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Synthesis Redux is largely a spell pack featuring 49 spells, and several poisons and weapons. This version has been written for Skyrim Special Edition. It has been tested both with and without the current version of SKSE for SE. It is compatible with a large variety of mods.

Permissions and credits
Synthesis Redux by Seraphim Kensai
ver 1.2
- Corrected some issues I found with the way some spell costs were being displayed after 1.1's rebalancing efforts. This quick update addresses that to resolve the issue. Additionally continued some more balancing efforts, adjusting some spell's hidden perk values.
ver 1.1
- First pass of balancing efforts, culminating in widespread change in spell tome cost to reflect similar values found in vanilla game, reworked spells based on spell skill system. Spells magnitude/duration reworked and nerfed significantly pretty much across the board. That said to keep spells useful for doing damage, I've redesigned spells that are novice, apprentice, adept, and expert to have various automatic tiers of improvement up to master level (the idea is that you can start using a spell and as you gain experience in its related field you get better at using the spell so it hits its peak). Not all spells have that feature as of yet, and master level spells won't get it as those spells are intended to be learned at the master level (that said, my master level spells are still available before completing associated master level ritual quests, as I haven't had time yet to implement that restriction).
- First pass for balancing for weapons/armor/potions/poisons/enchantments as well.
- Added retexture of dwarven bow for The Message crossbow.

Note: Thanks for contacting me or commenting on the mod's comment page with observations. As I said, the idea is to try to get these effects relatively balanced whether in effect, duration, magicka cost, or gold cost. That said I understand some spells are still fairly strong, but they should be sorted more accurately now based on their strengths in game as well. As usual, I welcome feedback and any insight as I'm trying to learn to do more with this although my availability is not the greatest. Thank you for bearing with me, and taking the time to try my mod. Its my hope I can fine tune this and continue adding new effects as I go.

Installation: This mod includes an ESP file, several PEX Script files, Several NIF Mesh Files, and Several DDS Texture Files. You can install them manually, as its pretty common sense, and shouldn't override any other files utilized by the game. My mod has been cleaned via SSEdit to ensure maximum stability, that said as I'm sure you're aware the game will occasionally crash regardless so use multiple saves to be safe. You can should you choose not to install manually use a Mod Manager of your choice to install the files (just be sure that they actually install the scripts/mesh/textures when they say they do). Always and this is common sense, which I realize isn't that common, run LOOT or another mod organizer to sort your load order.

What this mod includes: (which I'll give a brief overview of below)
49 Spells
12 Potions/Poisons/Food
11 Enchantments, not all are disenchantable by design however and are used on attached gear
7 Weapons (a couple I wouldn't really even count as weapons, but more tools)
1 Set of Armor
1 Shield
2 Unique Ammo Types
3 NPC's (2 are used for summons)

How to obtain items/spells/potions: Synthesis Redux includes a custom vendor named Omniculius who is located in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. She will sell the player any and all of my modified items, spells, and weapons. Please note that when you visit her, she may not have a particular item in stock at the time, but if you visit again another time (or save, and reload to reset her inventory) she will likely have more and exciting new items and spells for you to buy and subsequently try.

Spells by School:
1. Asmodyia's Gate - Self FF, boost stats, speed, enchanting/smithing skills
2. Astral Key - Unlock Doors/Chests, works on any doors besides puzzle doors
3. Astral Shackle - Locks Doors/Chests
4. Between Life and Death - Self FF, damaged reduction, modified dragon aspect, phantom form
5. Chronus Spiral - Self FF, Toggle Time Dilation, Time moves approximately at 2% of normal speed
6. Ixyahia's Petrification - Aimed FF, AoE Paralysis
7. Lense of Truth - Self FF, Detect Life/Dead rolled into one
8. A Shade in the Sun - Self FF, buffs sneaking/lockpicking/pickpocketing skills
9. Starbirth - Aimed FF, super bright magelight

1. Infinite Nightmare - Aimed FF, AoE Fear
2. The Reprisal of Aggression - Aimed FF, AoE Calm and Disarm
3. Unceasing Darkness - Self FF, Essentially Dawnguard's Darkening the Sun
4. Vampire's Mesmerize (This is currently not working as intended, but I'm aware of it and will be addressing it in the future).
5. Wood of the Phantasm - Self FF, Conjured Firewood
6. Mage's Feast - Self FF, Conjured Food
7. Fool's Gold - Self FF, Conjured Gold
8. Well of Souls - Self FF, Conjured Soulgem
9. Prisoner's Redemption - Self FF, Conjured Lockpick
10. Egg of Chaos - Aimed FF, AoE Frenzy

1. Siphon - Aimed FF, AoE absorb health, magicka, stamina
2. Light Beam - Aimed Conc., Light beam similar to those used in Meridia's Temple
3. Cold Conduit - Aimed FF, Large Ice spike that is electrically charged, small AoE explosion on impact
4. Freezing Wind - Aimed FF, AoE Iceform Paralysis and Trickle Health/Stamina damage effect
5. Void Star - Aimed FF, AoE similar to a gas explosion, does fire damage
6. Balcerzak's Cloak - Self FF, a modified Fire Cloak with effect similar to Jzargo's Scrolls, attempts to add in some warmth if using survival mode, or Chesko's Frostfall (which I think is still not working 100% yet)
7. Arrows of the Phantasm - Aimed Conc. Fires a steam of bound arrows.
8. Armageddon - Self Conc. AoE Fire/Frost/Lightning storm based around player, extreme damage.
9. Steam Smite - Aimed FF, steam based fire damage, does extra to automations

