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mobiusbelmont - 1337GamingNinja - DarShonDo

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This mod adds over 3,500 hand placed alchemy plants to Skyrim, in over 80 unique varieties.

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I've placed over 3000 rare and colorful alchemy plant variants in locations all across Skyrim.  There are now over 80 different plants featuring some from Morrowind.  Many of these herbs have properties that differ from the common strains and the plants from Morrowind are extremely potent.  Optimized the meshes and Changed to Form 44 for Skyrim SE and ported by me.

Install using Mod Manager of choice.  I use and recommend MO2.Install only ONE MAIN FILE.

Available Patches in MISC section
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE
Honeystrand Meadery - SSE (Fixed)

Load before any water mods.

DEACTIVATE this mod before running DynDOLOD or SSELODGen.

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SSE Nif Optimizer
Creation Kit for Skyrim SE

By the Creator mobiusbelmont
Thank you for giving me permission to port this mod.
Go check out and ENDORSE the original Mod For Skyrim LE.

My Permission.

A BIG THANK YOU to 1337GamingNinja for making some CACO Patches. Go give him some KUDOS for his hard work.  Also, if you want the plants in this mod to be more 3D and more compatible with Mathy's 3D Skyrim Trees and Plants, check out 3D Technicolor Alchemy by 1337GamingNinja

Full credit goes to the great mobiusbelmont for creating this amazing mod and giving me permission to port this to Skyrim Special Edition.
Full Credit and Big Thanks goes to 1337GamingNinja for the patches he has and is providing for this mod.

Credits / Resources Used: 
- The colorful Skyrim plants in the mod were created with mentha's modders resource called more colorful alchemy plants
- The Golden Kanet, Stoneflower, Marshmerrow, Willowflower, Saltrice, and Mucksponge were created using Phitt's Sheogorad Resource.
- Wolfsbane, Violet Coprinus, Luminus Russula, Red Lichen, Black Lichen, Bungler's Bane, Hyper Facia, Fire Petal, and Belladonna were created by Ionis and featured in the OUTSTANDING mod Solstheim The Lost Levels by Thingy Person
- Version 3 combines this mod with Special Flora of Tamriel by Link815.
- MANY THANKS to Sthaagg for the CACO and Wiseman's flora patch *(version 2).