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83 fully animated feathered, dragon, bound, and fairy wings packed with configurable immersive effects, customizable controls, and optional integrated flight support! Now more than ever, your characters will FEEL like they have wings, not just look like it! All effects are 100% configurable. ESL flagged.

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"An absolutely breathtaking mod... [the] undeniable winner of today's list." - Sinitar Gaming, Skyrim - Top 10 incredible mods you probably didn't know about - EP 4

"One of the best synergies in Skyrim modding I've seen to date." - Heavy Burns, New animated wings and flying mod for Skyrim SE

"A very solid mod... wonderfully integrated." - SgtGimlinho, THESE Are Some Of The BEST Recent Skyrim MODS

"Awesome" "Fantastic" "Really well done" "Utterly amazing." "A fantastic mod" "I am loving every bit of it!" "A must have in my load order." "Truly excellent work" "I must bow to this masterpiece... this one is truly mindblowing" "Really awesome experience" "Your mod is amazing."  - Quotes from various mod users

Two-time hot mods winner - Nexus Mods.com


Animated Feathered Wings, Animated Dragon Wings, and Animated Fairy Wings have finally been united into a single mod packed with new immersive features, more wings, smart, customizable controls, and built-in Flying Mod support. No other mod will even come close to giving you the immersive look and feel of having a winged character.

Skyrim LE version available here.
Console version available here (has less features due to console restrictions).

What's new:
Version 1.3 brings 21 new wings, new features, and performance enhancements.
  • Seven new elemental wing types with two variants each. Each element type has an optional ancillary visual/audio effect. To see the full effects in action, watch the update demo video (above). It shows off the wings and effects much better than the images.
    -Bound Dragon Wings: You can conjure bound swords and atronachs, now you can conjure dragon wings. Ancillary effect: Standard conjuration portal effect.
    -Blood Wings: Wings of flowing blood for the master vampire or blood mage. Ancillary effect: A blood spray and heartbeat sound when unfurled along with a persistent blood spatter effect on the character.
    -Dark Wings: A dark miasma flows from your back, forming vague wing shapes. Ancillary effect: A foul, dark fog exudes out of you.
    -Flame Wings: Wings of pure fire for the master pyromancer. Ancillary effect: Tongues of flame lick up from your body and illuminate your surroundings.
    -Frost Wings: Wings of formed frost for the master cryomancer. Ancillary effect: Frigid vapors flow from your chilled exterior.
    -Light Wings: Wings of holy light for the divine warrior or cleric. Ancillary effect: Wisps of divine vapor trail behind you as the wings greatly illuminate your surroundings.
    -Shock Wings: Wings of pure lightning for the master of storms. Ancillary effect: Arcs of electricity flow around your body and cast a dim light on your surroundings.
  • Four new Chaurus Wings: Single, Double, Single Low, and Double Low. The low variants are identical to the others but are angled downwards for a more "at rest" look. Available under the fairy category.
  • Emperor's New Wings: An invisible set of "wings" that grants all wing gameplay effects without any audio and visual presence. Can be used as a patch to allow for use of wings or items from other mods while using the effects of Animated Wings Ultimate. (Note: acquire Emperor's New Wings after acquiring other wings.)
  • Animation improvements! Fairy wings now have a flying animation in exchange for a sprint animation. Dragon, bound, and feathered wings should now have less animation errors and recover much more easily in the event one occurs. The default "no sprint" animation set no longer contains the flying-sprint wing animation (You know, the one that looked so weird that several people reported it as a bug?).
  • Some small script tweaks to make Animated Wings Ultimate more likely to "play nice" with other mods that might touch the same game settings.

Mod Features:

  • 83 individual sets of wings across 8 distinct variants.
  • All wings are fully animated and behave appropriately when performing actions such as jumping, sneaking, swimming, and flying.
  • Multiple 100% configurable effects, allowing wings to range from being purely aesthetic to being delightfully overpowered, all adjustable in-game.
  • Customizable controls that allow you use all effects and functions of your wings without ever needing to open a menu or switch spells/powers. (Works with controllers, too!) This convincingly makes the wings feel like a part of your character, not just some spell or power you have.
  • Includes the much-requested ability to easily toggle wings on and off for both the player and NPCs.
  • Wings work on both the player and NPCs, any gender, and any race. NPC wings now actually persist until removed by the player. (This was a problem with previous versions.) Player wings are also now 100% permanent and will no longer be unintentionally removed by any in-game events.
  • Full Flying Mod integration with enhanced functionality and configurable controls, allowing for flight at the push of a button without having to open any menus! (Main versions only.)
  • Grant any NPC wings with the new "Endowment of Wings" spell.
  • Individual wing sizes can be easily adjusted to suit any taste or preference.
  • Includes optional animation files, allowing for certain animations to be enabled or disabled.

