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Thirty Two (32) dungeons and caves added to Skyrim and Solstheim to discover and explore plus a new world space called Desolate Veil, realm of Lord Vuldur

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H A M M E T ‘ S   D U N G E O N   P A C K S
by: venjhammet
Featuring a total of thirty two (32) dungeons and caves added to Skyrim and Solstheim and a new world space called Desolate Veil to discover and explore. These dungeons are radiant quest enabled and only uses vanilla asset of the game. This mod is now Standalone and doesn't require Land of Vominheim anymore. The Portal from Desolate Veil to Vominheim was also removed but there is a patch link below if you want them link again.

Portal Travel Between Desolate Veil and Vominheim:

Things to expect on these dungeons:

1. It's highly recommended to bring multiple followers because some are designed to be quite challenging.
2. Some dungeons are puzzle driven and requires in depth exploration
3. Expect areas to be as dark, confusing, large and scary, yet immersive
4. Has unique weapons and armors enchantment and new spells
5. All dungeons are designed meticulously detailed and fully navmeshed
6. The usage of vanilla assets makes my dungeon compatible to texture mods, npc leveling and other gameplay alteration mods out there. Except for location conflict on other dungeon mods
7. My mod shall and will remain "Nexusmods exclusive". Please stop asking for Port permission and to upload it to other site
8. This mod comes with two (2) followers to accompany you on your journey.
   a. Venj - a male dark elf assassin whom you can find at Rheogur's Tower or he sometimes visits Raven Rock.
   b. Arani - a female nord necromancer whom you can find at the Silver Blood Inn, Markarth
9. Now available for Anniversary Edition with the latest patch

This mod is compatible with the following mods:

Forgotten Dungeons
Skyrim Underground
EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
Immersive Dungeons
The Unfinished Business - Dungeon Pack

The following list below are the dungeons and caves location on Skyrim and Solstheim:


Northfolk Docks – a small dock located northeastern part of Dawnstar. From here you can boat travel to Vominheim. Get the mod here:
Bellowing Pit - far east of Whiterun lies a hollowing dark misty cave waiting to be discovered by an adventurer.

The Shroud of Lochgar- venture on the far east of Falkreath (East of Bloodlet Throne) and discover an old abandoned crypt where the Tomb of Lochgar lies buried. Dive into the waterfall and retrieve a powerful relic.

Konahl's Burrow - there on the southeast of Windhelm lies an old abandon temple which is now home of the great bandit leader Admur. But this old temple has a secret which only you will be able to unlock it.

Bereshal Grove - at the far west of Shor's Stone lies an old misty cave with a mysterious old ruin hidden behind the raging waterfalls. Bandits have taken refuge here and are just waiting for their leader to arrive. Get there first before they retrieve that an old powerful relic that has been buried for centuries.

Hilleye Cabin - an old abandoned and dilapidated cabin located at southeast of Dragonbridge holds a mysterious and dark secret. Beware necromancers resides in that place.

Ulfgrim's Vault - An old dark crypt found at the far west of Solitude (Near west of Volskygge). This ruin holds a secret weapon buried beneath. Are you brave enough to retrieve it?

Fangmere Cave - On the far north east of Markarth lies a dark misty troll cave with a hidden tomb buried beneath. Treasures and exploration awaits to fellow travelers.

Bashskull Retreat - a small mining cave where a group of bandits resides and unknowingly a powerful relic was hidden beneath this old cave. The cave can be found north east of Riften.

Vulhule - An ancient ruin located at the south west of Helgen. A dark cave with a dark secret. They say a powerful relic was buried here. A few dared to venture its ruin but never return.
Steep Chill Mine - A small group of bandit has found a secret tomb buried within an old mining cave north east of Markarth. Head over there and see what they have found.

Gierhall Barrow - on the far south of Morthal lies an ancient tomb where a powerful nord warrior was buried. Seek his tomb and claim the relic weapon he once wielded.

Fahl Mzund - A powerful weapon hidden away in an ancient dwemer ruin southeast of Dawnstar is yours to claim if you dare to venture its depths and face the automatons that guards it.

Shadowgrim Burrow - A small group of treasure hunters made camp on an old nordic ruin southeast of Ivarstead in search for treasures. Little did they know that this decrepit crypt was cursed. Folk say they saw dark entities wandering about within this mysterious ruin. You are dragonborn and such things doesn't fear you. Head there and find out the fate of those men.

