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Mysticism is a complete magic overhaul that brings bug fixes and balance adjustments to nearly every Vanilla spell while adding over 200 new spells that fit seamlessly into the world of Skyrim.

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Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul

Mysticism is a comprehensive magic overhaul that adds over 200 meticulously balanced spells to the game. These spells are designed to feel like they belong in the world of Skyrim, both mechanically and aesthetically. You can purchase them from vendors, loot them from dungeons, or find them hand-placed in carefully chosen locations around the world. Many of these spells reintroduce magical archetypes from previous games, or expand on new magical archetypes introduced in Skyrim (such as Sun magic and Ash magic). In addition to adding new spells, Mysticism also heavily reworks a number of Vanilla spells. By adding new spells and rebalancing existing spells as part of the same project, Mysticism is able to offer users a coherent and balanced magical experience throughout the early, middle, and late game. 


  • Sweeping balance adjustments to Vanilla spells 
  • Over 200 new spells added to the world 
  • Vendor tweaks to add flavor and enhance roleplay 
  • Rare spells hand-placed around the world
  • Dozens of balance adjustments and bug fixes for Vanilla scrolls
  • Almost entirely scriptless, no impact on performance
  • Creative use of Vanilla assets for high quality, visually interesting effects 
  • A complete rework of Master spells that significantly increases their usefulness

Coming Soon (in 2.0)

  • General balance changes
  • Dozens of new spells
  • Hundreds of new staves and scrolls 


In Vanilla, Alteration is primarily a school for defensive magic, with a little utility on the side. Mysticism significantly increases the defensive potential of Alteration and adds dozens of new utility options, such as Pack Mule and Slowfall. In addition, Mysticism also adds several new options to control or debuff enemies, making Alteration the ultimate support school for just about every playstyle.

  • Flesh spells have been significantly buffed. Dragonhide no longer invalidates investment in the Mage Armor perk.
  • New spells have been added to temporarily increase elemental resistances. Only one element can be resisted at a time. 
  • New utility spells allow the player to open locks, increase movement speed or carry weight, or even bolster unarmed damage.
  • Weakness to Fire, Frost, Shock, and Poison spells have been introduced as inverse counterparts to elemental defense spells. 
  • New spells allow Alteration mages to reduce enemy attack damage, debuff enemy armor, and even damage Dwarven automatons.
  • Paralysis has been moved to Illusion (sorry!).
  • Ash Magic has been redesigned as a replacement for Paralysis. In addition to Ash Shard and Ash Rune, you will now be able to reduce enemy movement speed with spells such as Encumber or Weight of the World.
  • Telekinesis spells now serve as a reliable source of damage. You will be able to kill bandits by throwing cheese wheels at them, if you're into that. 
  • Mark and Recall spells allow for quick travel around Skyrim.

Spell List 



Conjuration allows its practitioners to summon powerful creatures from the Planes of Oblivion. Unfortunately, in Vanilla Skyrim, it seems that Oblivion only had two or three creatures in it. The variety of available summons has been greatly expanded in Mysticism, allowing the player more options both mechanically and aesthetically. In addition, Conjuration has received several new utility spells to help manage summons, and Bound Weapons are now viable throughout the game.

  • Dozens of new spells to summon ghostly predators, Dremora, skeletons, shades, Dunmer ancestor spirits, and even Dwarven automatons! 
  • Summons are balanced around three archetypes: melee damage-dealers, ranged damage-dealers, and tanks. Each archetype has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Reanimation spells now effect higher level targets when dual cast.
  • Several new utility spells allow Conjurers to dismiss and heal their summons.
  • Banish Daedra is now a potent source of damage against Daedra of all kinds.
  • New Adept, Expert, and Master-level Bound Weapons. 

Spell List



The School of Destruction is the default choice for mages who wish to deal ranged damage. Unfortunately, in Vanilla Skyrim, the damage dealt by Destruction tapers off very early, and the school is unsatisfying to use in the late game. Mysticism adds many new Destruction spells, especially to the Master level, in order to allow Destruction to scale into the late game without massively interrupting the balance of the early and middle game. It also adds new spells that drain Health, Magicka, and Stamina, increasing the utility of Destruction magic for other playstyles. 