Wing Effects:

  • All of the effects are 100% configurable and can be turned up, down, or off if desired.
  • Jump height boost: Your wings propel you to greater heights. Default boost is just high enough to let you vault over standard-sized NPC's heads.
  • Fall damage reduction: Your wings slow your fall, reducing fall damage. Default is 0% fall damage. (Affects player only.)
  • Swim speed boost: Your wings propel you through the water with greater force. Default is 30% swim speed increase.
  • Gliding: Use your wings to glide short distances. Simply hold down the "Jump" button to glide and cross over previously un-traversable gaps.
  • Automatic beast form recovery: Wings are automatically removed when transforming into a Vampire Lord, Werewolf, or Werebear, and are automatically re-equipped when returning to your normal form. Works on NPCs, too!
  • Wings can be easily toggled on and off with three different options: a spell, a power, and a configurable shortcut button.
  • NPC wings can be easily toggled on and off with a spell or set to match the state of the player's wings automatically.

Flying Mod Integration (Main version only):

  • Ready to fly? Just do it! No more needing to open a menu or equip a spell. Simply set one of the two available flight shortcut buttons in the MCM menu and you're good to go. Just press the button and you'll begin and end flight on demand! Also includes multiple configurable controller-friendly control modifier options.
  • Want your companions to fly, too? Now it's easier than ever! Any current follower nearby with wings will start flying and follow you when you start flying. (This can be turned off, if desired.) When you stop flying, they stop flying, too!
  • Want even more NPCs to fly with you? Just grant them wings and tag them with the "Fly With Me" spell. If they are nearby when you start flying, they will join you in flight. This is also useful when playing with non-vanilla, mod-added followers, as the game might not recognize them as followers.
  • Smart camera functionality: Flying in first-person isn't nearly as enjoyable as it is in third-person. With this option enabled, the camera will automatically switch from first-person to third-person when you start flying and return to first-person when you stop flying. If you started flight in third person, you will remain in third person when you stop flying. It's so smart!
  • Automatic graceful landing: The Flying Mod doesn't include a landing animation, so on its own you just kind of come to an awkward stop when you stop flying. You could push the jump button at just the right time to make it look like you were coming in for a landing, but it doesn''t always work. With the automatic graceful landing option, you will now always perform a landing animation when you stop flying.
  • Automatic flight on equip (off by default): Puts you into flight mode as soon as you acquire or toggle on your wings. This is very useful if you only want wings for flight. With one button press, you can unfurl your wings and begin flight. When ready to stop flying, simply toggle your wings off and flying will automatically stop.
  • NPC fall damage protection: Temporarily disables NPC fall damage when you stop flying, preventing any flying followers from breaking their femurs and crawling around in agony because you stopped flying a few meters too high off the ground.

Flying Mod Rework:
This rework is disributed AS-IS. Please DO NOT start posting bugs or issues with the Flying Mod here. This is simply the result of my tinkering around with the Flying Mod scripts to see what I could improve. I have gotten to the point where I believe that any further effort would be better directed into making a completely new flying mod (which I plan to do if I can find the time). I will therefore not be actively supporting or improving this rework. However, I have made many improvements to the Flying Mod and kind of felt bad keeping these improvements all to myself. So, without further adieu, here is what this rework improves and changes:
  • Added full controller support. All features and functions (including directional movement animations) now work with controllers.
  • Completely reworked how the script functions, massively improving responsiveness and reducing the possibility of bugs and errors.
  • Unlocked the "combat stances" allowing for any normal combination of spells/weapons/shields to be used (still no staff or fist support).
  • Added support for bows and crossbows in flight combat. Note: The Flying Mod does not include animations for these, so I had to use melee animations. Also, the aim is off and enchantments do not work. But, it functions, which is better than nothing...
  • Reworked how spells work and added sound effects. They now function much more like vanilla spells.
  • Reworked how shouts work and added sound effects. They now function much more like vanilla shouts with a proper cooldown and only allow you to use words you know.
  • Changed how stamina and magicka drain works. It now drains a set amount rather than a percentage. When enabled, new/low-level characters should only be able to fly for about 30-60 seconds, whereas high-level playes should be able to fly for a few minutes, depending on stamina and magicka levels.
  • Edited the collisions to be less annoying when enabled. Collisions will also stay on now when enabled. There is no longer a difference between normal and hardcore collisions. When colliding, the camera will still freely move but your character will be colliding with the geometry while trying to catch up to the camera position.
  • Removed the annoying "Yay" message that pops up when companions stop flying.

