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A Star Wars inspired spell mod that allows you to conquer your enemies with the power of the Force.

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Use the Force Skyrim is a Star Wars inspired mod that brings Force Powers from the films and video games to your fingertips. You unlock the powers by going to a blacksmith forge, then in the misc Wood tab you'll scroll down to Holocron: (Force Power). Each holocron requires three items to craft: glass, an ingot, and a soul gem. The ingot and soul gem correspond to the difficulty of learning the Force Power, and Dark Side Force Powers require filled soul gems. You can also now go to the Force Temple located just outside of Falkreath (if you fast travel there, just turn around and head for the mushroom icon.) There you can find vendors who sell the holocrons, as well as a new companion. You can also fight enemies in the Dark and Light Sanctum to earn holocrons. Voice acting and an actual quest script is to come soon.

List of the Current Force Powers:

Push Powers (Alteration)
*Force Push I
*Force Push II
*Force Push III
*Force Grip
*Force Whirlwind
*Force Repulse

Lightning Powers (Destruction)
*Force Shock
*Force Lightning I
*Force Lightning II (Chain Lightning)
*Force Storm

Dark Powers (Destruction)
*Force Drain
*Dark Paralysis
*Force Destruction

Enhancement Powers (Alteration)
*Force Enhancement
*Force Speed
*Force Armor

Healing Powers (Restoration)
*Force Healing I
*Force Healing II
*Force Absorb
*Force Reflection

Light Powers (Restoration)
*Force Stasis
*Force Light
*Force Orb

Influence Powers (Illusion)
*Mind Trick I
*Mind Trick II
*Force Horror
*Force Insanity
*Battle Meditation

Life Powers (Conjuration)
*Plant Surge
*Plant Surge Trap

Mechu-Deru (Conjuration)
*Mechu-Nid (Spider)
*Mechu-Rega (Sphere)
*Mechu-Vitae (Soldier)
*Mechu-Deru (Centurion)

Recommended Mods:
Unique Magicka Sabers SSE:

Update (06/22/20)
Work on the quest portion of this mod has proven to be more complicated than I thought and I haven't been happy with the results so far. I might work on doing something without dialogue, but here is an update in regards to fixing bugs, light katanas (though on PC, I still recommend Magicka Sabers), and the padawans in the Praxeum can become followers (though are killable).

If you want to stay up to date on this mod as well as other mods, or view some of my gameplay videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel:

Props to both Lucasfilm for the Star Wars franchise and SephDragoon for his work on Way of the Force in original Skyrim. All work in this mod is original and done by me.