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Cosmic Spells adds updated versions of the spells from quest mod Spectraverse, available from normal vendors. While Spectraverse was never a success, its spells were considered the best part of it, though too weak to use in a real playthrough. Includes improved versions of its best spells, as well as several new spells.. Spectraverse not required.

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Cosmic Spells

❱❱❱ Features

  • 18 new spells.
  • Most spells are based on Spectraverse spells, but updated for more power, improved scripting and easier use.
  • High quality look and feel.
  • Available at any spell vendor once you reach the appropriate level.
  • Scale with Destruction level to circumvent the lack of perks for non-elemental spells, and to ensure their power level remains competitive next to powerful spells such as those from Arcane Accessories in the Creation Club.

❱❱❱ Spells

"The Spirits of Blend are on the rise. The heavens swirl around them now for reasons unknown. Though the invisible Lens Spirits are more vibrant, in contrast to all others connected to the Blackblock, it is Blend that enjoys the most prosperity and affluence in these days. The birth signs of Blend are the eldest in the known spheres. Those born under their mark are nomadic, whimsical, and greatly given to freaking out. Their constellations are difficult to process in manner of movement, triangulation, and high frequency." -- The Magna-Ge Pantheon

  • Luminous Crescent: Deals 20 magic damage and creates a Luminous Crescent for 15 seconds, to be used by other spells.

  • Sentinel: Deals 15 magic damage and charges the target with cosmic energy. For 10 seconds, nearby Luminous Crescents cast 15 damage bolts at the charged target.
  • Starstorm: Concentrate to cast a barrage of stellar flares, dealing 30 magic damage per second.

  • Cosmic Gale: Cast a small galaxy for 60 damage. Targets are teleported through a wormhole to another nearby galaxy within 50 feet, briefly gaining 100% weakness to magic.
  • Plasma Bolt: During a 6 second cast, charge up a devastating projectile that explodes for 180 magic damage.
  • Stellar Birth: Anuic stellar spirits circle the target for 10 seconds, shooting 15 damage light beams.

  • Lightspeed: Launch yourself at a target location, dealing 100 magic damage on impact.
  • Rapture: Moonbeam that deals 90 damage. Targets are pulled to the nearest Luminous Crescent within 100 feet and briefly gain 100% weakness to magic.

  • First Light: ???

"The Spirits of Y are endangered. Their whims, sketches, and may-wights have been tainted ever since the Y Blur brought on by the Chrome Device. They have been cursed, even unto their make, in a similar manner as the Dawns of Mnumbrial, a cure and redemption still beyond our means. Those born under the Signs of the Y once knew the harmony of the blessed Magne-Ge Mnemoli; today, however, their heart-strings are as conflicted as their Patterns. They need an unwavering architect to purify their station. Their constellations are therefore wild things, running amok in the heavens as if itchy with poison ivy, and it will take a true unknown to find the salve that will finally calm them." --The Magna-Ge Pantheon

  • Umbral Orb: Deals 20 magic damage and creates an Umbral Orb for 15 seconds, to be used by other spells.

  • Event Horizon: Create a forcefield that blocks passage for 10 seconds. Targets inside take 10 damage per second.
  • Voidharmonics: Deals 15 magic damage and charges the target with resonant energy. For 10 seconds, nearby Umbral Orbs detonate for 40 magic damage.

  • Gravitether: Cast a 50 damage gravity strike. Deals up to 200% extra damage to distant targets, pulling them to you.
  • Graviton Sphere: Ball of mass that impacts an area for 50 magic damage. Targets are warped towards the previous impact location as long as it is less than 100 feet away.
  • Prismatic Beam: Void beam that deals 30 magic damage per second. When the beam is held on a target, damage increases by 10 points each second.

  • Collapsar: Creates a singularity that pulls targets to the center, dealing 120 magic damage.
  • Umbral Barrage: Deals 90 damage and launches all nearby Umbral Orbs at the target for 90 damage each.

  • Eden Grid: ???