Known issues/quirks unique to this rework:
  • Concentration spells only fire for short, seemingly random amounts of time and end up needing to be re-cast. I spent hours trying to figure out why but I could never fix this.
  • There is no dual-casting and you can only cast one spell at a time (you can charge two at a time, however).
  • Spell casting sounds are static; they do not change based on the spell being cast.
  • Shout voice and sounds are static; they do not change based on the shout. (Trivia: I chose the words "Grah Lok Viing" which means "Battle Sky Wing".)
  • Spamming the spell fire buttons can cause sounds to get stuck playing indefinitely. Be gentle and treat it like you would vanilla casting and you should be fine. If you do get a stuck sound, just quicksave and reload.
  • Switching spells sometimes auto-casts the last one you had equipped. I have no idea why.
  • Switching weapons and spells while your weapons are drawn is still kind of janky. Best practice is to select a spell or weapon before engaging in combat and stick with it.
  • This is not unique to this rework, but enabling collisions can cause your character to "jitter" and flight will nto be as smooth looking. Collisions can also temporarily affect your character's pose/posture, leading to looking like they have a broken neck or limb. (Kind of immersive, actually.)
Again, I am distributing this as-is. If for some reason this rework causes issues or you don't like my changes, then simply don't use it.

How to acquire wings:

Craft the "Rite of Wings" spell tome at a forge using 1 ruined book, 1 filled grand soul gem, 1 wisp wrapping, and 2 hawk feathers.
  • Read the tome to lean the spell. Cast the spell and a menu will appear, allowing you to choose a wing variant or to dispel your current wings. 
  • Feathered wings require 1 wisp wrapping and 2 hawk feathers. Dragon wings require 1 dragon bone and 2 dragon scales. Fairy wings require 1 glow dust and 2 butterfly wings. Bound wings require one filled grand soul gem and two elemental ingredients. Chaurus wings require one chaurus egg and two chaurus chitin. (These requirements can be disabled.)
  • Once you have successfully acquired wings, you will be granted a spell and a power, both called "Wings". Use them toggle your wings on and off.
  • You can cast Rite of Wings again to acquire a different set of wings or to fully dispel your wings.
  • Dispelling wings permanently removes them and the "Wings" toggle spells. This requires 1 canis root and 2 void salts. (This can be disabled.)

For NPCs, craft the "Endowment of Wings" spell tome at the forge using 1 ruined book, 1 filled grand soul gem, 1 wisp wrapping, and 2 hawk feathers.
  • Read the tome to learn the spell, then cast it on any NPC. It behaves exactly like Rite of Wings but targets NPCs.
  • After you first cast Endowment of Wings, you will learn three new spells: "Wings of Another", "Wing Synchronization", and "Fly With Me" (Main version only).
  • Wings of Another lets you toggle NPCs wings on and off.
  • Wing Synchronization makes tagged NPCs automatically conceal or unfurl their wings when you do. You can tag them again to disable this.
  • Fly With Me allows you to tag NPCs for flight. If they have wings and are near you when you start flying, they will join you in flight. You can tag them again to disable this.

Mutagens: The original way to acquire wings. Simply craft the desired wing type mutagen a any cooking pot and consume it to acquire that wing type. Note: The recipes for these are hidden by default because having 83 mutagen recipes in your recipes menu really cluttered things up. They can be easily re-enabled or hidden using the MCM menu.
  • Craft and consume a "Dispel Wings" potion to dispel wings.

