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This mod adds MANY Hive summons, a short dungeon, a new location, a new voiced merchant and more! (No ESL)

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''The Hive are a macabre, incredibly ancient race of undead-like aliens that worship and serve the Darkness. Their entire culture is based around a principle known as The Sword Logic, which dictates that they must destroy other civilizations in order to accrue paracausal power and feed the Worms that live within their bodies. Along with the Darkness itself, they are led by a pantheon of dark gods, who derive power and sustenance from the destruction wrought by the Hive.''

In this mod you can have many of the powerful Hive from Destiny 2 as your summonable ally! Ever wanted to slay that Legendary Dragon with Crota, Son of Oryx? Maybe Karstaag, with The Warpriest? Or perhaps you just want some awesome screenshots? Download this mod and you can do these things!

I will leave the guide for this mod in the Posts section of this mod, but one thing I will say is you can find the starting area on your World Map left of Helgen.

I made a Discord server!

Everything in the mod will be listed below now!

Summonable Creatures:

Crota, Son of Oryx

Nightmare of Crota

Likeness of Crota

Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

The Warpriest

Alak-Hul, The Darkblade

Zulmak, Instrument of Torment

Abyssal Knight

Hive Knight (6 Variants)

Arkahc, Dragonbrood

Light Eater Knight

Urrox, The Flame Prince

Hive Ogre

Hive Thrall

Hive Wizard

Daughters of Oryx (Ir Halak & Ir Anûk)

Nokris, Herald of Xol


Hive Knight Cleaver

Crota's Cleaver

Swordbearer's Cleaver

(Note: There is an unused Boomer staff in the mod files, you are free to attempt to make it work)


Reedimus, Fallen Cultist

Skelta, Fallen Cultist

Jud, All Powerful Seller of Wares

Servittles, Loyal To Jud

Known Bugs:

Alak-Hul has gaps under his armpits

One texture set have no cubemaps

Navmesh in the dungeon is shoddy, and so the enemies inside may not attack you 

Of course anything that edits the area around the entrance to the dungeon will conflict

Nokris has some bad cloth weighing

The merchant may not sell you items, saving and reloading beside him should solve the issue

There may be some gaps in the architecture throughout the dungeon


Bungie for creating Destiny 2 and all of it's DLCs, predecessors. 

TheJudSub, for allowing himself to be in Skyrim, in all of his round purple glory! You can find him at the Destiny Model Rips Discord server.

Kurgan#0876 for voicing Jud, he did a good job and really sold his personality as a cosmic orb.

L?TakeThisYouEarnedIt#9777 for voicing the Servittles. He is very good as sounding like a Russian midget.

Adventfather for allowing me to use his Nokris, Vanilla D2 Knight, Vanilla D2 Wizard and Likeness of Crota in this mod, along with one screenshot of Crota on the mod page.

morgothzone for providing me a workable Destiny 1 Crota Model.

drs32 for aiding with said Destiny 1 Crota Model's inverted normals.

Nihal (Mulana) for helping out majorly with a significant portion of the creatures, this mod would be this big without his support.

unamused for the excessive testing and most of the screenshots you see.

Skyfall515 for helping me with the dungeon's walls.

Creation Kit for sending me into a coma.

The Destiny Model Rips discord for all of their models and people who took the time to rip them.

Enjoy the mod!