Gloomfall Refuge - a mysterious group of warlock headed by a vicious leader has taken over an abandon imperial prison tower at the far south of Rorikstead (Tower location southeast of Lost Valley Redoubt). Beneath that tower they have uncovered a hidden tomb of a powerful necromancer. It’s only a matter of time that they will unlock it and claim its mighty weapon. It is up to you to get there and stop their devious plan before it’s too late.

Darkmire Crypt - A dark and mysterious cave with a dark secret. The crypt lies west of Bloodlet Throne. Hidden within this catacomb was the Tomb of Ingulfrid who was once a powerful dark mage queen who now lies buried and locked away for centuries. Only the most powerful warrior will dare to venture this forbidden tomb and claim its prize or his life.

White Frigid Cave - A group of bandit has ventured into the Tomb of Hokimir to retrieve a powerful weapon. You must journey to southwest of Kagrenzel where the tomb lies at the depths of the frigid cave before they'll get it first.

Frostgrim Hollow - A frozen cave south of Stendarr's Beacon lies a secret passage to the tomb of a powerful warrior. Venture it’s depths and discover it’s hidden tomb.

Silent Veil - venture into the depths of the nordic ruin east of Fort Neugrad and claim a powerful relic of Lord Valdgar.

Direfang Cave - A mysterious weapon hidden beneath the forgotten temple that awaits the brave to claim its power. Travel west of Valthume and journey into the catacombs and face your fear.

Cold Fear Cavern - Travel south of Avanchnzel and discover what lies beneath this dark misty cave. Battle your way to reach the Temple of Vuldur, one of the most powerful dragon priest of Vominheim and reclaim the lost relic armor that he holds.
Desolate Crypt - A burial tomb east of Twilight Sepulcher. Are you brave enough to explore its dark tunnels? Bring a lot of torches.

Verdant Vile Grotto - A mysterious cave just south of Falkreath. Discover the hidden Temple and claim the Relic of the Wraith King.

Silver Yol- a Nordic ruin just north east of Ivarstead. Conquer the dungeon and destroy the powerful enemies that lurks the depths and wield the weapon hidden beneath the catacombs.

Twin Sonaak - a Nordic ruin just northwest of Knifepoint Ridge. Defeat the enigmatic twin brothers and wield their power against your enemies.

Vasik's Tomb - A Nordic dungeon West of Solitude. Enemies and traps await you as you descend to face the fallen warriors of the dragon priest Lord Vasik himself. He has the power to drain your life, to defeat him you're going to have to use your wit.
Anchazgar- an ancient Dwemer ruin located at the northern part of Solstheim. Located North-West of Skaal Village. Discover the secret of the Dwemer Ruin and claim what it holds. Tread carefully for it is now occupied by a group of marauders headed by a vicious leader.

Bonemist Crypt- An ancient ruin that holds a powerful amulet waiting for any brave adventurer to claim its power. This crypt is found North of Raven Rock in Solstheim.

Creshaw Hollow - A ruin crypt near Skaal Village, east of Solstheim. This old crypt once hold a gateway to Vominheim used before by Lord Valdgar during his siege on the Temple of Vuldur but now it lies in shamble.

Dreadmere Crypt- On the far Southwest of White Ridge Barrow in Solstheim lies a nordic ruin where brave men wager for treasure hunt and never come back. It is said an ancient evil slumber among the darkest depths of the catacomb. Peril or not yet treasure hunters would still explore the ruin seeking fortune. Head in and experience the fate of the treasure hunters.

Rheogur's Tower - Far away on the eastern side of Solstheim stands an old tower called were the tomb of Lord Rheogur lies buried.
Sirkgar's Rest- A small crypt west of Skaal Village has been occupied by bandits in search for the weapon called "Raedsel" (Danish word for horror/terror). Venture the crypt and claim that weapon before they do.
Changelog notes:

Changelog v2.03
-just an updated vuldur.bsa file for both esm and esp
-combined one (1) vuldur.bsa which can be used either for esp or esm version

Changelog v2.02:
-this is now a standalone mod and Land of Vominheim is no longer required
-it is not compatible with older version of the mod
-it has a different file name so it will be more distinguishable from the older mod
-comes with ESP or ESM file

Changelog: v2.01
-just an update for the BSA file only. The esp file is still the very same v2.0. The new BSA comes with the new LOD Setting of the added islands on Vominheim. Although this file has already been uploaded together with Land of Vominheim v1.06. But nevertheless it would be appropriate to have it here anyways so that others will find it much easier.