Equippable Wings: This is a legacy feature ONLY.
Equippable wings do not behave as consistently as the other options and do not work properly with the automatic beast form recovery feature. The recipes for these are hidden by default and it is strongly recommended you use the other options. However, if you still want to use these, you can enable the recipes in the MCM menu and craft them at any forge.
  • Equip them to grant yourself the associated wing type or give them to an NPC to do the same for them.
  • Unequip them or remove them from an NPC to dispel the wings.
  • Note: NPCs may occasionally unequip the wings on their own. Due to the way NPC wing persistence is implemented, they will still retain their wings,   but removing the unequpped wings from their inventory will not dispel the wings from them. Again, using the other options is strongly recommended.


  • If upgrading from Animated Feathered Wings, Animated Dragon Wings, and/or Animated Fairy Wings, first create a clean save by curing/removing your wings and any on NPCs in the vicinity. Create a new save, close the game, uninstall AFW and/or ADW, restart the game, load the save you just created, and create a new save. You may now install Animated Wings Ultimate and load from your newest "clean" save.
  • (Main version only) Install Flying Mod and its update. Make sure you follow all instructions and run the FNIS or Nemesis Utility to update your animation behaviors.
  • (Optional, highly recommended) Install the Flying Mod Rework from the optional files section of this mod.
  • Install this mod with Vortex or your preferred mod manager, or copy the mod contents to your "Data" folder.
  • (Optional, recommended) Set custom controls in the MCM menu. None are required as none of the mod functions require a bound control, but it is highly recommended that you set a control for any function you wish to use (such as flight or toggling wings) as it will really help give the mod an immersive feel.
  • (Optional) If you do not plan to grant wings to NPCs, you may want to consider disabling the NPC scan options and NPC fall protection options in the MCM menu to save resources. While they are relatively lightweight and should not cause much script load, there is no point to running them if only the player character will be using wings.
  • (Optional) After installation, you can choose to customize wing sizes and animations. These must be done outside of the game. See relevant sections below if desired.


If updating from an older version, you MUST follow these instructions or YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS:

  • Load your current save and dispel your wings using Rite of Wings or a Dispel Wings potion. Dispel wings from any nearby NPCs (NPCs far away/not currently loaded shouldn't cause any problems). Once done, create a new save.
  • Close the game and uninstall Animated Wings Ultimate. You do not need to uninstall the Flying Mod.
  • Launch Skyrim and load the save you just created. Open the MCM menu every 10 seconds or so until you see that the entry for Animated Wings Ultimate has been removed. Create a new save again to make a "clean" save.
  • Close Skyrim and install the new version of Animated Wings Ultimate.
  • Launch Skyrim and load the "clean" save you just made. The MCM menu should show up after a minute or two. You will need to reset any of your settings you had changed from the default. You can now reacquire your wings and continue your game. (Tip: You can use console commands to get everything for free.)

If at any point you are having problems with the MCM menu, you can follow these instructions to reset it:
  • Open the console ("~") and type Help "AFW_ControllerQuest" 4 and press enter.
  • The console will return the matching quest entry with its questID. In the instructions below, enter this value wherever you see [questID].
  • Type stopquest [questID] and press enter.
  • Close the console ("~"), wait a second, and reopen it.
  • Type setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 and press enter.
  • Close the console again, wait a second, and reopen it again.
  • Type startquest [questID] and press enter.
  • Close the console. You should get a notification that an MCM menu has been updated in a few seconds.
  • Save your game so you don't have to do this again in case you get eaten by a dragon or something.

Known Incompatibilities:

360 Walk and Run Plus: (Minor, not game breaking) 360 swimming animations cause the wing swimming animations not to loop properly.

Customizing Wing Sizes:

You can easily adjust the size of each wing type to your liking with NifSkope and the following instructions.

  • If you don't already have it, download and install NifSkope. (It's free!)
  • Navigate to ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\Feathered wings or ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\[Anton] mods\Animated Dragon Wings or ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\[Anton] mods\Animated Fairy Wings.
  • Double-click on the .nif file that corresponds to the wing type you want to resize. It should open in NifSkope.
  • Locate the "Block List" window and expand the BSFadeNode block.
  • At the bottom of the list there is a NiNode block with a value of "Skeleton". Click on that one. (Fairy Wings only: you will need to expand the "Armature" NiNode to see the "Skeleton" NiNode.)
  • Once you've selected the "Skeleton" block, the "Block Details" window will display its details. Find the detail row labeled "Scale". (You may need to scroll down to see it).
  • Set the value to whatever you desire. 1.000 is 100% (default) scale. 1.25 will increase the size by 25%, 0.90 will reduce the scale by 10%, etc.
  • Click File -> Save As... and overwrite the file to save your changes. You're done!
Note: The Black and White Feathered Wings were adjusted to be 1.09, the Dragon Wings were adjusted to be 1.06 and the Fairy Wings were adjusted to be 1.25, so don't be confused if you see those values instead of 1.000 when you open the file for the first time.

