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Finally you can Levitate again. Yes, you read it right. You will levitate like a proper mage. Floating Animation included. You can choose one of the three available via a neat installer now.

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The one thing I loved the most about TES Morrowind was the ability to Levitate, once you became a powerful mage. Then they took it away from me, thanks to console limitations in Oblivion first and then Skyrim, cities became enclosed in interior cells and the dream ended. Well, no more!

Now you will be a Proper Mage. Again.

This mod adds an Expert Level Alteration Spell:
Magistrate Levitate

If you happen to like my mod, how about you vote it for "Mod of The Month". I wonder if I can make it there, for once.

Custom sound effect for Levitate Casting and Concentration Loop (see Video).
Carefully balanced Magicka Cost.
Carefully balanced Alteration Levelling
Floating Animations by DualSun

Initial release.
Levitate now increase Alteration XP, slightly.
Added a FOMOD Installer.
Included 3 Different Animations.
FNIS PCEA2 / Loose Files versions available.
Removed Spellbook from Levelled Lists to prevent conflicts.

  • Download the "Magistrate Levitate.7z" and install it with MO.
  • You may get a "Failed to parse ModuleConfig.xml" error. If so, ignore it
  • and go on, it's a Fomod problem I couldn't fix yet but it won't hinder mod installation.
  • WELCOME. Press Next on the "Welcome" Page.
  • SPELL INSTALLATION (Required). Press Next. It will also explain how to get the spell in-game.
  • ANIMATIONS (Yes/No) Choose wheter you want to install animations included with the mods or
  • not. If you don't install any animation though it will look like you are climbing invisible stairs while levitating.
  • FNIS PCEA2/LOOSE FILES If you decided to install animations, choose if you want to install them in a custom folder inside FNIS PCEA2 (Recommended) or as Loose Files. Take into account that if you install the animations as Loose Files, they will affect everyone, including NPCs. If you choose to install the animation as a subfolder
  • of FNIS PCEA2, in game, through MCM, you will have to activate "Magistrate Levitate" animations (if it's not activated already) and deactivate "Mystic_F" animations which are bundled with FNIS PCEA2 and do conflict with the Hovering animations. You will have to "Refresh Animations" in FNIS PCEA2.
  • ANIMATIONS CHOICE. Wheter you chose to install the animations through FNIS PCEA2 or as
  • Loose Files, you will be presented with a choice between 3 different animations, pick one. There is a Video available which shows all three animations in action.
  • ANIMATION 0 (Recommended). This animation features hovering movements while levitating and while
  • standing still mid-air. In my opinion it's the animation that look nicer overall. The casting hand is pointed downwards, as if you are keeping the ground at a distance.
  • ANIMATION 1 (Recommended). This animation features hovering movements, although, if you stop
  • moving midair and stand still, the animation will revert back to the standard, standing on the ground idle. The casting hand is pointed upwards, as if you are pulling yourself to the sky.
  • ANIMATION 1 (Recommended). This animation features hovering movements, although, if you stop
  • moving midair and stand still, the animation will revert back to the standard, standing on the ground idle. This was the original animation included with the previous version of my mod. The casting hand is pointed upwards and the body moves forward while levitating.

Obtaining the Spell

Lore Method: You can find the "Levitate" spell in a satchel (with an expert lock) in Toldfir's room in Winterhold College.
Console Method:  Open up Console and type: help levitate, to locate spellbook's code, then type: player.additem [ID#]

(1) Is the Floating Animation included in your mod?
Yes, it is now included. I apologize if the previous version didn't have animations, the mod was originally released in 2013 and at that time I had neither the expertise, nor the permission to include the animations. I now have both and I wanted to release a neater and easier to install version, considered the interest that sprung around my mod during the last years. You will now be able to choose between three different animations made by the one and only DualSun.

(2) What kind of spell is this? Why did you design it as a Concentration Spell?
Magistrate Levitate is a concentration spell. This is the way I envision it. If you want to levitate you should cast it and keep on casting it with one hand as long as you want to fly, stop casting it and you will fall (to your death eventually), that is because Skyrim doesn't allow to cast magic while falling (unlike Morrowind) you can, though, cast other spells with the other hand, just be careful not to finish your magicka while flying or you'll be ending up like Icarus.

