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Adds 120+ balanced, lore-friendly spells that flesh out each magic school and provide more ways to role-play. Now you can become an Arcane Assassin, a Shapeshifter, a Daedra Summoner, a Shaman, a Priest...anything you can dream of. Ever feel like mages in Skyrim were kinda wimpy? This is the mod for you.

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Lost Grimoire
An extended spell package for Skyrim

is this?~

Grimoire adds 120+ spells to the game via spell books sold by merchants and the wizards at the College of Winterhold. Essentially, Grimoire takes the vanilla pool of spells and makes it bigger. No weird gimmicks, no awkward NPCs or quests. Just a lot of cool new spells - spells that fit with vanilla while filling in the gaps in the magic system and making it way more awesome to play as a mage. Enjoy.


  • 120+ spells with custom visuals, distributed across each magic school
  • Spell tomes are automatically added to leveled lists - no need to create a bashed patch
  • Fair and balanced - no God-Mode spells
  • New stealth-oriented Destruction spells - play as an assassin-mage! Destruction spells now also get sneak-attack bonuses
  • Destruction and Conjuration are not needed to beat the game; you can bring the pain with any magic school
  • New master-level spells that let you feel like a TRUE master (120% more badass than vanilla)
  • Compatible with other spell package mods
  • Enhances role-playing, with spells that cater to all types of characters - priests, shamans, shapeshifters, daedra-summoners, any many more!
  • Fits well with vanilla - this mod is like Vanilla+ for mages
  • Tagged for ASIS combatibility
What the internet has to say:
"A very under-appreciated spell mod that I consider just as vital to my playthrough as Apocalypse.  The nice thing about using these two together is that there is very little, if any real, overlap between the spells.  They really balance nicely and give you a variety of abilities without being overpowered at all (I still go through potions and healing spells like crazy)." -- Skyrim Insomniac on Tumblr

Example Spells:
**All spells are detailed in the Readme**

  • Shapeshift Claws > The caster grows long, sharp claws, increasing unarmed damage by 15 for 60 seconds.
  • Electrocute > Silently electrocutes the touched target, dealing 70 shock damage. 10% chance to deal 100 additional damage.
  • Conjure Spectral Shield > Creates a magic shield for 120 seconds that increases magic resistance by 60% while blocking.
  • Glamour > Cast while wearing faction gear to disguise yourself as a member of that faction. The effect will break if anyone comes too close.
  • Resurrection > Brings the target back to life.
  • Runic Weapon > Imbues the unenchanted weapon in your hand with mystic power for 60 seconds, dealing additional true damage that grows with the Alteration skill.
  • Live Coals >  Chars the target, doing 2 fire damage per second for 15 seconds. When hit with another fire spell, the target explodes into flames.
  • Winged Twilight > Summons a Winged Twilight for 60 seconds that is resistant to magic and attacks in a whirlwind of dual ebony blades.
  • Manifest Fears > The target is attacked by their deepest fears for 15 seconds. The illusions may cause the target to flee in terror.
  • Black Swarm > The target is attacked by a swarm of flies, which do 7 disease damage for 15 seconds.

List of Spells....

All spells and scrolls are detailed in the readme. Click the little tab named "Readme" at the top of this page, just under the slide-show of images.

Where are the new spells?

You can obtain all the spells added by this mod in the same way that you obtain vanilla spells - by buying them from wizards, or by finding them in chests. Master-level spells tomes require completing the associated master-level ritual before they can be purchased (just like vanilla master spells).


  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard AND Dragonborn
  • SKSE

Yes, SKSE is required. No, there will never be a version that doesn't require SKSE.

Installing Lost Grimoire:
1) Download via NMM or manually
2) Install with NMM, MO, or drag-and-drop everything in the zip file into your skyrim/Data folder
3) Play

Updating from previous versions of Grimoire:

**Only applies if you have my old Grimoire mod. For updating to new versions of THIS mod, just update like usual**

1) Wait for all current magical effects to wind down
2) Make a new save
3) Uninstall the previous version of Grimoire
4) Make another new save
5) Install Griomoire 2.0
6) Play

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@#$! Help! Nothing is working! This mod is broken!

