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Adds four new teleport spells to the game.

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Shadowstep (Apprentice): Teleport behind the targeted enemy. If you were unseen upon casting, gain invisibility and muffle for 5 seconds.

Blink (Adept): Short distance teleportation. Blink starts off with a fairly low magicka cost, but the cost doubles when you cast it. Wait a few seconds and it will return to normal.

Teleport (Expert): Long distance teleportation. Works like a reverse-summoning and will always places you at a pathable location. Teleports followers and can teleport you through doors if aimed correctly.

Omnipresence (Master): Worldwide teleportation; limited only by your magicka reserves. Teleports followers.
This spell has multiple layers of functionallity:
- Teleports you to a map room (as seen in screen shot).
- Casting the spell again moves you to the corresponding location in the world.
- There are preset markers at every city and settlement already placed. Activating these will teleport you there.
- A return marker will always be placed wherever you appear in the map room. Activating this allows you to either return to Skyrim, or place a custom recall point.
- Master Alteration perk will halve the magicka  cost, as will Alteration cost reduction effects, such as enchants and potions.
- Perk mods might rename the default Master Alteration perk, or remove it from the tree entirely.


Spells are sold by Tolfdir once you reach its corresponding Alteration
level. Omnipresence requires the Master Alteration quest completed. You
may need to wait for a vendor restock (48h).

There are no known conflicts. Load order doesn't really matter.


- Power blink spell restored.
- Shadow dance restored
- MCM menu restored.
- Tablet put back on the wall int he Midden

- Blink configuration spell added that allows you to turn combat rotation on/off.
     - The spell is added when you enter any of the WInterhold college interiors or Dragonsreach.
     - The spell is removed when you leave these cells.
- Fixed issue with Tolfdir not selling Omnipresence after Alteratinon master quest was completed.
     - People updating from earlier mod version may need to wait 48h for restock
- Omnipresence map room made 3x larger
- Omnipresence map room lights and fog tweaked
- Added option to choose teleportation effect for Omnipresence

- Removed the tablet from the Midden (disabled and hidden).
- Power versions of Blink and Teleport properly disabled.
- Chest on the College roof removed (disabled and hidden)


MCM removed

- Power verson of the spell has been removed due to porting problems.
- Spell tome added to merchant lists

- Power verson of the spell has been removed due to porting problems.
- Spell tome added to merchant lists
- Magicka cost reduced (~40 with perk).
       - Casting Blink doubles its cost for 15 seconds, stacking up to 2 times.

- Spell tome added to merchant lists

- You can now place an Unlimited amount of custom markers in the map room.
      - Custom markers can be removed using a special power available only in the map room.
- Settings for Omnipresence can be configured in the map room by activating a Yellow orb