About this mod

Mod adds over 150 new spells(staff and scrolls), a new custom perk tree with 20+ perks, a custom fully playable Lich Race, 80+ new items (armors, weapons, rings etc), quests, locations, followers and MUCH more in a vanilla and lore friendly way. Everything is highly balanced and not too OP. The mod is based on light novel series "Overlord"!

Permissions and credits
Looking for help with the mod (models, textures, animations, locations, quests etc). If you are an overlord fan (you dont have to tho) and know a little bit about modding in general (would be nice if more than me) and have some spare time consider becoming a co-author of this mod!
***RELEASE v1.12.2 is up!***
(remember to unequip any mod item you have before updating)
If you like this mod please think about giving an endorsement. It really helps :)
Please check out the image gallery to better see what this mod adds (doesnt show everything though). There are more than 5 pictures and some show interesting stuff ! 
***New stuff includes: Bug fixes, changes to some spells, new models and textures. For more details check change-log and image album***

Table of Contets - please read this before posting in forums or comments
  1. Introduction - about the mod
  2. Features - overview of what the mod adds
  3. Installation and Requirements
  4. F.A.Q - questions and answers (I wont answer any question that is here!)
  5. Custom Lich Race - brief overview
  6. Overlord Perk Tree - description and usage
  7. Spell and Power list - description and usage
  8. Tomb of Nazarick - new player house overview
  9. Misc Items - quick overview of some of the items this mod adds
  10. Credits, donations etc.

Hey there! This is my first mod that isn't a simple texture swap so If you'll find any bugs make sure to report them!
Overlord Magic is a mod which main purpose is to bring Overlord into Skyrim. Mod adds over 350: spells (with scroll and staff variants), many unique items, weapons, armors, locations, quests all with unique models, sounds and uses all based on the light novel series called "Overlord". I tried my best to make all the spells and items as vanilla as possible and at the same time make them similar to their novel counterparts. That includes spell tome prices, damage and mana costs, all based on vanilla raw data. Eg. Most expensive vanilla spell is "Fire Storm" and costs 1426 magica per use. Most expensive spell in this mod costs somewhere around 1600 magicka. Same scaling goes for damage and prices.
Almost all spells are, like the name suggest, for a Overlord like character build. In other words most spells are master level and have high requirements to use (like having level 50 for example). Almost all are mid/end game spells, but there are a few low tier ones too!
Spell powers mostly focus on alteration, illusion and conjuration and are either altering your opponents values, summoning powerful minions or crushing their hearts.

2.Features - what the mod adds
  • 132 spells (29 conjuration, 52 alteration, 12 restoration, 21 destruction, 18 illusion)
  • 3 powers
  • new, fully playable custom race: Lich (based on skeleton model) with its own visuals and abilites
  • many vanilla armors are supported by the new race (shows bones instead of human skin)
  • 21 new unique perks with 42 perk points/levels to spend
  • new perk tree - Overlord with own requirements and bonuses - works exactly like vanilla perk trees
  • Location: Great Tomb Of Nazarick. Players own dungeon with over 11 floors/dungeons and over 60 manequins, chests, display cases for player to use (near Anvangurde)
  • 5 high quality custom summonable monsters (Primal Elementals)
  • Ring Of Ainz Ooal Gown allowing player to freely move around the Nazarick Tomb
  • 3 new quests that will introduce the player to the Nazarick Tomb, Overlord Perk Tree and its skills and World Item locations
  • New follower: Pandora's Actor - a level 40-100 follower based on its character from anime
  • New follower: Albedo - a level 40-100 follower based on its character from anime
  • New follower: Nabe - adventurer, one of the maids - level 20-63 based follower from the anime
  • New NPC: Nazarick Merchant - located in Nazarick Royal Suite, sells all magic related items that this mod offers
  • scroll and staff versions of spells
  • spell tomes, scrolls in vanilla vendors
  • all staffs craftable
  • all spell powers, mana usage and tome prices balanced for vanilla skyrim magic
  • custom scripts that don't lag the game
  • a variety of different spell effects not seen elsewhere
  • custom sound effects for some spells
  • custom projectiles and other effects for some spells
  • scrolls, staffs and spell tomes available as loot 
  • Staff Of Ainz Ooal Goal: a staff that can cast 7 different spells: Grasp Heart, Greater Reanimation, Hell Flame, Frost Of Judecca, Charm Species, Reality Slash and Summon Primal Fire Elemental (lvl 90). Last spell is unique only to the staff. 
  • Full, craftable set of Raven Black Hero Armor (as used by Momon the Adventurer) + Two/One Handed Raven Black Sword (Momons Weapon)
  • Full, craftable set of Dark Plate Armor (old version of Momon's armor - legacy)
  • Full, craftable set of Nabe's adventurer clothes
  • Full, craftable set of Ainz Robes with different versions. Has also an ancient version with powerful enchants only obtainable through a wish
  • Full, craftable set of Evileye Armor with different versions. Has also an ancient version with powerful enchants only obtainable through a wish
  • Full, craftable set of Hermes Trismegistus - Albedo's Armor
  • Full, craftable set of Ancient Nordic Armor, ONLY for Lich Race
  • Full, craftable set of Evil Lich Robes and Evil Lich Priest Robes, ONLY for Lich Race
  • Full set of Pandora's Actor Outfit
  • Misc items and armor: Shooting Star Ring (5 variants) (Wish Upon A Star Power), Ring Of Ainz Ooal Gown, Mask Of Envy, Pandora's Actor Mask, Pandora's Actor Armor, Undead Illusion Ring for Lich Race ONLY
  • World Item: World Savior - a powerful club that grows stronger as you use it
  • World Item: Billion Blades - a katana that creates afterimages of each hit dealing additional damage. Can be upgraded
  • World Item: Avarice and Generosity - gauntelts that while equipped store killed enemies levels which can be later exchanged for skill upgrades. Check item description chapter below for more info
  • World Item: Caloric Stone: a food item that when consumed adds +400 points to HP\SP\MP. Can be crafted multiple times at skyforge. Requires lots of ores
  • World Item: Throne of Kings: located in Nazarick Throne Room. When player sits on it recives a 16 minute boost in stats
  • Item: Horn of the Goblin General: craftable consumable that spawns a riekling troope. With each use it gets more powerful!
  • . . . and much, much more!

