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This mod has been designed as a balanced, lore-friendly improvement of the Dremora in Skyrim designed to make Dremora difficult opponents that can rival other deadly foes without making them overpowered.

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The aim of this mod is to provide a subtle, balanced, lore-friendly improvement to the Dremora in Skyrim by making them difficult and unique opponents that can rival other deadly foes (such as Draugr, Vampires, Falmer, etc.) without making them overpowered.

V2 Now Available
Includes changes to Dremora appearance, changes to friendly Dremora (i.e. Sanguine,
the Dremora Butler and the Merchant), and the inclusion of new ingredients from Oblivion.

New Appearance
Dremora now have a variety of appearances, human-like faces (not elf-like) with
pointed ears, Oblivion-style eyes, and facial tattoos that vary based on rank.

New Equipment
New weapons and armor are used by the Dremora.
Some can be obtained by the player.

New Spells
The Dremora will use new Alteration and Destruction spells.
New Alteration and Conjuration spells are also available for the player.

New Stats
Improved strengths, weaknesses, combat styles, stats and perks, all designed to
make the Dremora deadly foes without making them over-powered.

Requirements and Compatibility
Dragonborn required for V2 (no DLC requirement for earlier versions)
No other mods required.
Fully compatible with all my mods.
May be incompatible with mods that i) overhaul dremora, ii) provide playable Dremora
Minor clashes that won't meaningfully affect gameplay may occur with mods that amend anything listed in the OTHER CHANGES section on this page.

Special thanks to Badmagic for the Dremora ears, Medtech for the symmetrical Daedric Armor mesh, Brumbek for the Clannfear Claws mesh (adapted from SMIM), and navida1 for the Dremora Helmet mesh.

The Merchant
The Merchant now has 9,000 gold and sells a variety of items from Oblivion, including Demora equipment, ingredients from Oblivion, potions, soul gems, and valuable smithing materials. Four new ingredients can only be obtained from the Merchant: Bloodgrass, Harrada, Scamp Skin and Clannfear Claws. If you have Rare Curios installed, he'll also sell Daedroth Teeth, Daedra Venin and Daedra Silk.

Sanguine isn't a Dremora, so this mod gives him his own, unique appearance.

The Butler
The Butler has a slightly increased carry weight (+50 points).

For a detailed table of information on each
section, click on the titles below

Dremora Staves
Dremora mages will sometimes carry Dremora staves, which are made from a unique material (designed to look like the Harrada Roots of Oblivion) and will always be enchanted with fire magic.

Dremora Weapons
Dremora weapons are carried by all but the highest-ranking Dremora (Valkynaz), who will carry Daedric weapons. Dremora weapons have the appearance and weight of Daedric weapons (as they did in Oblivion), but are leveled to inflict less damage, ensuring they are balanced. All weapons wielded by Dremora have a 20% chance to be enchanted with fire.

Dremora Apparel
Dremora Shields (which are leveled like Dremora weapons) are the only armor/clothing item that can be looted from most Dremora. However, the highest-ranking warriors and mages (Valkynaz) can be looted, and wear either Daedric Armor, Gauntlets and Boots or Dremora Robes.

Four variants of Dremora Robes exist: a black version (worn by Dremora Valkynaz), a black hooded version (worn by Malyn Varen), a red version (found under Sebasatian Lort's bed) and a red-hooded version (in Dagon's Shrine). All variations can also be purchased from the Dremora merchant.

For a detailed table of information on each
section, click on the titles below

Alteration Spells
Dremora mages use new armor spells that fortify fire resistance and increase armor rating.
The spells are named Moltenflesh, Lavaflesh, Magmaflesh and Daedraflesh.

The player can acquire tomes for these spells, but they're rare. A Lavaflesh tome can be found in the Shrine of Mehrune's Dagon. There is a small chance to loot the tomes from dead Dremora mages. Recipes at the Atronach Forge exist to acquire these tomes (see the detailed table for the recipes). They can also be purchased from the Dremora merchant.

Conjuration Spells
Unique spell tomes have been placed throughout Skyrim that allow you to summon Dremora Archers, Soldiers, Knights and Mages. The detailed table gives information on where to find these tomes, and pictures have been added to the image gallery (at the top of the page) that show exactly where the tomes are sitting. They can also be purchased from the Dremora merchant.