(3) What about balancing? Is the spell overpowered?
I designed the spell to be balanced. While you can acquire it at any moment the spell is a mana drain on a low level character, which is especially true if you lack the expert alteration perk.

(4) Will I experience some unwanted effects in-game?
Possibly. Vanilla game
does NOT expect the player to fly around, therefore, be careful when flying around as you may find the occasional invisible wall/ceiling or when levitating in interior cells end up stuck in places you are not supposed to reach. Fortunately, the release of Open Cities Skyrim fixed the biggest issue in the vanilla game which was being unable to enter/exit a city while flying.

(5) Are there any Known Issues?
Unfortunately, Skyrim does not allow to set a specific animation for a single spell. Being Magistrate Levitate a "Concentration Spell" the floating animations that you will see while levitating will be used *ALSO* for other concentration spells you may be holding (most notably Healing, but also other spells such as Flames), the issue is mitigated by the use of FNIS PCEA2 that will limit such animations to your character only. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for it that I know of. Either you get the floating animation for all concentration spells or you don't get any and you will end up "walking into the sky" instead of floating.

(6) Will you make a Toggleable Version?
It is not planned at the moment. I designed the spell as I envision it.

(7)  What's the story behind this mod?
I found on the nexus an old mod by J3X which added something interesting... A flying broomstick. I removed the broomstick and transformed into a proper Levitate Spell, then I added a Floating Animation by DualSun (with permission of course) and worked on the spell. I wanted to levitate but I wasn't interested into building some overpowered spell, so I tried to carefully balance magicka cost, speed and such.

(8) Why did it take you so long to convert Levitate Revamped to Skyrim SE?
I was absent from the modding scene for some time. Then I came back and I began playing again, gradually I started converting my oldrim mods to Skyrim SE but I was post-poning the conversion of "Levitate Revamped". Then, one day, I was playing a new character. I needed to climb the 7.000 stairs to High Hrothgar. I got killed 3 times in a row. Each time I climbed again. I tried jumping my way up to the mountain. Without success. Then I had it. I decided it was time to bring back Levitate to the game.

(9) Will you improve the animation and/or fix the known issues?
I wish I could, unfortunately I am not an animator and I don't have the faintest idea on how to make/improve animations, all I can do is converting animations from Oldrim or add existing ones from Skyrim SE (if/when I get permission to do so) when I find some alternatives.

(10) Why isn't it a Toggleable spell?
This was a deliberate design choice, mostly due to balance and the way I envision this spell. If it was toggleable, in my opinion it would be unbalanced
because you would have two hands free to cast other spell and/or swing your weapon, this way instead, one of your hands will be busy keeping up the concentration spell to levitate, while you could use only your other hand; moreover, keeping a levitation spell up requires some kind of effort, even if minimal. If it was a Toggleable Spell (aka fire and forget) you would be flying, shooting fireballs and swinging your weapons all at the same time and last time I checked there were no Marvel Superheroes in Skyrim.

Original Script by J3x
Floating Animations by DualSun
Improved Levitation Sound by Floyd2099

Open Cities Skyrim

This is probably my most popular mod. It dates back to January 2013. I was an enthusiast (albeit less experienced) modder and player back then and I did my best to contribute to the community; then real life kicked in and I had to leave the scene. Abruptly. Recently though, I got back to the game and to the Nexus and I discovered that through the years the popularity of my mod increased. Originally I did not include the animations within the mod and I left some complicated instructions on how to get them to work. Also, DualSun changed his mods naming convention and my instructions became severely outdated. That didn't stop most of you to try to fix the mess I left. I have read hundreds of posts, one guy even posted 3 videotutorials on youtube to explain how to make animations work with my mod. In short I was moved. How sad would be the life of a modder without his affectionate users. So, thank you guys, for real.

Thanks to Moxica, for supporting me and my mod while I was away and for helping me figuring out the animations.
Thanks to Calyxium, for helping me figure out something I was missing with his post.
Thanks to Oldstarscream, for the videotutorials for users in the time of need.
Thanks to J3x, for his invaluable script which makes this mod possible.

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