3.Installation & requirements
Download and install SKSE64 for SkyrimSE. Download this mod and unpack the zip archive into /Data folder in skyrim directory. Launch the game using SKSE launcher and enable the mod in mod order ingame

0. Will you convert this mod to :Oldrim(base Skyrim/Legendary)/Xbox/PS/mobile/fridge etc?
No. I only own Special Edition. There is 0.00% chance for this mod to be converted to any other platform. I am not a real modder. By that I mean I create mods first and foremost for my own enjoyment. I upload them in hopes that at least one more person will enjoy them too. I will never make a mod\conversion that I personally would never play\use\enjoy. Converting it to oldrim, version I do not own and play would be nothing more than a chore (that wouldnt even give me anything in return) and this is something Im not looking for when making mods. I'll repeat - chance to convert this mod to oldrim is 0.00%
Below technical reasons if you dont care for my personal ones:
PS4: this console doesnt support mods that edit textures\meshes etc. This mod does it so its not compatible at all and never will be.
Xbox: this mod uses SKSE which is only avaliable for PC and will never be on Xbox due to technical limitations. Because of that this mod wont be converted to it
Oldrim: would require from me to re-rig all meshes and rewrite a few scripts. Basically I would need to redo the mod from scratch. Not gonna happen

1. Is the mod compatible with x mod?
Almost all items this mod adds use custom effects and resources and do not edit vanilla data. In other words this mod should be compatible with most other mod out there. Still its advised to load this mod last or near the end as it does alter some vanilla data like vanilla magic effect requirements used by overlord perk.

2. Ordinator?
Yes and no. All spells use vanilla perk benefits BUT those perks are also being used by ordinator so they do get benefits like extra damage or less magic cost. But that's about it. Will I add compatibility patch? I think not. There isn't anything to add other than spell cost/damage which already is supported.

3. Load order?
If you want to play as the Lich Race - load the mod after mods that alter vanilla equipment. In all cases the mod should be below mods that alter vanilla magic effects to fully work without "problems" 

4. Will you add x spell or modify it?
If you feel like this mod is missing something, or some spells/items could work different/better then please share your thoughts in the [Forums/Suggestions] section. I always watch and read it. If your suggestion is good Ill always consider adding it.

5. This mod lacks visuals/models for x stuff. Will you add them? I want them custom models!
Well I'm not too good at modelling. At best I can use existing models to convert them into skyrim and texture them (like I did with some already). If you give me a link to a FREE model or make one yourself them Ill put it into the mod. Other than that - sorry. But you can always help if you know how :)

6. How can I get the new spells etc?
Every spell can be bought from vanilla merchants as a spell tome/scroll. You can also craft staffs at the staff enchanter in Solstheim. Armor/weapons are craft-able at any forge as long as you have ebony smiting. You can also aquire them using [Greater Create Item]. All items can also (rarely) be found as leveled loot. If you just want to test the stuff I included a bat file [overlorditems]. In game open the console and type : [bat overlorditems] to get everything. But first edit the file and change the "xx" to the correct mod load order value. Eg 2c.
Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown can be crafted at the staff enchanter at level 70.Shooting Star Ring - level 80 at Skyforge

7. I found a bug!
Report it in the [bugs] section and I'll look at it.

8. Will you add x to the mod?
Perhaps. I already added most of what I could but there are some things that could be added still. If x  is in my reach, as in I know how to add it and have necessary skills I may do it (if it wont require tremendous amount of work that is)

9. Is the new perk tree (Overlord) compatible with other mods that alter\add new perks?
Yes. Its completely standalone perk like werewolf or vampire perk tree. No mod will have any effect on it and no mod will be affected by it

10. How do I enter the Nazarick Tomb, get the required keys and Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown?
First time you launch the mod a few quests will be added. One of them is "Reclaim what is yours". Just follow it. The Nazarick Guardian you have to kill has all the necessary items. Really most of your problems would be gone if simply checked once in a while the added quest.