  • Subtle tweaks to cost and projectile weight make each element feel more unique.
  • A comprehensive solution to the "frost slow bug" that will work for most modded setups. 
  • Several new versions of your favorite Destruction spells to offer more variety in gameplay as you level up.
  • New spell archetypes, such as Touch spells that allow you to silently harm enemies in melee range.
  • New spells allow Destruction mages to absorb Health, Magicka, and Stamina from enemies. 
  • Targets who are out of Magicka or Stamina resist spells that absorb their respective resource, preventing several Vanilla exploits.
  • Over two dozen Master spells, allowing Destruction to scale well into the late game.

Spell List



In Vanilla Skyrim, Illusion is limited to Muffle, Invisibility, and a few crowd control spells that are unfortunately less powerful than Alteration’s paralysis spells. Mysticism greatly expands Illusion’s options for crowd control, both by returning paralysis to Illusion, and by adding new archetypes such as Silence and Command. In addition, it adds several new types of spells such as Charm, Reflection, Sanctuary, and Quicksilver. 

  • Illusion is balanced around high Magicka costs and relatively conservative target levels. You will need to invest heavily in Illusion in order to use its most powerful spells. 
  • The mastery rank and Magicka cost of Calm spells has been adjusted to provide smoother progression for the Illusion mage, especially at low levels.
  • Paralysis is now a leveled effect in the school of Illusion.
  • Two new archetypes, Silence and Command, give the Illusion mage more options to dominate the battlefield.
  • Charm, Beguile, and Mesmerize let Illusion mages apply their skills to Skyrim’s merchants.
  • Several new utility spells allow Illusion mages to protect themselves from harm, slow their perception of time, and reflect damage back on their attackers.
  • New spells such as Chameleon and Shadowmask enhance Illusion’s stealth capabilities.

Spell List



In Vanilla Skyrim, Restoration is a one-dimensional school that allows the player to instantly restore large amounts of Health for very little Magicka. Mysticism replaces all fire and forget healing spells with concentration spells. This greatly increases the opportunity cost of on-demand healing. In return, Mysticism adds several new tools to the Restoration mage's kit, such as spells that regenerate Health over time, spells that temporarily increase maximum Health, and spells that mitigate incoming damage. Restoration is now more powerful than ever, but it privileges careful preparation instead of spamming massive, instant-cast heals. In addition, Turn Undead spells have been significantly improved, and Sun spells have been greatly expanded. A new line of poison spells allow Restoration mages to harm living targets as effectively as any Destruction mage.

  • Fast Healing, Close Wounds, and Grand Healing are now concentration spells with high Magicka costs.
  • New Healing Light spells restore a small amount of Health per second for five minutes.
  • New Regeneration spells allow the player to restore a significant amount of Health over fifteen seconds.
  • New Ritual spells create holy circles that heal the caster and increase their Magic Resistance as long as they remain inside.
  • Wards are much stronger, and they now resist a fixed percentage of physical damage instead of increasing armor. 
  • New Attunement spells increase the caster’s max health for one minute. These spells can be fatal if they wear off while the caster's health is low! 
  • Turn Undead spells cost less, charge faster, effect higher level targets, increase their magnitude when dual cast, and deal damage. They are now a devastating weapon against the undead.
  • New sun spells further enhance the Restoration mage’s ability to destroy the undead.
  • New poison spells deal heavy damage over time.

Spell List 


Special Spells and Vendor Changes

Mysticism makes adjustments to a small number of vendors in order to improve the overall experience of playing as a mage. Specifically, it ensures that each school of magic has at least one Expert vendor outside the College of Winterhold. Some of these vendors, such as Talvas Fathryon or Florentius Baenius, have unique spells that you won't find at (most) other vendors. Mysticism also hand-places some unique spells as loot throughout the world. If you're have trouble finding these spells, or you don't want to make the trip to Solstheim or the Soul Cairn right now, don't worry! The College is home to a certain shady elf who makes a living selling items that other mages can't get their hands on. If you're looking for a spell that can't be bought from other members of the College, pay him a visit and see what he has in stock.

  • Rare and powerful spells hand-placed as loot throughout Skyrim.
  • Sybille Stentor, Falion, Feran Sadri, Festus Krex, Florentius Baenius, and Tavlas Fathryon now sell Expert spells for their respective schools of magic.
  • Sun magic and Ash magic are only available from the Dawngard and Tel Mithryn, respectively. New spells will become available when you complete the Restoration and Alteration ritual quests.
  • Some of the most powerful spells in Mysticism can only be acquired by finding them in the world, in many cases guarded by powerful bosses!
  • A special vendor in the College will have a rotating inventory of spells that are otherwise unavailable, in case you want to try your luck.

