Skyrim Special Edition

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Adds hundreds of new recipes and items to Hunterborn's Scrimshaw feature.

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An add-on for Hunterborn that expands the variety and usefulness of the Scrimshaw feature.  Compatible with Hunterborn v1.5.

Also available for Original Skyrim
Now available for XBox One (thanks Tarshana!)

So you love the Hunterborn mod and rarely play Skyrim without it. But:

- Do you ever wonder what to do with those extra teeth, claws, and bones that you keep finding?
- Do you need weapons and armor, but hate mining and smelting ingots just to stay versatile?
- Do you want to pimp out your Dragonborn with antlers, bones, skulls, and other natural-looking swag?
- Do you want to make cooler toys to give to your children?
- Do you want to make a magic staff, but you don't want to travel all the way to Solstheim to do it?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, I would like to invite you to see what Scrimshaw Expanded has to offer.  This low-impact mod adds a variety of useful items and rudimentary weapons to Hunterborn that will help you make better use of the resources you find, and help your hunter-oriented character stay safe and stylish in the wilderness of Skyrim.

This mod adds new recipes to the Scrimshaw ability of Hunterborn, allowing you to craft unique helmets, shields, weapons, jewelry, ingredients, and other custom items for your character.  Many of these items are brand-new, too, stuff that can't be found anywhere else in Skyrim...stuff like ivory swords, Bosmer headdresses, bomemold weapons, Nordic wands, chitin weapons, and shaman staffs, all designed by some of the best mesh and texture modders on the Nexus.  This mod was written for players who favor a more rural, primitive, outdoorsy, or nature-fantasy style of play, but don't want to sacrifice variety.

In all, this mod adds 31 complete sets of armor (complete with helmets, shields, boots, and gauntlets), 168 new weapons, 50 new staffs, 10 wands, 40 new shields, 48 new helmets (beast race compatible), 25 new alchemy ingredients, 28 new jewelry items, 6 new headdresses, and 28 miscellaneous items. Check out the Images page for some screenshots.

This mod does not allow you to craft everything but the kitchen sink with the Scrimshaw ability.  It does not let you craft clothing, tents, backpacks, books, food, or anything else that isn't predominantly made of antler, bone, chitin, ivory, or wood.  While I took a lot of creative license here (swords made from mammoth tusks?  I know, I know...), I did my best to be as lore-friendly and immersive as possible.  

And this mod is not a replacement for the Smithing skill.  The weapons and armor that you create with Scrimshaw cannot be improved at a grindstone or workbench, and you do not gain Smithing experience for using Scrimshaw.   In creating this expansion, I tried to stay as true to Hunterborn's original concept as possible:  you can use it to create hunting gear and survive in the wild, but you will need to go on quests and build your Smithing skill up if you want to do more than just survive.

This mod is not a cheat mod, either.  You can create new and interesting items in the game, but nothing that you make with Scrimshaw will be more powerful or easier to obtain than anything else in the game.  You might be able to make enough money to buy yourself some food and maybe a room at an inn, but it won't make you filthy rich or let you spam low-quality items for fast profit.

Skyrim Special Edition

Scrimshaw Expanded will NOT be released to any console formats, nor will it be posted to in any format.  This mod contains custom assets that were created by other modders, and permission was granted to distribute them only on the Nexus.  If you see this mod available for download anywhere else, please report it.

TL;DR:  I do not have permission to export this mod to Xbox or PlayStation.  Thank you for understanding, and for respecting the community.

This mod is compatible with the newest version of Hunterborn SE.   Scrimshaw Expanded mod will overwrite some of the new textures for the hunting knives, and my mammoth hide armor doesn't use Fur Plate like the other armor recipes do, but these are the only issues I have found.  

This mod does not add or modify scripts, so it should be compatible with any mod that is compatible with Hunterborn.  Exceptions are always a possibility, however, and if you find a mod that might not be compatible with this one, please let me know and I'll list them below.

When the new version of Hunterborn is released, I will rebuild this mod to get more use from its new Hunter skill tree. 

I could not have made this mod without help from some of the best texture and mesh modders on the Nexus.  If you endorse this mod, please consider endorsing the mods listed below as well.  I couldn't have done it without them.

This mod may not be distributed anywhere without my permission and the permission of each and every one of the contributors who helped me create it.  You may not use any of the resources contained in it.  If you would like to issue a translated version of this mod, please contact me by private message first.  I'm sorry to be such a hard-ass about it, but this stuff really isn't mine to give away.  Don't be a douche.

This mod cannot run without Hunterborn.  If you haven't yet endorsed Unuroboros's fantastic mod, you should do so immediately.  It is one of the finest mods on the Nexus.  Seriously, go give it some love.
The ivory weapon and shield textures, the Nordic wands, tribal staff, skull helmets, and bone shields were all created by Ghoshu, and are used with permission.

The headdresses were part of the amazing "TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses" mod, by Nightshade, and are used with permission.

The Sabercat Fang Helmet came from the "Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw" mod, created by PrivateEye and is used with permission.

The Spriggan Mask came from the "Spriggan Mask" mod, created by MyFirstPony and is used with permission.

The bonemold and chitin weapons and armor came from the "Morrowind Armory" mod, created by Gendundrup, Ashkingwulfharth, and Adventfather, and is used with permission.

The Spriggan staff model and texture came from the "Lifesong" mod, created by LittleBaron and is used with permission.

The mammoth hide armor textures came from the "Giants CLoth Armor" mod, created by testiger2 and is used with permission.

The spiked club came from the "Spiked Club" mod by BadGremlin, and is used with permission.

The various statues and figurines came from the many fine mods of Jokerine, and are used with permission.

The bone and stone daggers came from the "Bone Dagger Collection" mod, created by tarll and are used with permission.

The fox figurine came from the "KORs Fox Figurine" mod by Kewin568, and is used with permission.

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