11. I have 100 points in all 5 schools and perk points to spare but when I try to learn a new Overlord Perk it tells me I don't meet the requirements!!11!1 Fix yo s*** mod
Read the requirements when you download, read the file description, read the first few sentences. Everywhere it is said that SKSE IS NEEDED! Install SKSE and properly use it then it will work. Seriously guys please read before you post those questions

12. I'm trying to use [create super tier undead ] spells like Karstaag, Primal Fire elemental etc. but they wont work???
Some of the creatures have a very large hitbox or simply a huge model. Because of that they require very big open field to be summoned. This is something coded into their race files and I wont change it to make this mod more compatible with others (since it would be a vanilla change). Try using the spell in an big open field and point the cursor and the centre of it. That's something you have to deal with. Sorry. Just some of those creatures were never intended to be summon-able by design

13. I want to know more about the Perk Tree, Horn of the Goblin General and other stuff like recipes!
The [DOCS] section of this mod should have everything you would want to know. Recipes, where to find what etc. Check it out

14. <any question about new custom Lich Race>
Read the "Lich Race - Overview" part of the mod description below. Most of your questions should be answered there.

5.New Lich Race - Overview

This is a new race called "Lich". It is based on a skeleton model, although heavely modified and fit to "human" skeleton and animations.
Race can be chosen on character creation menu like any other one. Below a few questions and answers:

Reminder: if you have any issues, want some other armors to be supported or you want to change how the new race works post it in <suggestions> forum thread

1. What are the available customization options?
You can choose gender, weight and eye colours (9 variants:none, red, green, blue, purple all having 3 types of pupils). The reason why you cant fully change the shape of skull is due to problems with game stability. Plus I think that the skeleton of human body doesnt differ THAT much it would need extensive customizations. BUT I may add them in the future

2. What about playability? Can I normally play the game with this race? Are there any drawback\functions that are not present?
This is a fully playable race like any other. You wont have problems playing or doing any quests with it but those that require Vampire\Werewolf since you are already undead and cant become one. In other words drawbacks of this race are:
-you are "undead" from the very start.
-you cannot become a vampire  (because you are dead already)
-although I tried my best making vanilla clothing fit the race (see the image in gallery) there are some sets that will show human skin when worn (not that many tho)

3. Clothing/Armorus/Spells etc. Can I use them?
All wearable equipment can be worn by this race. It goes without saying that clothing that already covers your whole body is no issue to wear.
From clothing\armors that expose your skin while wearing (eg. imperial sets) I made some of them include a version for a skeleton. You can see them in image gallery.
This includes those armors:
  • Dragonplate Chest
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Imperial Chestplates and Gauntlets
  • General Tulius and Penicus Oculatus chestplats and gauntlets
  • Stormcloak Chestplate (sleevless ver included)
  • Orcish Chestplate
  • Steel Chestplate (both versions with(out) pauldrons)
  • Prisoner Set
  • Iron Set (both versions)
  • Savior's Hide
  • Nightindale Gloves
  • Thieves Guild Chestplates and Gloves (all obtainable variants)
  • All Fur/Bandit Sets
  • Farmer Gloves (basic normal gloves)

Armors that will still show human skin when worn includes (most common examples):
  • all kinds of leather, hide and scale armor
  • some boots and gloves
  • vampire robes (female) and vampire outfit

Of course all modded armors will show skin too. If you want custom armors to be supported ask their own authors for it. I cant support every single piece out there. Its impossible
Spells, foods, activators, doors etc: all can be used

4. The "Attack On Sight" function. What it is and how it works.
Attack On Sight (AoS) - called "Feared Monster" in game is by default disabled. You can enable it by casting illusion spell "Feared Monser On Off" that is added to you at the start
When activated you will recieve an amulet called "Undead Illusion Amulet". If you wont wear it everyone (excluding your "friends") will attack you. You will be treated like a conjured skeleton. If you want to walk around human settlements you NEED to wear that amulet constantly.
Disable the function if you think its bothersome or for some reason it makes a quest or two unplayable (eg. those quests that remove all items from your body like Cidra Mine or The Party one).

The amulet can be disenchanted. The enchantment can be put then on any kind of gear you want and will work the same as the amulet.

5. What are the race traits, stats, bonuses etc?
At game start you have: 90 HP, 105 SP, 115 MP and slightly higher stamina and mana regeneration that other races.
You get those skill bonuses: +20 conjuration, +5:alteration, illusion, destruction.
Starting spells, abilities: Spells: Frostbite, Flames, Fear, Conjure Familiar, Raise Zombie, Healing, Feared Monster On Off
Traits: undead status from very start, immune to paralysis, 100% disease and poison resistance, 25% weakness to fire

6. Compatibility and other stuff
For those who want to know: to make a race playable eg. ability to wear any armor I would have to manually add my new race to EVERY SINGLE vanilla armor/cloth etc list. This would make this mod uncomatible with anything that modifies vanilla armors.
The workaround was to make this "Lich" race inherit those things from "Manakin" race. In other words what manakins can wear this race can too. the drawback is that all those modified armors I listed above (eg. iron) will appear with skeleton bones while on a manakin.
Also I still had to manually edit a few lines of "code". I had to add my race to all: amulets, rings and those custom modified armors.
This means that if a mod that edits those vanilla lines is loaded after this one you wont be able to see wearing rings, amulets and human skin will show on listed armors. But other than that visual drawback everything will be fine.

