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Some classic spells based on the spells from Morrowind and Oblivion.

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What is in this mod?

A few classic spells from Morrowind and Oblivion. (This is an SSE port of my old Missing Spells mod.)

Every spell is fully integrated into the world. You can buy them wherever vanilla spell tomes are sold or loot them during your explorations. Vanilla perks and spell scaling will apply to them, and mods that alter vanilla magic perks and spell scaling will also apply to them. 

What spells are included (so far)?

Cure Disease - Cures all Diseases
Cure Poison - Stops the continuing effects of poison. 

Charm - Speechcraft is fortified by 20 for 30 seconds. 
Night Eye - Improved Night Vision for 180 seconds. 

Water Walking - Allows you to walk on water for 60 seconds.
Ease Burden - Increases carrying capacity by 50 for 240 seconds.
Lighten Load - Increases carrying capacity by 75 for 300 seconds.
Pack Mule - Increases carrying capacity by 150 for 360 seconds.
Beast of Burden - Increases carrying capacity by 250 for 420 seconds.

The duration of Night Eye and the "feather" spells is affected by your perks and skill level. The spells will scale similarly to vanilla Illusion/Alteration spells. The carrying capacity values were taken directly from Oblivion spells, but the default durations were tweaked slighty for a better curve. 

Charm's magnitude will scale according to your perks and skill level. At level 100 Illusion with dual-casting perk, Charm gives +54 speechcraft.


It's best to install with NMM or another mod manager.

For manual installation, extract the file directly into your "Skyrim\Data" folder. To uninstall, simply delete "ClassicSpells.esp" from your "Skyrim\Data" folder.

If you have installed other mods that add spell tomes to levelled lists, please use Wrye Bash to create a Bashed Patch.

Recommended Mods

Simple Magic Rebalance OR
Awakened Magicka

Future Plans

  • Add more spells from Morrowind and Oblivion. 
  • Possible adjustments to spell costs and xp gain, if requested in the comments.

I will probably not add spells that are already available in other small lore-friendly spellpacks. I will not be adding any spells that were not present in earlier Elder Scrolls games.