Spell List



Mysticism will cause no major compatibility issues. It edits Vanilla spells (using the original records whenever possible), adds new spells to the default leveled lists, and changes a small number of merchant chests. Like most mods that edit leveled lists, you may need to use a tool such as Wrye Bash to create a patch for your leveled lists, especially if you have more than one mod that edits the leveled lists for spells. 

Mysticism is 100% compatible with other spell packs, especially mods like Apocalypse and Forgotten Magic Redone. Mysticism is 99% compatible with Ordinator out of the box, and I have provided a patch for the other 1%. Load Ordinator after Mysticism so that it can overwrite my edits to the magic effects for Destruction perks. Whether Mysticism is compatible with other perk overhauls depends on whether or not they were built with compatibility in mind.

Mysticism edits a small number of merchant chests in order to distribute its spells across the world in an interesting way. Only one NPC is touched (Festus Krex), so Mysticism will not cause black face or any incompatibilities with NPC overhauls. Most of my changes to merchants will be compatible with other spell packs (so if you have both Mysticism and Apocalypse downloaded, Festus will sell Apocalypse spells).


I don’t like your changes to Vanilla spells, but I want to download your new spells. Will you make a standalone version? 

Currently, I am unwilling to release a standalone version of either my new spells or my Vanilla spell tweaks. To make a stand-alone version of my Vanilla spell tweaks, I would need to reevaluate and rebalance almost every single change. Similarly, the balance of my new spells is heavily dependent on the edits I have made to Vanilla spells. In short, Mysticism was designed as a single coherent system, and I can’t split that system in half without breaking it. However, my permissions are open, and anyone who would like to is welcome to create a stand-alone spell pack and host it on the Nexus as long as you credit me. 

Does Mysticism add its new spells to NPC mages?

Adding new spells to NPC mages would require a massive enemy overhaul, and would be out of scope for Mysticism. However, the changes and buffs to Vanilla spells will effect enemies as well. Mage encounters will be a good bit more difficult with Mysticism installed.

I’m way too weak, your mod is broken! 

The general balancing scheme of Mysticism is that the power of magic in the Vanilla game was “mostly fine” in the early and the middle game, and that all it really needed was some more oomph to help it scale into the late game. This is especially true for the damage-dealing spells in Destruction and Restoration. None of the spells in this pack outside Illusion are designed to be one-shot meme spells that destroy everything in your path. 

I’m way too powerful, your mod is broken! 

Ultimately, Skyrim is a single-player power fantasy, and at the end of the day you’re always going to be overpowered if you try to be. I have attempted to create a system with smooth progression, but it’s the user’s responsibility to balance their own game. Consider increasing the difficulty, or adding a combat mod to make your battles more engaging, if you feel you’re too strong.

When are you ever going to do anything worthwhile with your life? 

Seriously Dad what the fuck

I found a bug! What should I do?

Report it, either in the comments or in the bugs tab, so I can try to fix it as soon as possible! Any extra details you can include (where the bug happened, what you were doing, what other mods you were using) would be super helpful in tracking down the source of the issue. 

Does this mod require USSEP?

No, but I’ve tried to forward changes from USSEP wherever it seemed relevant. In some places I’ve diverged from USSEP due to reasons unique to Mysticism (for instance, I slightly reduced the damage of Wall of Fire once I made dual casting affect the hazard).


First off, I would like to thank Parapets for countless hours helping me over the past several months. Almost everything I know about modding, I learned from him, and Mysticism would not exist without his help. 

I'd also like to thank EnaiSiaion, who is a constant source of creative and technical inspiration for me. Like many of you, I've sunk thousands of hours into his mods, and it's shaped the way I think about Skyrim. 

I'd also like to thank my friend VictorF for his extensive help with this project.

Several others contributed to the development of Mysticism in meaningful ways, and deserve special mention and my thanks. powerofthree helped with a few scripts and taught me how to tweak nifs for this project. Squittle, Pierre, Stalhrim, TrueDevilFox, and Pedrosian spent countless hours letting me bounce ideas off them, and giving me suggestions, feedback, and advice. This mod wouldn't exist without their help, or their friendship. ElectricSparx and several members of the r/Enairim discord server provided support and feedback throughout the process, and participated in a closed beta that helped to catch several bugs. 

Finally, I'd like to thank my wife for putting up with me for the last several months as I obsessed over this project, and for supporting me as I pursued my passions during a difficult period in our life.