7. I enabled the AoS function but no one attacks me despite not wearing the special amulet?
After enabling the function equip the Undead Illusion Amulet and then unequip it. You need to do it only the first time you active the function. A message in top left corner should show up informing you about either being safe or unsafe from others.

6.Perk List
This perk tree works exactly like other vanilla ones. To learn a perk you need to have at least one perk below it. You also need a perk point to spend and necessary skill level in magic. The exact skill requirements are nicely described in a book guide in-game that is aquired through a quest, so dont worry. It very easy.
Eg. Dark Arts Perk requires for you to have 10 skill in all 5 magic schools. Every other perk has this kind of requirement but higher. Overlord(perk no.21) needs 100 skill in all 5 schools for it to be learned.

In game there are 2 books: one guides you through the perks and the other one allows you to learn any perk you want and show you what you already have learned. Those 2 books are located in Nazarick Treasury. A quest will point you to them too.

  1. Dark Arts: you can use create tier undead spells with full potential
  2. Mithridatism: full immunity to poison OR +30% potion power (Lich Race Only)
  3. Undead Blessing: full immunity to disease OR +30% enchanting power (Lich Race Only)
  4. Submersion: infinite water breathing
  5. Necromancer: 5 levels: can summon and command  1 to 5 additional creatures 
  6. Feather Falling: 5 levels: from 10% to 50% fall damage reduction
  7. Elemental Barrier: 3 levels: each grants +20 to ice and shock resistance but at the same time gives -20 to fire resistance
  8. Widen Magic: 4 levels: can summon creatures 10 to 100% further from the player than normal
  9. Arcane Wisdom: 3 levels: 10% to 30% magic cost reduction from all 5 schools
  10. Arcane Power: 5 levels: all magic spells from 5 schools are 20% to 100% more powerful (deal more damage and/or last longer) 
  11. Readjustment: choose: either 20% faster shout recovery but 20% slower weapon swing or the other way around
  12. Boneman: choose: either you move 20% faster or you get additional 300 carry weight but move 10% slower 
  13. Undead Aura: choose: detect dead and life ring (no mana cost) OR despair aura III spell that can be casted instantly and can make all creaturs 50lvl below to flee
  14. Negative Protection: choose: either full immunity to ALL energy drain effects and spells (like vampire drain spells) OR full immunity to force push spells and effects and 0 stagger damage OR all telekinesis based spells and abilites are 2 times more powerful/deadlier
  15. Dark Focus: choose: one of your stats HP/SP/MP will regenerate 2 times faster BUT other 2 will regenerate 20% slower
  16. Unholy Protection: choose: 30% damage reduction but -15% magic resistance or the other way around (30% magic resistance but take 15% damage more melee damage)
  17. Dark Wisdom: all 18 vanilla skills are learned 30% faster (stacks with other vanilla perks and powers like this)
  18. Undead Strengthening: choose: one of your stats HP/SP/MP will get +80 point boost but other 2 will be reduced by 25 points
  19. Undead Creation: you can craft Shooting Star Ring, Staff Of Ainz Ooal Gown, Staff of Hell Flame, Staff of Dark Soul. Otherwise you wont be able to craft these
  20. Instant Death Magic: 3 levels: increase instant kill chances from 5% to 15% for spells like Cry Of Banshee or Despair Aura V 
  21. Overlord: you can use spells listed below. You also get spell tomes for : Cry Of Banshee, Pantheon and The Goal Of Life Is Death. You cant get those 3 spells/powers otherwise

Spells you can use ONLY  after acquiring perk no.21 - Overlord:

  • Black Hole 
  • Perfect Warrior
  • Wish Upon A Star
  • Astral Smite
  • The Goal of All Life is Death
  • Dark Soul
  • Resurrection 
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Karstaag
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Reaper
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Fire Elemental
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Earth Elemental
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Ice Elemental
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Star Elemental
  • Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Air Elemental
  • Elemental Army
  • Pantheon
  • Hell Flame
  • Cry of Banshee
  • Grasp Heart
  • True Death 
  • Death
  • Fallen Down
  • Vermilion Nova
  • Greater Thunder

7.Spell list
*in-game description of spells is more accurate*
*some spells require certain level to cast*
  • Critical Hit Immunity: 60s of immunity and 100% crit chance for caster
  • Disease Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Electric Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Fire Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Ice Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Paralysis Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Poison Immunity: 60s of immunity
  • Rabbit Foot: for 80s luck is increased by 10% (eg. lockpick, pickpocket chance and every other luck based activity

