalee, Isobel, Skjarin, Rumarin, Valgus

Original Songs
Anduniel Songs: written, composed, and performed by Anna Castiglioni
Also performed by Azzadal's Tears band in Whiterun.
  - A Glass of Golden Mead
  - The Fall of the Snow Elves
  - The Virtuous Thief
  - Skies of Skyrim
  - Under the Mountain Shadow
Darion Songs:
  - Fleetfoot the Sailor Man - Michael's Popeye knock-off
  - Port Telvannish Chanty - words by Michael Butchin, parody of Irish traditional "Riding on a Donkey"
  - Sailor on the Dock - Michael Butchin
  - The Sea Hawk - words by Anna, parody of Irish traditional "The Irish Rover"
  - The Pirate King (3.0.4+ by Gilbert & Sullivan) 
Nadina Songs:
  - Ragnar the Red
  - The Young Redguard (by Anna)
  - Nevid the Sword Singer (words from TES lore, tune by Anna)
Zorya Songs:
  - Starlight Chant
  - Blacksmith Wauking Song (tune from Pocahontis, words by Anna)
  - My Favorite Things (tune from Sound of Music, words by Anna)
  - The Gypsy Rover (traditional Irish)
Future Songs:
  - Shadows (for Ruby of Azzadal's Tears, by Anna)
Future Lyra Songs:
  - The Harp that Once Through Windhelm's Halls (words by Thomas Moore, tune by Anna)
  - The North Sea Shanty (tune by Heather Alexander, lyrics by Anna)
  - Come, Weary Soldier (by Anna)

Several Followers have a personal quest which counts toward their relationship.
- A Father's Gift (Anduniel)
- The Docks of Solitude (Anduniel)
- Of Cures and Demons (Anduniel)
- The Wolf's Curse (Anduniel)
- Sugar and Scurvy (Anduniel)
- Anduniel's Meadery (Anduniel)
- The Lost Blade (Mareen)
- Reckoning (Valyen's recruit quest)
- Twin Suns Rise (Elyndra)
- Shades of Ansei (Nadina)
- Snow and Deceit (Teryn)
- Facets of Riches (Zorya, Darion)
- A Game at Court (Any 4, a homage to DAI's "Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts")

Vanilla Quest Conversations:
Bleak Falls Barrow (Darion, Nadina)
Dragon Rising (several)
World-Eater's Eyrie (Garrett, Lyra, different conversations if Romanced or Friendship)
Full main questline (Anduniel)
Season Unending (Anduniel)
Main questline through Diplomatic Immunity (Teryn)
Full Companions questline (Anduniel)
Full Thieves Guild questline (Anduniel)
Rise in the East (Darion)
Blood on the Ice (Nadina)

Azzadal's Tears Band:
Azura - Bosmer rogue
Crystal - Imperial, werewolf warrior
Jade - Altmer mage
Ruby - Dunmer, vampire, fire mage
Location:  a new shack outside Whiterun, behind Khajiit camp

White Water Inn:
Across from Battle-Born farm MAP (Alternate location available in Optional Files, moves it north 1 cell)
Thingol, Gizelle, Giulio

Black Swan Inn:
The Reach, due east of Bthardamz
Isabela, Cerise Buonorecchi, Bria, Bard

Chuckling Chaurus Inn:
Off the road between Rorikstead and Dragonbridge MAP
Chadra, Cid, Clementius, Cayden

Grey Gull Tavern:
Solitude Docks, next to East Empire Trading Co.
Innkeep, The Captain, Flokki, Ginevra
Dockworkers, Fishermen, Farmers, Miners, Merchants

Several Followers have a Home the Player can use. Some are tied to their relationships, while others are also available as friends.
Anduniel's Meadery (Anduniel)
The Sea Hawk (Darion's Ship)
Druid Grove (contains a Honeymoon Cabin)
Halahm Villa (Nadina's Home)
Elyndra's Chambers (Elyndra's Home)
Tel Ouafe Ruhn (Teryn's mushroom house)
Garrett's Cabin (The Rift)

Bug Reporting and Troubleshooting:

When reporting bugs, give as much detail as possible, including but not limited to:
1) If relevant, whether you use follower enhancement mods (or I will automatically assume you are and that is the problem.
-- I can't count how many times someone reported a "bug" with one of my mods only to find on further questioning it was caused by conflict with or misuse of AFT/UFO).
2) What you have ALREADY tried to resolve it, including but not limited to Waiting, Fast-Travel, reloading, and testing on a new game (coc directly from load screen).
3) If relevant, any house or inn mods you use which might alter static markers, which could disrupt follower AI if they have been moved, or worse, deleted.
4) If you can post a screenshot that is very helpful.
Note: Vague comments like "It doesn't work" are not helpful in the least and will be removed.
These are very annoying and only tell me you didn't bother to read. I promise it DOES work.