Changelog: v2.0
-changes made on lore stories on each notes and journals found on dungeons
-changes on the Temple of Vuldur locations
-Vominheim now has a separate esp
Changelog: v1.99
-fixed on an armor set award that should be tempered only not as recipe
-fixed on a weapon award that should be tempered only not as recipe
-fixed all mining ore that were not minable
-fixed all waves directional movement with the water current on Vominheim
-added a new player home cave on Vominheim
-added an ambient sound while exploring Vominheim
Changelog: v1.98
-Two (2) new dungeons added
-some minor/upgrade change on the armor and weapons being used by my followers
Changelog: v1.97
-a new cave Gladefall Grove is added on the northern part of Vominheim
-a merchant is added on Whiteshore Camp
Changelog: v1.96
-A new added dock located northeast of Dawnstar; Northfolk Docks for boat travel to Vominheim
-Frostfang isle has been expanded and added a few new location
-Whiteshore Camp is now a large camp with added docks for travel to Skyrim
-West Bay Portal is now a lighthouse
-some minor enhancement on few of the old dungeons
Changelog: v1.95
-fixed the swap chest key on Willowgrim
-fixed the broken navmesh on Desolate Crypt
-fixed/rename the Boss key on Desolate Crypt and it's function
-added a new dungeon Bellowing Pit (Skyrim)
-added a new spider lair Blightrock Cave on Vominheim
Changelog: v1.94
-added a new land Fallvern Isle west of Vominheim
-slight changes on the landscape near Willowgrim
-boat travel between island are now available. No fast travel to Skyrim or Solstheim yet
Changelog: v1.93
-world map for Vominheim is now fix
-new abandon mine added on the land of Vominheim
-Willowgrim has a few small mushroom trees surrounding it.
Changelog: v1.92
-fixed/rebuilt that broken cell on Vuldur's Temple causing the dragons not to attack the player
-added some grass and vegetation on Temple of Vuldur
-Some cell enhancement on Silveryol and Twin Sonaak
-added a new cell extension on Norvakhor and now has a cave exit along the shoreline
Changelog: v1.91
-fixed/changed the door at Khel Daral last cell
-fixed floating trees near the entrance of Stormtooth Cave
-added a new secret room to Coldspire Den
Changelog: v1.90
-Vominheim is expanded adding new locations and dungeons to explore
Changelog: v1.89
-a new dungeon is added on the Land of Vominheim(Temple of Vuldur Location)
Changelog: v1.88
-a new dungeon Lochgar's Tomb has been added.
-moved Konahl's Burrow location a bit further up.
Changelog: v1.872
-just a reupload of v1.871 and re-clean with TESedit. Some are reporting error on LOOT on which it doesn't show on my part.
Changelog: v1.871
-removed the old map marker of Darkmire Crypt at the old location which I somehow forgot to delete.
Changelog: v1.87
-removed the key requirement to unlock the door in the Boss room on Desolate Crypt.
-Vomindok is rename to Vominheim.
-some enhancement on the land of Vominheim (Temple of Vuldur).
-Portal to Temple of Vuldur is replace with a better portal.
-Vuldur is rename to Lord Vuldur and has additional enemy support (No longer alone).
-Darkmire Crypt is relocated to it's origin allocation. (It will now again conflict with Forfeoranna Heim -Sorry but I love
that location).
-Fahl Mzund is relocated a bit eastward from it's present location to avoid conflict with Helarchen Creek.
Changelog: v1.86
-added a new dungeon Ulfgrim's Vault
-change Fangmist Cave to Fangmere Cave (previous name annoyed me)
Changelog v1.85
-fix the door linking on those pull chain that won't open on Desolate Crypt - Desolate Sanctum
Changelog v1.84
-Darkmire Crypt is relocated East of Bloodlet Throne because of location conflict with Forfeoranna Heim.
Changelog v1.83
-Steep Chill Mine is relocated far North East of Markarth due to mod location conflict w/ Jurgholm.
-a new dungeon added Fangmist Cave.
Changelog v1.82
-Desolate Crypt relocated due to conflict location with Coldstone Mine of Interesting NPC mod.
-ambushed fix on Vulhule where the player gets the weapon reward.
-fix and remove that floating bow and arrow on Bashskull Retreat.
-some minor room additions and enhancement on some of the dungeons.
-navmesh fix on all external entrances of the dungeons.
Changelog v1.81