  • Implosion: for 60s next time caster is hit a implosion is created pushing and damaging target
  • Slow: target moves 25% slower for 45s
  • Damage Boost: for 30s caster deals 2 times damage
  • Haste: for 45s caster moves 30% faster
  • Health Boost: for 60s casters Health is increased by 80 points
  • Magic Boost: for 60s casters Magicka is increased by 80 points
  • Stamina Boost: for 60s casters Stamina is increased by 80 points
  • Widen Magic: for 60s all target location spells (like conjuration) have 2 times the range
  • All Appraisal Magic Item: for next 30s learning an enchantment wont destroy and item
  • Waterwalking: for next 30s caster can walk on water

  • (lvl.30)Bless of Magic Caster: for 60s spells are 20% more powerful/last longer
  • Reinforce Armor: for 60s caster gains 400 armor points
  • Wall of Protection from Arrows: for 60s caster is fully immune to bow/crossbow damage
  • Create Fortress: summons one of few mighty towers... or a tent
  • (lvl.30)Spell Absorption: for 30s all spells that hit the caster have 50% of their duration/power
  • (lvl.15)Teleportation Rune: summons a rune that can teleport the caster to all cities and misc. locations
  • Field of Force: grab target in mid air
  • Force Explosion: create a force push that pushes enemies in front of you
  • Greater Break Item: lvl% chance to destroy all targets items
  • Greater Steal Item: lvl% chance to steal all targets items and transfer them into Abyssal Storage Chest A
  • Shockwave: creates an explosion around caster and pushes enemies
  • Greater Resistance: for 60s caster has +50% magic resistance and +15% damage resistance
  • (lvl.30)Maximize Triple Magic: for 10s next spell casted is tripled (eg 3 incinerate projectiles are launched at once)
  • Teleportation: moves player to aimed location. Can inflict fall damage
  • Time Stop: enemy hit by this spell freezes in time unable to move
  • Creation: Abyssal Storage: summon 1 of 3 storage chests to store your items permanently

  • (lvl.50)Black Hole: sends a black hole into a target. If target is 50lvl or less it vaporizes him. If target is 15+ levels lower than caster - vaporizes. Otherwise takes away half of its health
  • (lvl.60)Perfect Warrior: turns you into a perfect warrior for 240s. Sets your warrior skills to 160, gives you 80% damage reduction and a bound sword BUT doesn't grant any warrior specific perks. You CANT use magic/spells at all for the duration of the spell
  • (lvl.80)Wish Upon A Star: choose one of over 30 powerful wishes
  • (lvl.60)Astral Smite: caster kills essentials (and only them)
  • (lvl.40)Reality Slash: powerful slash that splits reality itself dealing huge damage
  • (lvl.30)Ia Shub-Niggurath: summon a cyclone that deals huge damage and launches the target into air
  • (lvl.30)Greater Teleportation: teleports anywhere caster point at. No fall damage is taken
  • (lvl.40)Aegis: for 30s caster takes 90% less damage from any source
  • (lvl.45)High Tier Magic Immunity: for 30s caster gains +80% magic resistance
  • (lvl.50)Dark Wisdom: for 30s caster can put +1 enchant on item but sacrifices permanently 10 MP
  • (lvl.40)Gate: create 2 points you can later teleport to via a summoned portal
  • (lvl.45)Greater Full Potential: for 60s caster gains +10 to all 18 skills
  • Creation: Bend Time: Choose from 4 options: midnigh, morning, noon or evening. This spell does not advance time to next day but changes the current day's time.
  • (lvl.30)Silent Time Stop: for 15s slows down time and makes caster etheral
  • (lvl.40)Time Accelerator: for 10s everything around caster stops. Caster cant deal physical damage
  • (lvl.40)Walls Of Jericho: ultimate defense. Summon a barrier that blocks everything
  • (lvl.45)Time Reverse: for next 60s next hit (non-lethal) damage on caster is negated
  • (lvl.45)Create Greater Item: create enchanting tables etc and/or armors, weapons, bow in exchange for gold

  • Magic Arrow: fires a magic arrow at target dealing damage

  • (lvl.10)Evil Lord Summons: Hagraven: conjure lvl.20 hagraven for 240s
  • (lvl.15)Evil Lord Summons: Frost Troll: conjure lvl.25 frost troll for 240s
  • (lvl.20)Evil Lord Summons: Wispmother: conjure lvl.30 wispmother for 240s
  • (lvl.10)Create Low Tier Undead: summons a level 20: boneman, mistman, shade, skeleton for 260s
  • (lvl.20)Raise Kin: conjure 4 lvl.30 dead hounds for 260s
  • (lvl.20)Wall of Skeletons: conjure 16 lvl.4 skeletons

  • (lvl.30)Evil Lord Summons: Dwarven Centurion: conjure lvl.40 centurion for 280s
  • (lvl.35)Evil Lord Summons: Gargoyle Sentinel: conjure lvl.40 gargoyle for 280s
  • (lvl.35)Evil Lord Summons: Werewolf: conjure lvl.45 werewolf for 280s
  • (lvl.35)Evil Lord Summons: Werebear: conjure lvl.45 werebear for 280s
  • Thousand Bone Lance: summon huge amount of bone lances at your enemy
  • Obsidian Sword : summon a obsidian sword that fires at your target
  • (lvl.40)Create Middle Tier Undead: summon a level 50: 1H draugr overlord, 2H draugr overlord, shade for 280s

