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Will you be worthy for the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal? We'll see!

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(The trailer is a bit old, many stuffs are changed after the time of release)


For a long time no one claimed the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. The last one was the Champion of Cyrodiil at the ending days of the Third Era. But what happened after the Oblivion Crisis? Where is the Gray Cowl now? You're a thief and during stealing and pickpocketing items around the world, a vision appears in front of you. The Gray Cowl is calling. The big journey has started... Where will you go now? Many places are awaiting you. Legendary places, mysterious places, ancient places that needs to be cleaned up from the sands of time. The Gray Cowl wants you.


The first rule of a good player of modded games is: Make a new save game before installing a new mod. Do it or blame yourself if something went broke.
This mod has something of "to assume" that must be considered during the gameplay. The first and important one is: Dismiss all your followers, because some places are designed for the player only. I've not scripted anything about automatic follower dismission, because many of you uses a modded follower system. I strongly recommend to dismiss them, because you can have unexpected glitches like disappearing followers, re-appearing and maybe forever disappearing. By the way, in the middle of the journey, you'll realize that there is a way to recruit again your followers. My suggestion is to do first, the main quest, alone. All the other misc quests, can be done with followers, if you want.
Another "to assume" thing, is that you already know that you're the Dragonborn. I've not added any start condition to the quest trigger, because many of you don't play the main quest of Skyrim.


I recommend you to be at least level 15 (Level 10 is the minimum required to trigger the quest. Level 30-35 is perfect to play), and also to have good skill points and perks for sneaking (most important) and pickpocketing (this, can be "tweaked" during gameplay, if you have a good eye). Some bosses are tough, especially those who are related to side quests. My mod can be finished with a barbarian class too, if you want, but thieves/assassins will be fully satisfied at this mod.


It's big enough, you can consider this mod as a DLC-sized one. Gameplay time will be between 8-10 and more hours, depending on your class, style of gameplay, etc. Again, i must say, the thieves/assassins will fully enjoy this mod. There are some famous places to visit, two lands, including an island in Coldharbour realm, and a hidden and isolated area of Hammerfell.


You really need to know how to start? Really? Ok... Just steal or pickpocket any item.


That's a good question. I'll say YES and NO. As many of you already know, the Champion of Cyrodiil, during the game of Oblivion, became Sheogorath. The original ending scene of this mod, was planned in a different way, to match the Lore. But i had to change it, all, due to i have been waiting for nothing, during almost two months, because the voice actor guy, that was supposed to be Sheogorath, didn't send me the voice files. I was really bored, so the ending will be a bit odd for "lore purists". In short: I'm assuming that you have to NOT consider the Shivering Isles DLC of Oblivion. Maybe, one day, i will release a "Director's Cut Edition" of this mod, but don't ask for any ETA neither for any possible further release of it. I'm really sorry (and i feel sad also). Despite of all these things, let's enjoy the mod!
From v2.0 and SE the mod is finally Lore-Friendly. You have to play the mod 'till the end and you'll see yourself.


This mod contains many, many, many new assets like new meshes, new sounds, new textures and new voices. You'll see new dungeons, new houses and new landscapes. All of these 3D assets are made by myself, except for a few things that i will credit to the authors, in the next lines below.
This mod is released as ESM. I will appreciate (and i wish too) that other modders, would want to mod my mod, by adding new stuff, like new dungeons, new quests, etc.
The load order is not really important, just put it after your last Official DLC (after Dragonborn, for example), and the Unofficial Patches (not so necessary).
This mod does NOT require any Official DLC, SKSE, SkyUI, neither any other. Although is compatible with them. Just needs an updated version of Skyrim Special Edition.


UNSUPPORTED. This mod is too big to be uninstalled without issues. You must begin a new gameplay without this mod if you want.


This mod should be compatible with everything, except with mods that edits the same cells at the Skyrim worldspace.
Please don't make the classic question "Is this mod compatible with... ?". Check the compatibility with your favourite mods by yourself. If some of your preferred mods requires patches, then ask to the authors of this mods. I'll not make any patches for any other mods.




As far as we've tested, my mod doesn't contains any sort of issues except for:
- Sometimes in Coldharbour you will have black portion on the screen. Solution: Just save and reload
- You will see the initial visual effect everytime you reload. This needs investigation and maybe I'll release a hot-fix.
- A hot-fix is available for who is getting CTD when you equip Eagle Eagle and/or Alliance of Ancestral Cheetah. Please install this file too!

Also, everything is *new*, including light templates and image spaces. This includes new climates and weathers too. Some dungeons are intentionally dark to see, especially one of them, that is in a "pitch-black" illumination. If you have any ENB configuration that makes darker the interior cells, then, it will cause your screen turns to black, and you won't see anything. Just disable your ENB temporarily, if this happens. Also, some interior cells have the skybox enabled and, again, some ENB configurations will make the visuals looks too dark, so disable ENB once more.


All the persons below written, were really precious for my mod:

- Antstubell
He was (is) my "English Teacher". He solved all the typos and suggested some grammar improvements. Thank you very much.

A fantastic guy, who followed me in all the mod developement, by spotting bugs, betatesting, fixing english words and phrases, and offering his voice for an NPC used in the main quest. Also he has translated my mod to Spanish. If you need a meticulous betatester, a voice for your mod, and/or a translator to Spanish, then Franky is the best choice!

- Shinji72
Another fantastic guy, which is Italian, like me. He's a Youtube Videomaker, he made the trailers for my mod. He's also another voice for an NPC of the main quest. If you need a good video review of your mod, then Shinji72 is the right choice.

- Purgey
The voice of the madgod Sheogorath. This guy is a very talented voice actor.
Nexus profile:

- Francesca Guidi
The voice of Seviana Umbranox. A fantastic woman with a talented English "speechcraft".

- tx12001
I must say "thank you" to this guy for helping me about the Lore.

- The Voice Acting Power Squad
A fantastic team of voice actors. They gave me the voices of:
Molag Bal: by @elijahlucian
Lady Syloria: by @kaelajo
Gordon: by @ithechad

- Grensir
An awesome music maker. I've used many of his soundtracks under permission, and you'll listen them, in almost all the places that you'll visit in my mod.

- Scott Buckley
For granting me permissions to use his awesome soundtracks under CC by 4.0 license (Additional Music).

- Some textures used in mod are downloaded from
From the license page. Mandatory line to be added here:
"One or more textures on 3D models have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default (*), please visit for more information."
* To avoid misleading, this means that you cannot get texture files directly from my mod and then use for your purposes. You have to download them from for free.

- Oaristys and Tony67
For the outstanding modder resouce pack (used some of their assets)

- Tamira for the following resources (used some of his assets):
New Plants resource pack:
Stroti's resource pack:
Stroti's Cactus Resource:

- Edhildil for his camel meshes:

- ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran
For the must-have tool for modders TES5Edit

- www182
For the 3DS MAX NIF Plugin

- Nifskope team
For their must-have tool

- skyfox
For his NifUtilsSuite tool


- To all my friends at Bethesda Softworks Creation Kit Forums:
- To all my friends at Dark Creations for their support and made me to be a member of Beyond Skyrim project.
- To all my followers at my Facebook Page, who believed in me and in this mod:
- To Bethesda for making Skyrim and Creation Kit.


This mod is a Nexus exclusive only. Please DO NOT UPLOAD THIS MOD IN OTHER PLACES. Please, accomplish my wishes, thank you very much in advance. Translators are welcome. Make your preferred translation of my mod, and publish it on the Nexus, adding a link to my mod page. Permissions for use my assets are granted, just add credits to me and add a link to this page.