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Adds a power that shows the current player light level

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Why this mod exists:
I play Skyrim as a super stealthy assassin character. If you have a similar playstyle, you know how important sticking to the shadows is. Unfortunately, the game engine is not very consistent with shadow brightness. A shadow in one cell might have the same brightness value as a fully torch lit area in another cell, so there's not a whole lot of consistency from just eyeballing the brightness. I couldn't find any reliable mods that just tell you the brightness level, so I made my own.

What this mod does:
Ever wondered how well that shadow was hiding you? Or if the nearby candle is having any affect on how sneaky you are? Well wonder no more! This mod gives you a power that, when used, will give you a quick notice of what the game engine thinks your light level is. It is designed to be as non-intrusive and immersive as possible, just giving you a quick heads up when you ask for it, then disappearing until you want it again.

Highlights of this mod:
  • Adds a power to show your current light level
  • Minimal effect on immersion; your value appears as a notice in the upper corner and disappears
  • Designed with stealth-based characters in mind, but anyone can use it
  • Spell tome is located in Breezehome
  • NEW: Optional immersion file is availible in the Files page. Numbers are removed and replaced with words to describe light levels