  • (lvl.45)Evil Lord Summons: Lurker Vindicator: conjure lvl.55 lurker for 400s
  • (lvl.50)Dark Soul: targets 15lvls or more below you have their souls trapped. Has a chance to either fully heal caster or give 1 full grand soul gem (black/normal)
  • (lvl.60)Resurrection: resurrects any target (not reanimates! its like target never died). The cost is: targets lvl * 1000 gold or if you dont have enough gold at cast time you sacrifice 20HP permanently. 
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Karstaag: summons a level 90 Karstaag for 400s
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Reaper: summons a level 90 Reaper for 400s
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Fire Elemental: conjure lvl.90 fire elemental for 400s. Only from staff of ainz
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Air Elemental: conjure lvl.87 air elemental for 400s. Only from wish or upgraded staff of ainz
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Star Elemental: conjure lvl.100 star elemental for 400s. Only from wish or upgraded staff of ainz
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Earth Elemental: conjure lvl.93 earth elemental for 400s. Only from wish or upgraded staff of ainz
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Primal Ice Elemental: conjure lvl.87 ice elemental for 400s.
  • (lvl.30)Greater Reanimation: reanimate any corpse to fight for you for 240s
  • (lvl.50)Mass Resurrection: reanimate all corpses around you (up to 100) for 240s
  • (lvl.35)Grand Reanimation: reanimate any corpse to fight for you until it dies
  • (lvl.60)Create High Tier Undead: summons a level 70: dragon priest, wrathman for 360s
  • (lvl.70)Create Super Tier Undead: Elemental Army: summon all 5 primal elementals at once - obtained from wish OR by using upgraded staff of Ainz

  • Uriel: fireball that deals 30dmg. Every 20lvls the damage increases by 40 up to 230 dmg at lvl 100. Only usable by non-undead

  • Acid Splash: splash of acid that deals moderate damage

  • Vermin Bane: instantly kills any insect/bug type enemy
  • Crystal Dagger: shoots a huge crystal shard that deals lots of damage
  • Energy Drain: drain 60 points of MP, HP and SP from your opponent at once
  • Napalm: spread the fire at ground or your opponent dealing huge damage
  • Shard Buck Shots: shoot a stream of many small ice shards at your opponent
  • Frost of Juddeca: freezes all targets (like ice form shout)

  • (lvl.45)Aspect of the Devil - Hellfire Mantle: creates a firely explosion shockwave around caster pushing enemies and creates a fire cloak for 120s
  • (lvl.45)Greater Thunder: shoot huge thunderbolts dealing large damage
  • (lvl.50)Vermilion Nova: shoot white flames at targets dealing huge damage
  • (lvl.35)Gravity Maelstrom: a ball of gravity that sucks all targets on its path dealing damage
  • (lvl.30)Dragon Lightning: shoot out a bolt of lightning in a shape of dragon head dealing huge damage
  • (lvl.30)Chain Dragon Lightning: shoot out a bolt of lightning in a shape of dragon head dealing huge damage and then moving to next target
  • (lvl.45)Hell Flame: small, slow ball of fire. When hits the target it deals tremendous damage over the span of 15 seconds
  • (lvl.45)Big Fireball: good old fireball that deals lots of damage. Also lot bigger than normal
  • (lvl.30)Stream of Lava: spray your target with super hot lava like fire
  • (lvl.45)Creation: Freezing Land: create a wave of freezing wind that freezes all your opponents in range and deals damage over time
  • (lvl.30)Meteor Fall: summons a meteor rain
  • (lvl.45)Absorption: a cloak that absorbs HP,SP, MP of all enemy targets within distance[
  • (lvl.70)Fallen Down: a pillar of energy that obliterates everything in touches over large area

  • Discern Enemy: shows your targets level
  • Dark Vision: for 120s see at night like during day (many times better than vanilla night vision)
  • Health Essence: shows your targets health
  • Mana Essence: shows your targets magicka
  • Stamina Essence: shows your targets stamina
  • Counter Arrow: shoot an arrow that can disarm your opponent

  • Presence Search: shows the difference in power between you and opponent
  • Power of Gaia: animals help you in combat

  • Focus Magic: Boost your ally magic powers for 60s (+200 MP, MPregen, 50% magic resistance, 20% spell power)
  • Greater Rejection: cancel enemy spells
  • (lvl.30)Mist Form: become etheral for 15s
  • Despair Aura III: Instantly inflict fear on targets up to lvl.80. Perk reward only


  • (lvl.40)Mass Hold Species: all targets in area are slowed down to a point they cant move at all for 30s
  • (lvl.30)Charm Species: all creatures in area stop fighting you for 60s
  • (lvl.30)Ultimate Disturb: your friends and commanded npc's get 100% magic resistance but cant use any spells themselves
  • (lvl.45)Despair Aura V: 50% any target will flee, 40% it will be paralyzed, 10% instant death (100% for at leat one effect to take place)
  • (lvl.30)Erase Presence: invisibility, muffle, sneak skill boost and more. Enemies stop looking for you if they already were
  • Undead Blessing: only obtainable by [Wish Upon A Star]. Toggable detect undead that doesn't consume mana