Before posting a comment in panic, follow this list:
- Do you have Dawnguard?
- Do you have Dragonborn?
- Do you have SKSE?
- Do you have the latest Unofficial Patches?
- Did you sort your load order with LOOT or BOSS?
- Have you "tweaked" your INIs? If so, reset them to their original values. MOST INI "TWEAKS" WILL BREAK YOUR GAME.
- Seriously, don't mess with your INIs. If you've messed with your INIs and suddenly Grimoire doesn't work, that's YOUR fault.
- Have you tried reloading? Have you tried restarting Skyrim?
- Did you just install a bunch of mods at once? If so, DON'T DO THAT.
- Have you been randomly uninstalling mods, even the smallest thing? If so, DON'T DO THAT. Wait until you start a new game to uninstall mods.
- Were you screwing around in Wrye Bash or TES5Edit without knowing what you were doing? DON'T DO THAT EITHER.

How to post a bug report

  • Raise your right hand and swear on your copy of Morrowind that you have Dawnguard, Dragonborn, SKSE, and the Unofficial Patches installed.
  • Try to recreate the situation - what EXACTLY were you doing when the bug occurred?
  • Does the issue occur every time, or was it only that one time when you were talking to Nazeem while standing on a horse? If it only happened once and never again, it's likely not a bug.
  • List any relevant mods you may have - for example, did your game crash when you tried to give a summoned creature an enchanted weapon from another mod?
  • Give me as many details as you can. Don't just say "x spell didn't work"; that's not helpful. Say "x spell caused a bandit to go up in flames, but the bandit's health bar didn't go down. Oh, and I use the mod 'Awesome Bandits', which makes bandits super tough to beat."

Q: Is this mod compatible with Skyre/PerMa/Apolocalypse?

A: Yes, yes, and yes. Grimoire is 99.9% stand-alone, meaning that it adds content rather than changing content. Most incompatibilities are caused by two mods trying to edit the same content, which won't be a problem with Grimoire.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Ordinator
A: Yes.

Q: What's the 0.1% that you DID edit?
A: 1) A leveled list for spell tomes in Apocrapha (you're very unlikely to encounter a mod that will conflict with this edit), 2) Animation nodes for a few creatures to enable Transformation to work (note, this doesn't change creature animations in any way - it just means that you might have trouble with other shape-shifting mods)

Q: Will you make a patch for SkyRe/PerMa/Requiem to maximize awesomeness?

A: Maybe in the future. I don't run SkyRe, Requiem, or the Mage portion of PerMa, so if anyone would like to volunteer to help with making a patch please do.

Q: Can followers/NPCs use these spells?
A: Yes. IF you use a tool like ASIS to distribute the spells to NPCs. Otherwise, the spells will only be available to the player.

Q: Can I use this and your old Grimoire mod at the same time?
A: Technically yes. TECHNICALLY. Your game won't crash or anything; I've certainly run both at the same time during testing. But it's not an ideal play situation, and it might cause weird things to happen in your game that I can't anticipate. If you chose to use both, you're on your own if your save goes up in flames.

Q: I've installed this mod, but Farengar isn't selling any of the spells!
A: Vendors can take up to 2 in-game days to reset their inventories. If the spell tomes aren't showing up for sale, go off questing for a while and come back later. Reloading will also force the leveled lists to update, so try that too before you freak out and post a bug report.

Q: Will you make a version that doesn't require Dawnguard/Dragonborn/SKSE?

A: No. About 70% of these spells would not be possible without Dawnguard, Dragonborn, or SKSE. That's a lot of awesome that I'm not willing to strip out of this mod in order to make a non-Dawnguard/Dragonborn/SKSE version.

Q: When I cast Spectral Shield/Transformation/Manifest Fears/Random Spell, nothing happens! This mod is broken!
A: Congratulations - your script lag is so high that your game chokes and dies when attempting the execute the scripts attached to these spells. To reiterate: THE MOD IS NOT BROKEN; YOUR GAME IS. Reloading will often help. If reloading doesn't help, you've screwed the pooch somewhere when modding your game and there is nothing I can do to help you. *Note for Transformation - depending on how loaded down with mods your game is, it may take a few seconds before you can move after shape-shifting.

Q: X spell is too powerful/too weak, you should totally fix that.
A: BYOG, padawan. Balance Your Own Game. I play on Expert difficulty with several combat AI mods to make things more interesting, so I try to balance somewhere between "Useless" and "I r a god". That said, there are 6 levels of vanilla difficulty and a million different mods that affect difficulty on top of that. I cannot possibly tailor this mod to meet your specific needs, and I'm not going to try. However, if you find a God-mode exploit, or if a spell is just completely ineffective, then please let me know. It might be a bug.