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La Bella Magia is an essential spell package mod, but all made to give the power the magician of Skyrim deserves!

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La Bella Magia - Simple compendium

This mod takes the name from my very first mod i made, but this is simply a spell package mod.

I made the spells i use in my playthrough and most of them are lore friendly.

In time i might add other spells...

This mod wants to give the power the spellcasters of Skyrim really deserves!

This is the list of the spells and their effects:



Vampire Grip : Just like the vampire lord spell, just will consume health when used.

Jump: "They said it couldn't be done. They said it. They said it. But they were wrong!"

Levitate: Keep your focus and Levitate


Arcane Caravan: Teleport to any of the Holds Capital you visited

Skein Disturb: Weakens your target to magic



Dragon Claws: Enhance your hand-to-hand damage

Feather: Increase your carry weight.

Slow Fall: Negates falling damage, slowing down when falling.



Mark and Recall: Mark a location and travel back to it, max 3 location with 75 skill in Conjuration.


Atronach: Cleaver, Claw, Edge, Special elemental bound weapons.

Lurker Mouth: A special poison based bound bow wich gives an additional poison damage.

Conjure Gargoyle

Conjure Dremora Warlock: Conjure a Dremora Warlock, uses advanced fire spells and Ebony Flesh. Also dual casts spells.


Alacrity: Speed movements in an area of effect


Disease: Weakens the target to poison resistance.



Curse: Fire, Frost and Shock, weakens the target elemental resistance.

Wizard's Fury: Cause little mixed elemental damage, but has no casting time and increase in damage as it hits the target.




Hand of the mountain: Scattered in the game there are 3 special atronach forge receipe, gather all 3 and obtain this extremely powerful shock spell wich knock down actors in area of effect.

Black Hole: Swallow the enemy in a unstable gravity field, absorbing health, magicka and stamina. Very effective on Humans.



Eye open nightmare: Decrease phisical attack damage and defense.

Muffle other

All spelltomes and scrolls added have been added to the relative LvList via script.

Other features:

-Hand of the Mountain is a powerful spell that need to gather all the Daedric recipe (hidden in the world in special places), and to be used at the atronach forge, in the Qa SMOKE cell are located ALL SPELLS for testing purpouses.
- All special Bound Weapons can be obtained with atronach forge recipe wich can be found like all others.
- I've added the perk enhancments on the scroll version of vanilla scrolls (like master of the mind on illusion scroll, or healing scroll will add respite effect if you have the perk, improved thrall minions and summons power in general.)
- I've implemented scrolls of vanilla spells that didn't have a scroll version (like fade other or frenzy rune for example)
- Summoned atronachs are more powerful, Conjure Gargoyle and Dremora warlock have their enhanced versions. These changes are made to not conflict with any other summon MODS, is enough to leave this mod before the one who you want to overwrite with.

This mod was build to synergize with:

Useful magical staves

Agent Of Mora - Major Spell packages compatibility

Tomes of Power - An immersive magic scaling