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A standalone fully custom voiced follower, Recorder is sure to promise you fun adventures!

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Record 2R22: Dragons have returned to Skyrim, and chaos has enveloped the land. 
Civil wars, political corruption, and dreadful monsters plague this nation, and sentiments such as hope, love, and happiness are fading.
However, in this darkness, a hero arises, and with the might of a dragon and a will, unbroken and unbound, fights to preserve the future of Skyrim.
But who will keep the hero’s story preserved? 

“Record,reporting for duty!”
and now presenting~


HUGE thank you to guicool for helping me out in porting this on over to SSE~ check out his other works! (they're pretty awesome ;) *wink wink*)

Thank you so so much to ClearanceClarence for taking my request and making a customizer! \>w</
Click here if you'd like to customize~ Recorder Customizer (not SSE available yet)

Check out an absolutely stunning overhaul made by sleepsalot! Recorder Overhaul

Japanese Translation: Recorder Japanese Version

Italian Translation: Recorder Italian Version

Version 3.0

- Recorder's first quest of eight: "Tracking Lost Files"
- Readjusted idles and certain voice files to quieter
- Added three more songs
- More dialogue and idles (Ex: "Did you have any questions?")
- Drunk Recorder = Joke Recorder!
- Fixed drunk package to have her return to normal after waiting for few in game hours 

Welcome to a fully custom voiced follower mod, introducing Recorder! 

Special thanks to harushiara (dcdarkbladeron deviantart) for these adorable amazing drawings!

Who is Recorder?

A student from a mysterious academy, Recorder has been sent to Skyrim to record the Dragonborn’s adventures. She awaits in Riverwood, inside the Sleeping Giant Inn. She’s quirky, has an interesting sense of curiosity about Skryim and the Dragonborn, and all in all, a fun companion! When it comes to combat, she has a strange affinity for fighting and seeing blood causes a tic in her to go (slightly) insane. But don’t worry, she won’t turn that psychotic-ness against the Dragonborn…hopefully.

Special thanks to harushiara (dcdarkbladeron deviantart) for these adorable amazing drawings!

Bit more on backstory:
As a member of a mysterious academy (location unknown), "Recorder" has a mission: to observe and keep records of heroes' journeys. However, not just heroes of a particular world, but of a variety of realities (in other words, the different "games").
Each "reality" has a world (e.g. Hyrule, Thedas, Gaia, outer space, etc.), the hero, and a calamity. How the academy came to acquire such  ability to warp through these dimensions and to what purpose the recordings serve cannot be revealed due to "protocols". In her current mission, "Recorder" has been sent to this world, Nirn (or more specifically, Skyrim) to record the hero's (the dragonborn) journey, and his/her is destined fight against the calamity facing Skyrim (the return of Alduin and the dragons).
Now, on to her name... YUP! You guessed it. Recorder is not her real name. Due to protocols preventing her from revealing her true identity and to keep the threats to her mission at a minimum, "Recorder" will first introduce herself as the title of her job, which is to be a recorder of the Dragonborn's adventures.

However, it may be possible that circumstances may change, and she may have to reveal more secrets to the Dragonborn in order to complete her mission... FUTURE QUEST MUCH!? MUAHAHAHAHA 8D! (I don't know what that evil laugh was for, sorry OuO;)

Special thanks to harushiara (dcdarkbladeron deviantart) for these adorable amazing drawings!

Special thanks to Hiraizo for these amazing sketches!

- Over 700+ recorded lines
- Based on own follower system (still should work with AFT, EFF, and UFO: check below for solutions)
- Fleshed out Romance Questline (in the works) + "Lover" option (not quite marriage)
- Quest line in the works! (Currently first quest out) With more to come!
- Has her own horse, Epony (hehe get it GET IT??
- Summon spell for Recorder
- Added summonable robot companion Omnico for storage and fighting assistance
- Commentary on major holds and various locations(e.g. High Hrothgar, Jorrvaskr, Blue Palace, Riften Orphanage, etc.)
- Various taunts for different types of enemies
- Six songs to sing anywhere and anytime (custom songs included!)
- Morally… HA! What are morals,she’ll do anything >:D
- Essential follower skilled in dual wielding, archery, and sneaking
- An interesting time ;)

Thank you so very much MxR Mods (I was seriously your fan for the longest time so I nearly hyperventilated when I saw this) for featuring my follower in your video! \QUQ/

Thank you so very much Vatiwah (WAAHH I'm too happy right now) for featuring my mod~! BOOBS AND LUBES XD

Thank you very much HitomiOfficialRu for featuring my follower d>W<b

1. Nexus mod manager or whatever mod manager you use ^U^b
2. Install manually by dropping the files into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data"