  • Cure Disease: cures all diseases
  • Cure Poison: removes all active poison\damage effetcs


  • Regeneration: each second regenerates 20 HP up to 400 points
  • Translocation Damage: all damage you receive takes away your MP, not HP for 60s
  • Brilliant Radiance: laser like attack that deals huge damage to undead only enemies
  • (lvl.35)Greater Magic Shield: while active negates up to 160 magic damage. If caster takes melee damage it is transformed into mana loss instead. When disspelling has 50% chance to push away enemy or freeze them


  • Death: kills any target (without side effects) that is 40+ levels lower than caster
  • (lvl.45)Force Sanctuary: a ward that while active reduces any and all damage caster receives. Caster cannot attack during that time
  • Purifying Javelin: shoots a light made javelin dealing huge damage to undead only
  • (lvl.55+450baseMP)Grasp Heath: crushes your opponents hearth killing him. Behind the doors science: 20lvl+ difference between you and enemy : enemy dies and you take either 40% dmg (if enemy had less hp than you) or 60% dmg (if more). 20 to 0 lvl difference: enemy dies and you take either 100% dmg of enemys HP or 98% of your HP is taken (if enemy had more HP than you). If enemy is higher level than you: A: has more HP : target takes 60% dmg, you 90% dmg B:less HP than you: both take 90% dmg to HP
  • (lvl.45+300baseMP)True Death: vaporizes any undead enemy you target. Exact science behind: if enemy is lvl 50 or below it gets vaporized. If enemy is 15+ levels below player it gets vaporized (eg player is lvl80 enemy is lvl 60 - enemy dies, even though its above lvl50)
  • (lvl.40)Greater Lethal: fully restores your HP, MP, SP points

  • (lvl.70+500baseMP)The Goal Of All Life Is Death: once a day kill anything in sight
  • (lvl.70)Pantheon: summons 6 level 80 Keepers (2x 1H, 2x 2H, 2x Archer) for 480s
  • Cry Of Banshee: only via [Wish Upon A Star]. 40% chance to insta kill opponents

8.Nazarick Player Home - Overview

This mod offers a new, huge, player owned location called The tomb of Nazarick. This huge dungeon is based on the seriers Overlord and comes with 10 floors and a personal treasury!
The dungeon is designed and created by /u/redbazooka25!
You can move around the tomb after you beat its guardian. You will get from him a ring that will allow for you to freely teleport around this huge dungeon!

1. Where is the tomb located?
Keep in mind that this location may and will change in the future as we work more on this complex!

2. What does this dungeon offer?
This dungeon has 10 main floors and a treasury. Floors 1-8 are still W.I.P and placeholders. Floors 9 - 10 are being worked on atm and may change further in the future. Keep that in mind when updating the mod!
Here is a overview of each floor:
-Floor 1 to 8 are various dungeons to fend of curious adventurers from looting your home (placeholder)
-Floor 6: has a cutom arena to fight with various mobs
-Floor 9: Royal Suite. Here you can find your personal bedroom, maids rooms, dining halls and much more!

- Floor 10: Throne Room and Central Hub:

- Treasury: your own treasury with large amount of chests, manakins and much more! Comes with its own guardian! Here you can find powerful World Items

3. About future updates to the location
The whole complex is still very much W.I.P. Floors 1-8 are fully placeholders for now. It can take a very long time to update them.
Floors 9 & 10 are W.I.P but the basics are done. There are still some rooms to finish and decorations to add. Same goes for the treasury.
4. Safety of using it as a storage
While floors 1-8 are placeholders it will take a while before they will be updated. Although storing your personal items in them is not recommended.
Floors 9 & 10 are W.I.P but every container placed wont be deleted in the future. You can safely use all of them.
Treasury may and will be updated in the future but you can still safely store any item you want there.
If any of the upcoming updates will move or delete a container on those floors you will be notified on the file download page. If that happens just grab the items before updating.
But dont worry. We will do our best to not delete or move exisiting stuff so you dont need to do it as its bothersome.

