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A new land called Vominheim roughly the size of Solstheim. Features dozens of new locations to discover and explore.

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Land of Vominheim
by: venjhammet

Lore Story:
Thousands of years ago there was a powerful necromancer named Vuldur who ruled over Vominheim with force and intimidation. People of the land dare not go against him until one day a young Nord prince named Valdgar stood up and wage war against them. The young prince, gifted with the way of the voice and with his army stormed Vuldur's temple and defeated the Disciples of Vuldur. A grand battle ensued between the dark-elven lord master and the young Nord prince. Eventually the young prince Valdgar managed to wound Vuldur. Facing imminent defeat, the dark lord Vuldur fled to Desolate Veil, and finally, the land was freed from the tyranny of the cultist group and their former master.

Explore Vominheim and discover the many mysterious locations it has to offer. Defeat powerful enemies and collect unique armor sets and weapons as you journey into this unforgiving land.

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To start your journey head north of Dawnstar and find Northfolk Docks.

Important Note:
-this is now obsolete, a new version is now available with a questline here

-added roads and more locations
-more dungeons to discover