- EFF (in dismissing her - see bugs section for solutions)
- UFO IF you downloaded the UFO compatibility patch or have messed around with TESVEdit and her scripting with that

- If Recorder does not say hellos or have other dialogue options besides basic follower commands, simply
save in front of her, quit to main menu, then load.
- Issues with dismissing her for EFF users:
1. Dismiss her normally through dialogue
2. Use EFF's Force Dismiss in it's MCM menu to clear out all followers
- With AFT: sneaking with weapons out in hostile areas (indoor and outdoor) Recorder will exit sneak mode and walk about, but will not leave the general area. Player exiting sneak mode will bring her back.
- Quest bugs:
1. If quest scenes don't play, or nothing happens when you pick up the book, wait in game for an hour
2. If quest scenes still don't play, make a new save, then quit to desktop, then reload the new save

Marriage Guide:
* Must not be married to another character (sorry, Recorder's not a homewrecker OuOb she's a good girl loll)
1. Talk to her at the Temple of Mara about "Something you wanted to share?"
- Choosing options that indicate you may be interested in a relationship or not sure yet will continue quest
2. Wait 24 hours
3. Speak to her again "You remember what we talked about at the temple..."
4. Bam! You got Recorder to be your bae ^U^b
5. Talk with her further afterwards "Was there something more...?" to get your Summon Recorder spell~ 

Recorder's "Tracking Lost Files" Quest Guide:
- To Start: Must've met with Omnico! Then try talking to her about her "distresses"
- The markers will NOT be directly on the file (you'll have to look around the area a bit ;))
1.) They are in the outer world space! So you don't enter any buildings or dungeons
2.) They look like books 
3.) Read the journal entries, will give you hints on where they might be!
4.) If you still can't find it, I'll be uploading pics later on or making a fix to make the markers a bit more closer to your files XD 
- Still not sure?? Then here are pictures XD:

#1) It's located near the steps to College of Winterhold, where's there's a mammoth skull head (should be at the base)
#2) When facing the entrance to Eldergleam Sanctuary, walk around to the left and you'll see some pools. It should be at the uppermost pool
#3) In Whiterun Market District, search in the well in the center of the markets
#4) In fort near Helgen, South Skybound Watch, at the very top of the tower, there will be a chest. Near the chest will be the file (NOT in the chest)
#5) In Riverwood, check near the wood cutting log off to the left when you enter Riverwood

Drunken Partay! Here's how:
1. Go to an inn and talk to Recorder about having a drink
2. She should have an Ale in her inventory already, but if you wanna give her another drink (or take away the ale), that's cool too~ \OuO/
3. Watch craziness ensue...ALERT!
- She can still follow!
- She can still trade!
- She CAN'T "I need to do something" - Dialogues in there, but it's meant to show that she's choosing not to comply 
- She CAN'T "We need to part ways" - Dialogues in there, but it's meant to show that she's choosing not to comply
4. Wait an hour and she should be sobering up again... FOR MORE DRINKING HAHA >8D

Summon Spell Alternative:
For the summon spell, you can add it in through console if you'd like~ The summon spell for her has a backstory of its own, so for the moment, console is the other way if you don't want marriage (I'll work on another quest of having another way of getting the spell!)
Simply type:
1. ~
2. Then: help "0_RecorderTeleportToPlayer" OR help "0_RecorderSpellSummonRecorder" (<--book version)
3. Then "player.addspell (whatever number ID you found)
- If you did spellbook version, just do "player.additem (whatever number ID you found)"

This is my very first mod ever made, so I'd love any feedback and tips to improve! 
I hope you enjoy!
Some people were asking and were confused, thinking I didn't credit a VA. Truth: I am the VA ^_^/ hehe

Many thanks to (credits):
Special thank you! Excelsior2000 for helping me add alot of the features and working with CK! My partner in crime, as you can say >:3
Special thank you! CrimsonKingXIII and fru1tcak3s  for helping with smoothing out bugs and being super helpful and active in the posts section to help other people with the mod (QuQ you guys are seriously awesome desu)
Special thank you! guicool for helping me port his on over and alot more ;) (you awesome P)
DovahBling Jewelry - Rings - Necklaces - Bracelets by testiger2
DIMONIZED UNPfemale body by dimon99
SG Female TexturesRenewal by Hello Santa
Apachii Skyhair byApachii
Enhanced CharacterEdit by ECE team
zzjay'swardrobe by zzjay
Eyesof Aber byAberin
Eye Normal Map Fix 
by Mr. Dave
OsareCulort Outfit- UNP by anano
WestWind CombatSeries - Misfit Mage UNP by brokefoot
Scarlet Dawn Armor by jmenaru