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End-game dungeon adventure mod with 8 hours of unique and polished content.
This release streamline the convoluted story, fix abysmal English, remedy confusing and frustrating quests, and fix save bloating bugs.

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Here we go, another re-release. Figure we're over the dark red/blue aesthetics now so this time I use screenshots with brighter tones.
Screenshots and videos are captured with modified Mythical ENB.

Discord group: If you want to contact me or have some nice chat =w=


♦♦ Features ♦♦

Approximately 8 hours of playtime. Traverse unique dungeons and fight epic bosses with custom-made behaviors.

New high quality and powerful equipment, weapons, and spells.

A new hub location that you can access from anywhere, and at anytime.

Follower support throughout the mod.


♦♦ Quests requirement ♦♦

An end game character versed in arts of combat and stealth. The mod is very difficult.

Complete The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and reach level 50 for the main quest to begin.
(Global Variable: _MODFIRE_LevelToStartMQ)

Complete the former quest and reach level 60 for the bonus quest to begin.
(Global Variable: _MODFIRE_LevelToStartBonus)


♦♦ Installation ♦♦

Install this like every other mods. If you're on pre version 5, uninstall it and install this.
You can continue the mod without starting new game, but certain things won't work correctly (Summoned Notes won't appear in your inventory, no quest markers, etc.)


♦♦ List of quality of life improvements from version4 ♦♦

The loose files are compressed and packed in 2 BSA files now.

Add quest markers for most quests. (Obviously including the color capsules hunt)

More clues of where to proceed can be found throughout Nirn Monolith.

The entire platforming section is replaced with tilting bridges and a few much easier platforming challenges. The cavern area with pits can now be crossed by normal jumping.

You no longer require Whirlwind Sprint shout to complete the mod. The "Whirlwind Sprint" cavern area is replaced with a mini-boss battle. The "Whirlwind Sprint" chasm in Nirn Monolith now have proper pathway to the other side.

General damage and health balance for enemies.

Reduce spawns of Terminator and Predator considerably.

Fix meshes bugs and enemy AI script bloating bugs.

Improve visual effects of several area, going for a brighter and more saturated post processing effects. Exterior fog is tweaked and toned down.

Fix the cracking music glitch.