9.Misc Items Description
This section will introduce you to some of the items that are added to this mod. Almost all can be crafted, tempered and enchanted. There are also a few more items ingame that are not listed here
  • [Armor: M+F]Full Set of Dark Plate Armour as used by Momon - LEGACY version based on vanilla ebony armor. (Temper+Craft+Enchant)
  • [Armor: M]Full Set of Raven Black  Armour as used by Momon - custom model as seen in anime (Temper+Craft+Enchant)
  • [Armor: F]Full Set of Vampire Armour (plus Ancient version with powerful enchants from Wish Upon A Star).(Temper+Craft+Enchant)
  • [Armor: M]Full Set of Ainz Robes  (plus Ancient version with powerful enchants from Wish Upon A Star).   (Temper+Craft+Enchant)
  • [Staff]Many staff variants of overlord spells. Staffs can be crafted at Staff Enchanter when you have learned given spells
  • [Staff-Base]Staff Of Ainz Ooal Gown with 7 powerful spells to cast crafted at Staff Enchanter. Requires lvl70 and one of overlord perks
  • [Staff-Upgraded]More powerful version of base staff. Can be crafted from base staff
  • [Weapon]Raven Black (Great)Sword - as used by Momon. Temper+Craft+Enchant
  • [Ring]Shooting Star Ring (base verions and 4 with Wish Spell. After making a wish the ring looses one of its 3 gems to indicate a wish being made
  • [Ring]Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown - you can use it to teleport between Nazarick floors. Can be looted from the Nazarick Guardian in from of the Tomb along with required keys
  • [Armor: M+F]Evileye Mask, Ainz Mask (2 variants), Mask Of Envy, Pandora's Actor Mask
  • [Weapon]World Item: World Savior: a club that deals 20 damage to health, magica, stamina. After each succesful hit this damage increases by 30 up to 6000!. After you kill 200 opponents with this weapon it will be destroyed. Every 20 kills the club will permanently take from you 6 HP (to a total of 60 HP after 200 kills).
  • [Weapon]World Item: Billion Blades: a katana that multiplies (creates afterimages) each hit by 'x' times dealing 'y' damage each hit. Base stats are: 6 afterimages and 10 damage each (so a total of +60 dmg). Fully upgraded katana deals 1000dmg each hit
  • [Staff]Ginnungagap: world item, shoots a dark projectile that produces a huge explosion dealing damage and pushing away any enemy
  • [Armor: M+F]Avarice and Generosity: gauntelts that, while equipped, store killed enemies levels (the killing blow MUST be made by the player). The stored levels can be exchanged for skill upgrades (all 18 skills + 3 player stats). Basically if you kill an enemy level 10 you will get 10 points. You need around 8200 points to fully upgrade ANY skill from 15-100 (I made sure each skill requires around the same number of points). For 8000 points you can add yourself +30 HP/SP/MP
  • [Armor: F]Hermes Trismegistus - Albedos Armour - ebony level armor
  • [Armor: F]Nabe's Adventurer Clothes - can be crafted at any forge
  • [Armor: M]Pandora's Actor Outfir - not craftable. Only for NPC
  • [Armor: M+F]Ancient Nordic Set: crafted at any forge with ebony smithing. Can only be crafted if playing as Lich Race
  • [Armor: M+F]Evil Lich Set: crafted at any forge. Can only be crafted if playing as Lich Race
  • [Armor: M+F]Evil Lich Priest Set: crafted at any forge. Can only be crafted if playing as Lich Race
  • [Food]Caloric Stone - crafted at skyforge at any level. Can be crafted multiple times. Requires 6 types of ingots (5x800 + 1x200) to craft.
  • [Food]Horn of The Goblin General - crafted at any anvil. Can be crafted multiple times. When used, summons a Riekling Troope the gets more powerful with more uses. Check [DOCS] section for more info
  • [Object]Throne of Kings located in Nazarick Throne Room. When sit it gives a 200 point boost in stats for 16 minutes. Only for 40+ level players

Staff Info
Staff Of Ainz Ooal Gown (Basic) spells: Hell Flame (2x dmg), Frost Of Judecca (2x dmg), Grasp Heart, Primal Fire Elemental, Charm Species (up to lvl 200), Greater Reanimation (up to lvl 200), Reality Slash (500dmg)
Staff Of Ainz Ooal Gown (Upgraded) spells: Napalm (2x dmg), Frost Of Judecca (4x dmg), Grasp Heart (100% kill chance), Reality Slash (1000dmg), Resurrection (no penalties), Elemental Army (all 5 elementals),  Mass Reanimation (up to lvl 200)
Most base items can be crafted at any forge as long as you have a required smithing perk. Most require ebony+ to craft/temper. Some items (specified) can only be crafted at skyforge (and/or also need from you overlord perk to have learned)


Thumbnail author: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=626821
Original mask model creator and mod:  KaranVess (/users/2153641) (Instanity Mask mod)
Overlord Anime and Wikia for idea and spell knowledge :)
Overlord Robes base model: https://sketchfab.com/models/e62df306954144fbb613c6fc3b04e682
Model used by me as a base for further impovements on Albedos Armor: https://sketchfab.com/models/fae77a96ff4f48f7a5080723e890f2a4 by Lee Hess - license - Creative Commons
Momon's Raven Black Armour Set - model and textures by GHPurple : https://sketchfab.com/models/baaa545c02ff47aa937665a40cdf5e72
Permissions were given personally by the author to use the Momon's Armor model via email response. Please check out his profile for more awesome Overlord models!
MihalMods for primal elementals models (permissions were given from author)
ExileDragneel for help with Pandora's Outfit model
redbazooka25 for Nazarick Location redesign (floors 9&10)
Jets Resources by jet4571: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7840/
Project Modularity by DarkFox127: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79519/
Elianora’s Extra Resources by Elianora: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53192/
Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30602/
Upper Class Furniture Pack v2.0 by icecreamassassin(co-author) and Monk_ide (original owner): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82459/
Modder’s Resource Pack by Oaristys: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16525/

I dont have a paypal account so I dont accept money donations. If you want to donate to me to motivate me you can do it in few ways:
a) comment on the mod
b) endorse mod
c) send me some DP points (dontation points - nexus currency of sorts)