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A vast Dwemer train station network, providing an immersive and fast way to travel around Skyrim and Solstheim.
It's practically an underground city, with merchants, inns, guards and travellers.

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A vast Dwemer train station network, providing an immersive and fast way to travel around Skyrim and Solstheim.

"This Dwemer complex was discovered, mapped and opened up to the public by the Brunham siblings.
They were drawn to the area on account of the frozen earth near Winterhold falling away into darkness, they eventually managed to find a safe way down and into the facility. Upon investigation they discovered great steam powered machines that were still tirelessly tended to by ancient automatons that would carry them into other stations around Skyrim. Each "train" station was found to have a series of tubes that would suck a traveller up to the surface and back into the fresh air of the countryside. Eventually another discovery was made, an oceanic port that housed a great metal ship that would sail beneath the waves to Solstheim.

After a short while, many people from all around were drawn to this place. Some seeking refuge, some sought lucrative business opportunities and others just simply came to explore. This new underground heart of Skyrim would bring all of the cities and towns a lot closer together, for better or worse.

Keeping the peace in the Dwemer train stations were many automatons that for some reason were unaggressive unless the tranquillity of the facilities was threatened. They protected their long gone master's creations as well as anyone living who would walk amongst them."

I always hated fast travelling myself and as such often looked for mods that would apply alternatives to Skyrim but I never found one that completely satisfied me, and with that the creation of this mod commenced. A year and two weeks in the making. (on and off)

Not inspired by any other train mods as I never used any as they weren't available for Special Edition.
(I now realise there was in fact another train mod for SE since 2017)

All major cities and towns (and some minor locations) now have a tube-port somewhere just outside of their walls in an attempt to ensure compatibility with other mods. These tube-ports will suck the player and NPCs deep down and into the train station of that region.

There are a total of FOUR train stations each with their own tube network. One in the North, East, South and West. All besides the Northern station have an entrance hall that you can walk out to the surface from. The Northern station suffers from heavy structural damage which has resulted in cave ins. In addition to the train stations underneath Skyrim there are also two Submersible Docks, one accessible via the Northern train station and the other which is linked to it via submersible is under the ocean and earth within the Solstheim area. The Solstheim oceanic port has two tube-ports, one to the far North and one nearby the Telvanni mushroom town.

For lore, background and immersion, most inhabitants in the underground facilities have journals.

There are many merchants, traders and business owners scattered throughout the network. Blacksmiths, inns, taverns, general goods, fences, mages, alchemists and bards.

The network also has it's own crime system. Attack a Dwarven guard, assault someone who calls the facility their home, or even pickpocket a traveller that has no affiliation with the facility and one of the guards will attempt to apprehend you and lock you up.

It is my recommendation that you read either the text file that comes with this mod or you visit the Northern station to see the Brunhams (three siblings, one of which is an esteemed archaeologist) and read "The Great Northern Discovery" which will fill you in on how this place was discovered and mapped.


Here's an amazing video showing the network, made by Arctic Scrolls Mods over on Youtube.

Febrith Darkstar also made an awesome video showing off this mod.


- If a crime is committed in the network, only the sword wielding guards, station masters, conductors or sphere centurions will attempt an arrest. When they do they will silently communicate with you via subtitles, this is the same subtitles that regular guards would have. I attempted making my own dialogue with custom audio and failed at the quest/script stage (happy to accept help on this matter), the fact that they are silent will help to not break immersion. Body language can say a lot after all.

- If too many NPCs are in a station at once they have been known to float off and act otherwise janky, this is a vanilla Skyrim issue.

- Sometimes small lighting bugs can be noticed when a traveller walks through a well lit area with a torch. Another vanilla issue.

- The Northern and Southern stations are rather gargantuan and I can imagine that weaker PCs may struggle here. Let me know if this is an issue and I can attempt to break the problematic cell up into separate ones.


- Enhanced Landscapes = compatible
- Whiterun Forest Borealis = compatible
- JK's Skyrim = compatible
- Open Cities = I ASSUME compatible
- Patrolling/travelling NPC mods are also compatible and spawned NPCs will use the tubes and trains, you may need to adjust the amount of NPCs
with the additional NPC mod's menu or command spell if the stations
become overcrowded.

- Finding Helgi = Patch supplied by Sirandar888
- ICAIO = Patch supplied by Sirandar888
- Immersive Fort Dawnguard = Patch supplied by Sirandar888
- Shor's Stone = Patch supplied by Sirandar888
- 3D Trees = Patch supplied by Sirandar888


- 'Vicn Creature Pack SE' for three Dwemer automaton models

- I used various sound clips from this site

- Audacity

- MS Paint

- Pixlr

- Bethesda for a series of excellent games and an excellent Creation Kit

(Yes, this was done with MS Paint.....)