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Adds many new fish to the waters of Skyrim SE. Both smaller pond fish and bigger fish in the category with salmon.

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From the original mod author:                                                                              And other info here >>

There is a few things I want you to know about this mod. First thing being that I'm using this as a learning
experience. Second thing is that I am trying to make this mod as good as
possible for everyone. So feel free to have some input in the comments.
If I missed something vital within the mod after releasing the update,
don't be surprised. I have done it before. Oh and if there is anything
that's hard to understand in my Readme please feel free to tell me,
because if you don't understand it, that's not good. :)

The intentions of this mod are to enhance Skyrim's aquatic life. I have
added a total of 19 big fish. Big fish are the ones that will spawn with
The 19 big fish are as followed:

1. Amago
2. Amur Catfish
3. Ayu
4. Blue Gill
5. Bocaccio
6. Carp
7. Cherry Salmon
8. Charcoal Hikel
9. Dolly Varden
10. Flathead Mullet
11. Herabuna
12. Large Mouth Bass
13. Oriental Weatherfish
14. Rainbow Trout
15. Tanago
16. Three Spined Stickleback
17. White Spotted Char
18. Yellow Fin Goby
19. Tiger Trout

I have also added a substantial 33 pond fish! They all have separate
ingredients, which can be found within Fish Barrels, Apothecary
Satchels, Vendors, and more.
The 33 pond fish are as followed:

1. Split Fin Cail
2. Black Cap Gramma
3. Green Maggy
4. Blue Maggy
5. Blood Red Maggy
6. Golden Spotted Tarril
7. Sapphire Goplet
8. Striped Yellow Tapo
9. Bamel
10. Blended Bamel
11. Lavender Bamel
12. Tiger Bamel
13. Golden Back Flit
14. Striped Copper Tapo
15. Brown Diamond Yue Fish
16. Blue Tagger
17. Dirty Tagger
18. Yellow Tagger
19. Purple Tinted Bassier
20. Emerald Tinted Bassier
21. Speckled Mote
22. Blue Headed Foby
23. Plum Foby
24. Mint Foby
25. Pink Zig Zag Zuet
26. Imperial Yip
27. Alpha Pasteled Wend
28. Omega Pasteled Wend
29. Royal Blue Weas
30. Peacock Rail
31. Lime Weas
32. Dark Orchid Weas
33. Lilac Dersol


Blitz54 for the original mod.
DEC1MAT0R to show me how to modify the swap masters script for tes5edit to swap its dependencies to the unofficial special edition patch.
Thanks to Mr. Toru Miyazawa of the Toucan Corporation for the creation of the 3D models at the “Toucan Virtual Museum”.


-Possibly anything that changes ingredient level lists. This mod should be used with Wrye Bash to combine with the
Lvl lists of any other mod. Please and thank you. :)
-Any other mod that might edit salmon, pond fish, or the spawners. (Use a Bashed Patch or Mator Smash, or use both.)


-Dead fish do not spray blood when hit with a weapon. Not sure why at the moment.
-Swimming fish sometimes pop above water slightly.
-The odd time a player can find fish flying high in the sky. (Skyrim Bug! It's on Xbox360 too)
-Might be incompatible with some mods, since it edits Lvl lists. Just use Wrye Bash to patch them.
-Fish eyes have a stupid extra node that make them fall weird. (Used sabrecat eyes, might just make them from scratch soon)
-The dead fish models are not the EXACT same size as the animated ones. I
accidently worked off the wrong ones, and refuse to redo them all right
now. I have however made them very close to the same size, so you
probably won't notice at all.
-The dead fish seem a bit too shiny. Will fix that soon.
-Fish Barrels generally have too many fish, thus easy gold farming.


-You can kill any of the bigger fish OR pond fish in the water by using Fus Roh Dah! Handy if you want them to stop moving. :)
-To summon the Protective Slaughterfish properly, you must aim at the
bottom of a water source (bottom within 30 ft). If you cast it on land,
the slaughterfish will just stay there and not move.