Customizing Animations:

You have a few choices when it comes to animation options:
  • (Default Feathered and Dragon wings Option) NOSPRINT: The wing sprinting animation is disabled for both on foot and on a horse. This is the default option because a lot of users (including myself) found the sprinting animation to be awkward and unnatural looking.
  • ORIGINAL: The original, full wing animation behavior.
  • NOSNEAK: The wing sneak animation is disabled.
  • NOSPRINTNOSNEAK: Both the wing sprinting and sneak animations are disabled.
To switch to a different animation file, navigate to ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\[Anton] mods\Animated Dragon Wings or ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\[Anton] mods\Animated Fairy Wings\Behaviors and rename the file "AnimatedDragonWingsBehavior.hkx" to "AnimatedDragonWingsBehavior_NOSPRINT.hkx" (or "behavior00.hkx" to "behavior00.hkx_ORIGINAL" for fairy wings). Then simply remove the suffix from the desired alternate animation file. For example, if you wanted the original animations, you would rename "AnimatedDragonWingsBehavior_ORIGINAL.hkx" to "AnimatedDragonWingsBehavior.hkx".

NPC Wing Persistence:

Unfortunately, Skyrim does not support permanent magic effects on NPCs if they are added in-game. Whenever an NPC is unloaded/reloaded from memory, all magic effects, including wings, are removed. (If I am wrong, someone please tell me how!) To get around this, NPCs have hidden "Activator" items added to their inventory when they are granted wings. On first loading the mod, the player character is equipped with a hidden "scanner" cloak spell that periodically scans nearby NPCs. If a scanned NPC has an activator (indicating they should have wings) but doesn't have wings, they automatically have the wing toggle spell cast on them and their wings are refreshed. The scanner has two modes, both active by default:
  • Scan on load: Automatically scans all NPCs in a one-cell radius (configurable) around the player whenever a save is loaded or a new cell is loaded. This should suffice if you only grant wings to followers who follow you around. This option is less taxing on your system, but it won't work a lot of the time for regular NPCs since they'd have to be within your radius whenever one of the load events is triggered.
  • Periodic scans: Automatically scans all NPCs in a one-cell radius (configurable) around the player every 5 seconds (also configurable). This is the most reliable option and will guarantee that any NPC you've granted wings to will have them still when you see them, so long as you haven't configured the radius or interval too much the wrong way. The scripts that do this are all lightweight and shouldn't be an issue for most users, but periodically scanning all NPCs in a large radius can start adding up if you have a lot of other scripts and things going on at the same time. Consider reducing the radius or increasing the interval if you think this is causing too much load.
If you choose to disable automatic scanning and find an NPC that is supposed to have wings but doesn't, you can cast Wings of Another on him and the wings should re-appear.


