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Ported from LE by popular demand. Content based on Morrowind and Bloodmoon expansion. Adds 6 interesting dungeons, 8 plants, 1 book and 4 quests.

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Created by Ionisthebear and Thingy Person.
After multiple requests, I PM'd the OP who granted porting permission.  Authors also have editing/posting access. 
The mod should be functionally identical to the original.   

The Oldrim version can be found RIGHT HERE

Here are all the original notes:

Solstheim – The Lost Levels is an add-on for the Dragonborn DLC that adds 6 caves, 8 plants, 1 book and 4 quests. The content is based on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its expansion, Bloodmoon.

The caves are dungeons that were featured in Bloodmoon, but aren’t present in Dragonborn. They’ve been spread out across Solstheim, generally near their original position. They have been set up with all the information needed by Skyrim's radiant quest system.

The new plants are mostly native to Morrowind, but some plants indigenous to Solstheim as it is portrayed in Bloodmoon are also included. They’ve been added to leveled lists and placed on the island, replacing the flora that you already know from Skyrim.

There are also four quests related to the new locations. You may receive them from the following NPCs:
-Captain Veleth in Raven Rock, after completing March of the Dead
-Edla in the Skaal Village, after completing her quest involving Nikulas
-Elynea in Tel Mythrin, after completing Healing a House
-Neloth in Tel Mythrin, after completing Reluctant Steward

In the distant past, a modder by the name of Ionisthebear worked on a Skyrim mod known as Solstheim 4E. When it was revealed that there would be a DLC set on Solstheim, he abandoned the project. He had already completed the exterior world and a number of dungeons. He repurposed the custom assets for Northpoint and the landscape for Hircine’s Hunting Grounds, but the finished interiors were sitting idly by, so Ionis gave me permission to implement them as a Dragonborn add-on.

If you want to learn more about Northpoint or Hircine's Hunting Grounds, visit this blog:

The archive has a simple structure. You can choose one of the following install methods:
1. Extract the contents of the archive to steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\ or install using your favourite mod manager
2. Start the launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside "Solstheim - The Lost Levels.esp". Or use your favourite mod manager.
3. If your game crashes on startup, that probably means that you haven't purchased or enabled Dragonborn.

Make sure that you did not save your game inside one of the areas added by this mod. Otherwise, you will be booted back to the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Delete the following files:
data\Solstheim - The Lost Levels.esp
data\Solstheim - The Lost Levels.bsa
data\Solstheim - The Lost Levels.bsl

The mod does not contain any scripts, so uninstalling should be relatively safe.

Upgrading should be error-free. Simply copy the new files over the old ones.

This mod adds some stuff to a few of the leveled lists added by Dragonborn; you may need to use the Bashed Patch in Wrye Bash if you have other mods that change ingredient lists and/or loot on Solstheim.

The cave entrances added by this mod are rather large, so take care if another mod adds geometry on Solstheim, or they might collide.

Known Issues or Bugs
None as far as I know. However, if you experience "blue voids", i.e. large portions of geometry being invisible, notify me at once, because that's some code red shit.

1.0, 2013/03/19 - Initial release.
1.1, 2013/03/22 - Removed landscape edits and additional ITMS
1.2, 2013/05/13 - Added Domme
1.3, 2013/05/17 - Added quests
1.3a,2013/05/20 - Optimization and bugfixes

You can find me on Skyrim Nexus, Dark Creations and the official forums as 'Thingy Person'
You can find Ionis on Dark Creations as 'Ionisthebear'

Ionisthebear: Creating the interior locations, feedback, troubleshooting.
The TES5Edit team: for creating an invaluable modding tool.

Tools Used
Creation Kit
TES5Edit -
Readme Generator -
Microsoft OneNote

Do not modify and redistribute, or upload to other sites without my (Thingy Person's) permission.

If I don't reply within two weeks, contact Ionisthebear instead.

If he doesn't reply, it's better to do nothing at all.