1. Draconic Bound Soul - Aimed Loc. Summon a large dragon to fight for you (exteriors only)
2. Summon Gargoyle - Aimed Loc. Summon a Gargoyle to fight for you
3. Oil Spray - Aimed FF, Summon Oil to ignite with a fire spell anywhere you want
4. Horrid Reanimation - Aimed FF, reanimate essentially any target with an intact body
5. Bound Pickaxe - Self FF, summon a pickaxe, sheathe to dispel
6. Bound Woodcutter's Axe - Self FF, summon a woodcutter's axe, sheathe to dispel
7. The Sword of Ragnarok - Self FF, summon a 2 handed sword that unleashes ranged energy blasts, sheathe to dispel
8. Shadow Step - Aimed Loc. teleport to location that projectile lands at
9. Shezarr's Armoire - Self FF, access an otherworldly chest to store extra gear
10. Trinimac's Stormsledge - Self FF, summons an enchanted mace sheathe to dispel, (planned extra effects Not 100% working atm, but able to summon and use as a weapon currently)
11. Armor of the White Knight - Self FF, summons and equips a set of enchanted armor (planning to add functionality to equip previous gear, but not currently implemented)

1. Windsprinter - Self FF, increase movement speed and run on water
2. Moon's Calling - Self FF, transform into a magical werewolf, should remember original race and restore you to that at conclusion, so should increase compatibility
3. Warmth of the Seraphim - Aimed Conc. Spray gouts of magical fire that cure paralysis
4. Bestow Immortality - Aimed FF,  toggles essential status
5. Divine Protection - Aimed FF, toggles  protected status
6. Resurrection - Aimed FF, resurrect (or kill) any humanoid as long as it was originally living
7. Talos' Divine Ward - Self FF, spawns an enchanted shield and also creates a ward for the player
8. Decay of Glory - Aimed FF, Severe target Debuff
9. Glow of Glory - Aimed FF, Strong target Buff
10. Limitless Regeneration - Self FF, long duration (a few minutes) increased regeneration rates

1. Asmodyia's Blood - Self FF, strong self buff, increases several skills, sates vampires
2. Cure Ink - Poison that heals and cures any disease on target
3. Moon Ink - Poison that turns a humanoid NPC into a frenzying werewolf and then reverts them after a while
4. Death Oil - Poison to kill a target very slowly
5. Decrypted Bones - Poison to debuff target, also acts like Dragon Rend on dragons
6. Frozen Calm - Poison to freeze target solid and calms their aggression
7. Flaming Frenzy - Poison to ignite a target on fire, and cause them to frenzy
8. Holy Water - Poison to kill undead (zombies, vampires, skeletons)
9. Silver Nitrate - Poison to kill wolves and werewolves/werebeasts
10. Silence - Poison to prevent spell casting
11. Soul Siphon Ink - Poison to apply a soul trap effect on target
12. Poison Apple - food, tasty apple, not really poisoned at all, and it's delicious (requires 3rd party mods for NPC's to eat, as base game only has them eating bread animation)

1. Aetherspire - Staff, Aimed FF, induce freezing and ignite target on fire
2. The Message - Crossbow, Aimed FF, shots have a minor poison and chance to paralyze, also regular bolts split into 2. The Message Ammo - fires a tentacle wrapped bolt that dissipates upon contact.
3. The Sacred White Oak Bow - Bow, Aimed FF, enchanted bow that has unlimited ammo, equipping gives 200 arrows, reequip for more if needed. The arrows have a small fire explosion when used.

4. Ragnarok (note only acquired via spell) - 2 Hand Sword, unleashes energy blasts on power attacks.
5. Trinimac's Hammer (note only acquired via spell)  - 1 Hand Mace, enchanted with lightning effects, planned to add a call lightning storm like function but not done yet.

Thanks, and like I said this is definitely a work in progress and a little hobby for me. If you like it cool, if not let me know what you don't like about it as I said a lot of the stuff isn't polished yet and I'm still fine tuning for balance. That all said, even though I owe plenty in student loans, I don't want any donations or payments regarding my work. Additionally, I maintain intellectual property copyrights over the work contained therein any similarities to any work protected by another is unintentional nor malicious in nature, as are any similarities to any past, present, or future people, place, events, or things, or any other pronoun you can think of. If you're a modder and wondering how I did something feel free to ask, I like to learn as much as I can to add additional features and functionality, so I'm always willing to help share my small pool of knowledge, however I do have a life outside of playing video games so it might take me a while to respond, but unless the good lord sees fits to take me, I'll get back to you eventually.

Special thanks go out to the countless modders over the years that have helped me figure out various papyrus issues, the occasional drunken tutorial on nif and dds editing, and a lot of inspiration for attempting to figure out how some of you did some of the great things you've done to this game, and I suppose Bethesda as well, because without Morrowind and the original Construction Kit a lot of us older fossils wouldn't be here.