Destruction Spells
New spell tomes cannot be obtained for the new Destruction spells, all of which are fire spells used by Dremora Mages.

For a detailed table of information on each
section, click on the titles below

Dremora Warriors
Dremora that fight with melee weapons are now far more aggressive. They will rarely block or defend themselves, opting for quicker, relentless attacks instead. Dremora warriors will generally be of a higher level, have greater health and stamina, will use more power attacks, more armor, more attack damage, and can swing weapons 15% faster.

The rank of a Dremora warrior can be quickly determined by their equipment:
Churls equip Maces only.
Caitiffs equip Maces and Shields.
Kynvals equip Sword and Helmets.
Kynmarcher equip Sword, Helmets and Shields.
Markynaz equip Greatswords and Helmets.
Valkynaz equip Warhammers only and have unique horns.

Dremora Mages
Like Dremora warriors, Dremora mages are more aggressive. They use new armor spells, summon atronachs and cast fire spells (often with a fire spell equipped in each hand), which are more powerful for the stronger mages and cost less magicka to cast for all of them. Against foes that have high fire resistance, they may use scrolls or revert to using a dagger, which all Dremora carry.

The rank of a Dremora mage can be quickly determined by their equipment:
Churls equip black robes.
Caitiffs equip red robes and may equip a staff.
Kynvals equip red hooded robes.
Kynmarcher equip black robes and may equip a staff.
Markynaz equip black hooded robes.
Valkynaz equip black robes, may equip a staff and have unique horns.

Dremora Archers
Dremora archers are the rarest (two Dremora archers have been added to Rimerock Burrow) and weakest of the Dremora you can encounter. Unlike most archers, Dremora will continue using their bows even when foes are close by, ensuring they inflict the most damage possible. All Dremora archers have the quickshot perk as well, so they fire much faster than most archers.

All Dremora archers carry bows, and have a chance to carry enchanted Dremora arrows, which explode with fire damage.

In addition to the new content and changes mentioned above, the following features have been changed:
- Dremora appearance has been overhauled; dremora now have a variety of appearances, human-like faces (not elf-like) with pointed ears, Oblivion-style eyes, and facial tattoos that now vary depending on the Dremora's rank.
- New Dremora hairstyles have been implemented that prevent the clipping of horns and hair through helmets and hoods
- The following vanilla cells have been amended: Ilinalta's Deep (IlinaltasDeep01), Rimerock Burrow (RimerockBurrow01), and the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (MehrunesDagonShrine)
- The Atronach Forge recipe lists have been amended to incorporate the new spell tomes and to ensure any levelled Dremora is summoned from the forge instead of guaranteeing it's a Dremora warrior
- The NPC, Malyn Varen, who is encountered during the quest "The Black Star", has been updated so that he now wears Hooded Dremora Robes

V2.1 Update
- Repackaged game files as BSA
- Remade tga assets to prevent grey-face bug (tested with Vortex)
- Prevent Dremora decapitation to avoid floating-horns bug
- Added horns to hooded Dremora
- Removed environment map from arrows

V2 Update
- Fixed projectiles displaying wrong names
- New texture for fire arrows
- Enable dual-wielding
- Recreated the appearance of the Dremora, including the Dremora Merchant, Dremora Butler, and Sanguine
- Included a variation system so not all Dremora of the same rank look identical
- Added head-tracking to the Dremora Merchant and Butler
- Increased Dremora Butler carry capacity by 50 points
- Changed Dremora Merchant dialogue from "I have some things to sell." to "I want to make a trade."
- Increased Dremora Merchant gold to 9000
- Overhauled the Dremora Merchant's stock to include: gemstones, soul gems, scrolls, fire/frost/void salts, dremora robes, dremora weapons, dremora staves, dremora arrows (including fire arrows)
- Added new ingredients: Harrada Root, Clannfear Claws, Scamp Skin and Bloodgrass
- Updated hair styles and horns
- Dremora archers now have armor with symmetrical pauldrons and new brancers

V1.2 Update
- Spell-absorption on the new Conjuration spells has been prevented
- Malyn Varen's level has been updated to range from 25-70 (in line with MLU)
- Head-track animations added
- Version name removed from .esp file (this has been done to ensure all future updates can have the same name without causing confusion. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this change, which I've made to prevent any future inconvenience)