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Adds several highly dynamic haunting-style encounters throughout Falkreath Hold to add some creepiness to your Skyrim this Halloween.
- Spectre o' the Woods
- Lady Ilinalta
- The phantoms of Falkreath cemetery

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To get you all in the Halloween spirit, I've added several creepy encounters to Falkreath Hold: two dynamic boss-style battles, passive ghosts in Falkreath cemetery at night (with a small quest to free their spirits), and several unique rewards.

Now flagged as an ESL -- it won't use up a slot in your load order!

Spectre o' the Woods
"Do not enter the forest after dark, traveler, lest you never leave..."

Local legends tell of a shadowy spriggan roaming Falkreath Forest, appearing from the trees and then vanishing back into them like a ghost. In the daylight, the Spectre o' the Woods will do no more than frighten you. But if it happens to stumble upon you after dark...
How can you fight a beast that disappears the moment it is struck?

Lady Ilinalta
"The lady of the lake, now that is one spirit I wish to never meet."

Scholars do not agree on the nature of Lake Ilinalta's haunting, but only the most foolish have disputed the fact that something dangerous resides there. Some believe that it has its roots in the deaths of hundreds of imperial soldiers who once occupied Fort Ilinalta. Others claim that the phenomenon is much older than the fort itself. In any case, ghastly apparitions are said to appear on the lake's surface at night, and mysterious will-o'-wisps dance about its shores after dusk. Superstition claims that any traveler foolish enough to follow these wisps shall fall into the Lady's icy grasp.

The Phantoms of Falkreath Cemetery
"They say these ghosts roaming our graveyard at night are harmless, just lost souls...but I think I'll keep me distance all the same."

In recent years, Falkreath's cemetery has been plagued by the restless spirits of the deceased. Some claim to recognize their own friends and family among the phantoms. No one knows how to free these spirits, but a keen eye might notice strange effigies hidden around the city...could these items be binding souls to Tamriel? 

Each encounter provides a unique reward: A conjuration spell with too many eyes and legs, a potent frost spell, and even a spookyscary Halloween mask!


One of three phantoms haunts Falkreath cemetery every night. They are passive and mostly aesthetic. If you choose to free them, begin by searching the town for effigies. They lie on the ground along the edges of houses, but are small and hard to see. You only need to find one, then a quest will begin with markers pointing to the other two. Upon finding all the effigies, a ghost will appear and guide you to your next destination. It is a long journey, so if that's not your cup of tea, wait a few hours and then fast travel instead of following the ghost. But be warned: the creators of the effigies won't go down without a fight.
If you're having trouble finding the first effigy:
Look next to the water trough behind Corpselight farmhouse.

Lady Ilinalta:
In order to face Lady Ilinalta, you must find and follow one of her wisps. You can find the wisp along the southern shore of Lake Ilinalta after sunset. Be ready for a fight.

The Spectre o' the Woods has a large territory in the forests west of Falkreath. If you wander around, you will probably see it pretty quickly. It is a powerful opponent, so it may be wise to only explore the woods in the daylight. At night, the Spectre will attack anytime you come near it (or it comes near you).

All battles should scale with player level, from a minimum of lvl 10 to a max of lvl 80.
None of the creatures respawn.
The Lady and the Spectre are script-intensive encounters, but their scripts will not run when you aren't in the encounters, and will shut down when you kill the respective creatures.

Use a mod manager or manual install. Enable the file ogFalkreathHauntings.esp and place it toward the bottom of your load order.

Revert to a save from before you installed this mod if you want to uninstall.

Moon And Star patch available
JKs Skyrim patch available
The Great City of Falkreath adds fortress walls that may disrupt the stage of the Phantom quest where you follow a ghost, but you can fix this by traveling away from Falkreath and then waiting a few hours.
Any mods that edit the same areas have a chance of conflicting.
If a mod edits the same navmeshes around Lake Ilinalta, it may prevent you from encountering Lady Ilinalta.

Thanks to RustyShackleford for lore consultation.
Thanks to Candoran2 and VictorF for always having the solutions to any scripting problem.

Also available on Legendary Edition