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A spell that converts corpses into money!

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This is a simple mod that adds a spell that transforms corpses and their carried items into a bag of gold for you to collect, allowing you to clean up all the corpses littering the place while also turning a profit!  The amount of gold you get is based on the level and max health of the creature, modified by your alteration skill level.  Dragon corpses get turned into even more gold!

Additionally, the spawned gold bags are scaled according to the amount of gold that they contain.  If the bag only contains a small number of coins, it will be rather small.  On the other hand, if the bag contains thousands of coins, it will be huge!  And, if the corpse would only turn into a single coin, it skips the bag and just produces that coin.

The tome that teaches this spell can be found on a table in Anise's cabin, southwest of Riverwood.

This mod uses two scripts, but they won't lag your game because they only run on demand.

Two global variables were added in version 1.1 to change how the gold quantity is calculated.
  • CCoinHealthMult, which determines how much health affects the gold earned.  By default, it is set to 0.05.  To change it, enter the following command on the console:   set CCoinHealthMult to X,  and replace the X with the multiplier desired (a value between 0.0 and 1.0)
  • CCoinIncludeItems, which determines whether or not the value of the corpse's inventory will be used to calculate the amount of gold.  By default, this is set to 1.  If set to 0, then the corpse's inventory will not be included, with the exception of any septims on the corpse's inventory.

1) Only works on corpses.  It won't work on other types of remains, such as ash piles.
2) Does not work on corpses if the actor is flagged as essential.
3) There is no way for papyrus scripts to detect quest items, so if you cast the spell on a corpse which carries a quest item, you will lose it and will have to reload your save!