Load Order
Generally speaking, Load Order should not matter. The mod edits almost NO vanilla game data.
Exception: Leveled List ChaurusDeathItem, an intentional edit. You'll probably never have a conflict with that.
That said, some people claim better success placing "Anna NPCs" later in the order.
Personally, I place it pretty near the top, out of ~200 mods.

Follower Enhancement Mods
- Designed to work seamlessly alongside follower enhancement mods (AFT, UFO, EFF).
This only means followers will NOT be affected by just running these mods, but nor will they conflict.  They just ignore each other.
Attempting to use spells/powers that come with these mods on my followers is NOT ADVISED, as it could disrupt followers' AI.
However, since my Followers comes with so many of their own similar features, you really don't need to use those mods on them!
Further details, see ReadMe.

For users of Requiem: Anordil87 has created a Patch for AnnaNPCs here.

Location Conflicts:
- Might conflict with any mod that adds structures to the exterior of Whiterun city, south shore of Lake Ilinalta, or Solitude Docks.
- CHECK OPTIONAL FILES!!!  There might already be a suitable patch for your conflict.
- Also see my World Edits page on Blog

Body Mods
3.0+: Some people have claimed conflicts between armor and the body mesh of Anduniel, Mareen, and Nadina.
Prior to 3.0 they use Default body from your game. It is NOT a problem with the mod itself.
I have tested on a fresh install with NO body or armor mods at all, and Anduniel, Mareen, and Nadina looked just fine in their outfits:
casual, armor, and fancy; no clipping, no seams, no problems.
In 3.0+ They still use Default Mesh, but with new assigned Textures in the archive. This was done to give them body tattoos.
There are no problems if you have CBBE Slim, UNP, or NO body mods installed, as I just described.
Shrike uses UNP and has NO problems viewing Anduniel, Mareen, or Nadina.
Users of 7Base body mod reported some issues during the outfit change, but only when Outfits is On in the MCM.
Issues with other body mods are unknown, but doubtful to cause problems.

Incompatibilities DO NOT cause crashing, though probably a neck seam.

Other Mods:
Sexy Female Mannequins -- Incompatible unless altered. Author set the race record of the mannequins as FoxRace for some reason, and thus Zorya launches fireballs at it. You must revert it back to ManikinRace in xEdit and reset Zorya's AI, and she will go back to normal.

AnnaNPCs Requiem Patch, by Anordil87
Traditional Chinese translation ESP ONLY, at this download link, by aj3y93
Anna NPCs 3.0 Traditional Chinese Translation ESP, at this direct download link, by aj3y93/gtxism689

Interesting NPCs by Kris Takahashi
Become A Bard (direct download link) & Become A Bard Anduniel Expansion (Oldrim)
Anduniel Expansion cannot be ported to SE b/c the master Become A Bard has a different esp. name.
Rustic Clothing (texture replacer)
Jewels of the Nord - Amulets & Rings (texture replacer)
Aeterna Circlets - (texture replacer)
Celtic & Braided Rugs (texture replacer)
Shrike's Slaughterfish Nemesis Spell

Permissions & Legality:
- Nexus and Steam exclusive.  Do not use any assets, or upload to any other site, without my permission.  Please, just ask.
If you see this mod ANYWHERE else (other than links I specifically say), it is STOLEN!!
I would appreciate if you'd report it, to me and to the stealing site.
You are NOT allowed to make money from my mods. We don't. Why should you?
- Contains assets from other modders, so you need their permission for specific assets.
- You may create patches for follower enhancement mods (UFO, AFT, EFF, etc.), as long as you credit me and Shrike and link to this mod.
- Characters created herein are copyright Anna Castiglioni and may not be re-used for ANY reason without my express permission.
Again, just ask :)
No permission needed of NON-PROFIT FanFiction. Please give me a link so I can read it, and I'll also link it on the Blog. I LOVE FanFic! :)

There are so many credits that I have to make a whole CREDITS ARTICLE to list them all!  But one in particular deserves special mention:
He has modded with me for the past few years and has been a great teammate and friend!
He's made cool scripts and meshes, tested, been a patient recipient of ranting and a source of encouragement.
Thanks for all you do, Shrike!

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