  • The flight animations aren't working! You need to run the FNIS for Users utility (or Nemesis, if that's what you have) to update your animations. This is required for any mod that uses FNIS or Nemesis. If you still can't get it working, check the FNIS or Nemisis mod page for help and details to make sure you have it installed properly and are running it correctly.
  • I can't find the "Rite of Wings" at the forge and/or via console command! The recipe for Rite of Wings is available at any normal forge (where you craft weapons, armor, etc.) under the Miscellaneous category (where you would craft nails, hinges, etc.). If you don't see it there and/or can't look it up via console command, the mod isn't loaded. Close the game and check your load order. Make sure AnimatedWingsUltimate.esp is checked and, if you are using the main version, make sure AnimatedWingsUltimate.esp loads after P1FlyingRing.esp.
  • How do I change flight settings? It's not in the MCM menu! Buy or console command the "Flying Configuration" spell tome. It will give you a power that lets you change flight settings, such as stamina drain or enabling the beta collisions function. This isn't in the MCM menu because it's a part of the Flying Mod, not Animated Wings Ultimate.
  • Can I use this mod with the Humanoid Vampire Lords mod? Yes! Just use any of the craftable/equippable wings when setting your vampire lord outfit. You do not need to have the outdated Animated Dragon Wings and Animated Dragon Wing Rings mods installed.
  • Can this mod work with Nemisis/CGO? Animated Wings Ultimate does not have any special animation mod requirements so it should not have any issues. However, the Flying Mod does use FNIS and therefore has some incompatibilities that can be fixed. This is not something I have been able to test personally, but user NoGround got it working well by performing the following:
    1. Load up SSEEdit  2. Uncheck all mods  3. Check CGO  4. Check Animated Wings  5. Load up  6. Find the areas of conflict in CGO  7. Make sure that the P1FlyingRing.esp values match CGOs  8. Save
  • Why can I fly through everything? The Flying Mod uses a TCL command to let you fly. This means it disables your collisions. It's not perfect, but it works. If you simply fly like there are collisions (i.e. try to avoid running into stuff) it's not that noticeable. You can also try the Beta Collisions option in the "Flying Configuration" settings, but it's not totally reliable and turns off after every flight (I think).
  • Can you modify or change the Flying Mod? I do not own nor have I modified the Flying Mod. If you have any problems with it or find any bugs, report them on the Flying Mod page. You can still ask questions or discuss the Flying Mod here if you'd like but do not expect me to be able to fix any problems it may have.
  • Will you ever add new wing types? I'd like to, but textures and meshes aren't my thing. If anyone sends me a working texture and/or mesh, I'll gladly add it to the mod. It would be pretty cool to have more varieties, such as Quad Wings, Armored Wings, etc., but I'll take anything of sufficent quality.
  • Will you ever upload alternate wing sizes? No, I do not plan to for the following reasons: (1) NifSkope takes up less room on your hard drive than a pack of alternate meshes. (2) Using NifSkope to adjust wing sizes is easy (see "Customizing Wing Sizes" section) and allows each user to set any wing type to their exact preference. (3) Adjusting the size of all 83 wing types is very tedious and I don't really want to do it when there is a better option available.
  • The flying mod isn't working! If you have an issue with the Flying Mod not working, you most likely need to update SKSE64 and/or the Flying Mod. Whenever Skyrim is updated, you must update SKSE64 and the Flying Mod or it will not work.
  • I've encountered a physics error in game! What do I do? There is a built-in fail-safe in case you encounter a physics error, such as being stuck in low gravity or crazy movement speed. Just save and reload your game and the values should be reset back to normal.[/size][/font]

Known Issues:

  • Any action that edits game settings, such as Acquiring/Toggling wings, gliding, etc. often creates a small, invisible "ghost" collision item on your character's location. If you do something like toggling wings and notice your character is acting like they are hitting something when they try to jump, this is what has happened. Just move a few feet away and the problem will go away. This is a game engine issue that I cannot fix.
  • ENBs may cause the Bloody Dragon Wings to glow brightly.
  • Glide only works for a limited range because of game engine animation limits. Consider flying instead if you want to glide for a very long distance.
  • Mutagens and Equippable Wings do not have world models. If you drop them from your inventory, they will disappear (they can be safely stored in containers, though). This is a side effect of using the wing models as the item model so you can preview the wing appearance in menus.
  • Using the Fly With Me spell on hostile targets can lead to unwanted behavior and/or issues. It is not advised.
  • The "Yay" notification when companions exit flight is from the Flying Mod. I have disabled it in my Flying Mod Rework, available in the optional files.

Recommended Mods:

Better Jumping SE: An .esp-free SKSE64 plugin that allows for jumping while sprinting, double jumping, and more. Pairs very well with AWU's wing effects.
Open Cities Skyrim: Nothing says "wings" and "flight" like being able to fly right over city walls and landing on the jarl's doorstep.
Pretty Jump Animations: Replaces the goofy-looking vanilla jump animation with something more elegant that works much better with a winged character.
The Aasimar Race: Adds three angelic-looking playable races to the game that go very well with wings.
Belt-Fastened Quivers: Moves arrow quivers down to your belt so they don't look like they're in your wings.
Vigilant SE: Has nothing to do with this mod. It's just freakin' awesome so I recommend it to everyone. :)

Image Credits:

The Aasimar Race
Shanoa Armor
Pretty Jump Animations
Vigilant SE
Immersive Armors
Ashara SSE Dimonized Dress and Jewelery - UUNP - Male
Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim
Natural View Tamriel ENB
Female Outfits Standalone CBBE Bodyslide

My Other Mods:

Ordinator - Reduced Leveling Speed