-added a new cave Bashskull Retreat
-level list and stats of enemies are now on default/no more custom leveling, this will give way to other leveling mods to
be more compatible, except for a few bosses which still have their own unique
-few ambushes fix/revamp on Silveryol, Vasik&Sonaak.
-passage to the claw for Vasik's Tomb is now visible.
-reward weapon stats for Vulhule and Steep Chill Mine has been enhance a bit.
Changelog: v1.80
-added a new dungeon Vulhule (Dark Cave)
-(*)asterisk remove because it breaks immersion
-Steep Chill Mine is revamp due to not lore-friendly.Same content as before but with new cells
Changelog: v1.70
-added new dungeon Gierhall Barrow
-all names now bears an asterisk symbol (*) to indicate my dungeon
-all dungeon requires atleast level 40 and above
Changelog: v1.60
-added two (2) new dungeons
Changelog: v1.50
-Following issues fixed on Frostgrim Hollow (Chasm Area):
-poison dart that fires indefinitely
-gate closes and cannot be open by the book pedestal.Added a pullchain on the other side
-added a stairway/path on the right side.
-giant slaughterfish health reduced 75%
-Some minor tone down of health and stats on npc,weapons and armors on Anchazgar, Shadowgrim Hollow and Dreadmere Crypt
Changelog: v1.40
-fixed the pullchain position on Frostgrim Hollow were it was hard to activate
-fixed some embers and candles position on Frostgrim Hollow
-some minor additions on Sirkgar's Rest cells
-minor adjustment on enchantments on shadowgrim armor set
-some minor additions on Anchazgar's cells
-water script fix is no longer applied since it will be overridden if you're using any water mod
Changelog: v1.30
-added a new dungeon called Shadowgrim Burrow
-added bedrolls on all of my dungeons in connection with the Survival Mode
Changelog: v1.20
-added new cell to Sirkgar's Rest (dungeon was too short)
Changelog: v1.19
-new dungeon added called Sirkgar's Rest
Changelog: v1.18
-new dungeon Gloomfall Refuge added
-improvement and enhancement on old dungeons like silveryol, sonaak and silent veil.
-remove the tga files in the bsa not necessary
-waterfix for this special edition
Changelog: v1.172
-forget to run check for errors on TES5Edit.
Changelog: v1.171
-just a minor update re-clean with SSEEdit
Changelog: v1.17
-fixed issue on Silveryol were draugr boss(Norok)would get up early before opening the gate.
-fixed an issue on a vampire quest were Dreadmere Crypt was accidentally labeled near Solitude that is why it got picked instead
of Pinemoon Cave.
-light enhancement and cell improvement on all dungeons, especially on Desolate Crypt and Silent Veil.
Changelog: v1.16
-fixed Dreadmere boss wrong combat AI Data
-fixed Dreadmere whitefang spider for not appearing the correct spider
-fixed Rheogur's Tomb Draugrs exiting their sarcophagus ahead of the cover
-fixed a switch in Rheogur's Tomb that can be reach and activated without ever opening the gate
-additional secret room on Rheogur's Tomb
-added a quick exit on Rheogur's Tomb after boss fight
-change the Lurker to Chaurus on Verdant Vile Grotto
-Dragon Priest Vuldur in the Temple of Vuldur will now heal at a 5% chance only (previous was 25%)
-change talos shrine inside Temple of Vuldur
Changelog: v1.15
-misspelled Rheogur's weapon should be"Debilitator" not "Delibitator"
-change the shrine of talos on Vasik's Tomb
-change the Statue of Talos in Cold Fear Cavern
-additional cell added to Anchazgar
Changelog: v1.14
-fixed that invisible shock rune that is causing a problem on some areas like Bleakfalls Barrow.
-remove that unwanted file"Dreadmere_SoulReaperLCharDraugrMelee1HMale"
Changelog: v1.13
-fixed on Venj (follower) having 18 dwarven bow instead of 1.
-minor improvement on Twin Sonaak Cell 2 & 3 and on final Boss cell.
-minor improvement on Vasik's tomb and additional candle light in order for player to be able to locate the claw.
Changelog: v1.12
-fixed Silent Veil not getting"Cleared"after killing the boss npc.
changelog: v1.11
-fixed an error rendering part of Volskygge exterior under water.
Changelog: v1.10
-fixed the issue regarding Ingulfrid enemy npc AI data tag was wrongfully set to average.
-Rheogur's Tower has an additional cell for a bit longer play
-fixed one pull-chain in Desolate Crypt not functioning