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Wield the powers of nature in this Mini DLC type mod bringing Druid based spells, armor and weapons to Skyrim.

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Version 1.2
-Removed Side Effects completely.
-Made Armor and Mace compatible with Skyre.

Version 1.3
-Fixed Dark Druid difficulty, they will no longer try and take over Skyrim.
-Gave Dark Druids unique purple colors to Main Skills. like Entangle or Treant Arm.
-Re-modified the tree house, its about 4 times the size. has a balcony overlooking the Springs with crafting stations.
-Made Druid Equipment upgrade able, using Druidic Essence dropped off Dark Druids.

Version 1.4
-Added new Armor Set "Druidic Armor - Forests"
-Added a new cloak to first Druidic Armor now called "Druidic Armor - Beasts"
Ancient Grove Key can now be crafted with 30 "Druidic Essences" at the Staff Crafting table located inside the Tree house or Undergrove.
Removed Doom Druids and lowered Dark Druids level Scaling to 1/4 the Players.

Druid Essentials

by Arcane51388, ZeroEternalz
& Maymay1588

ArcZero Essientials

Version 1.4

"...A druid was a member of the priestly class in Britain, Ireland, and Gaule (France), and possibly other parts of Celtic Europe and Galatia during the Iron Age and possibly earlier. Very little is known about the ancient druids. They left no written accounts of themselves and the only evidence is a few descriptions left by Greek, Roman and various scattered authors and artists, as well as stories created by later medieval Irish writers." -Wikipedia-

Which is where modern day ideas of druidism takes us. Many mods exist for Druidism, but we feel it hasn't been captured accurately based on modern day Druidism in gaming. Any game that offers a playable Druid class offers spells where you can manipulate nature and her creatures that surround you. Weather Manipulation, creature summoning, healing, or growing foliage, all these are unique powers wielded by the druid.


This mod brings druidism to the world of Skyrim. We wanted to make druidism feel more of how it should be, almost like adding a whole new school of magic. Yet instead of adding a new school which so far is impossible, we simply added onto Alteration. Probably the school of magic that has seen the least amount of love, we brought it to new heights making it our school of choice when making druidic spells. We added 25 spells to alteration as well as 1 unique power. We hid the tomes to learn these spells throughout Skyrim, as players it will be your job to find the spells to amass your power. You may reveal locations of the spells in the comment section. The harder it is to find, the more potent the spell. But the Magic does not end there. We created a new type of weapon not really seen in TESV Modding, the Combat Staff. Held in the left hand like a Torch, you can use it to Block and Bash. Once Bash an enemy with a staff a unique effect takes place. One in Particular creates vines that trips up the enemy and may knock them down. To craft these staves we invented a new type of crafting, once crafted you use the corresponding spell to imbue the staff with Nature Magic.

Obtaining the Armor for the Druid is as easy as walking inside to the bedroom and picking each piece. The Amulet and Ring are in a jewelry box next to the Bed. The Mace that which you can see in the above images is the druids tool, though a staff can create magic the mace can do a few other things. It's key feature is it's 0 damage, "Say What!?" Yes, 0 Damage but whenever you hit an enemy with the mace they get poisoned, doing damage over time. This unique effect does not do damage to Animals, and instead of Doing damage to animals, the druid Staff can tame animals. Simply waking a Bear, Wolf, Sabre-cat, Fox, Mammoth, or Rabbit will make them an ally to you. They will even follow you around the outdoors of Skyrim, that's unlike the wood elves racial skill. Animals do not go inside. Included in this mod there is a Player Home, complete with Furnishings, like chests, bookshelves, and the new staff crafting stations. It is located south of Windhelm, you will notice a giant tree. Behid the tree you will find a cave known as the undergrove. There you will find an additional player come.

Spells - All spells are in the Alteration School and are subcategorized based by function:
(NOTE: Spells no longer require you to wear the druidic armor.

Nature Arts -
Tame Animals - Tames animals to follow and fight alongside the druid.
Release Animals - Releases your animal companions from servitude.
Healing Field - Heals the druid and their animal allies.
Kyne's Tears - Revives dead animals.
Stone Skin - Provides animal allies a layer of stone armor to increase defense.

Druid Arts -
Vine Grip - Grow vines that will entangle foes with random movement debilitating effects.
Roc Dive - Calls upon the mythical Roc to dive bomb enemies.
Geyser Fission - Creates a geyser spout beneath the enemy launching them in random directions.
Vine Barrier - Raises a cluster of vines to serve as a barrier between the druid and their foes.
Poison Corridor - Grows a field of poisonous plants directly in front of the druid to poison enemies.

Treant Arts -
Treant Branch - Transforms the druid's left arm into a giant branch that absorbs health, stamina, and magicka.
Bark Armor - Provides an impenetrable magic armor, but sacrifices movement speed.
Pollen Infusion - Infuses pollen magic to an unpowered Pollenwood staff.
Vine Infusion - Infuses plant magic to an unpowered Vinewood staff.
Petrify Infusion - Infuses petrifying magic to an unpowered Stonewood staff.

Traveller Arts -
Wind Gust - Increases movement speed to allow the druid to cover large distances within seconds.
Boulder Drop - Reduces fall damage to none, so that falling even from the highest mountain deals no damage.
Water Stride - Allows the druid to cross bodies of water without having to swim.
Wooden Decoy - Creates a wooden decoy of the druid to distract potential enemies.
Teleport Home - Transports the Druid back to the base of the Druidic Homestead.

Tracker Arts -
Hunter's Eye - Allows the druid to detect natural and corrupted nature in a wide radius. Does not detect humanoids.
Alchemic Trap - Creates an alchemic rune that traps foes based on their alchemic formulation.
Serpent Fang - Create a bow made of vines on your arm that allows you to launch poisonous arrows.
Prowling Camouflage - Increases reaction time for a short period of time and allow the druid to blend with their surrounding.
Storm Bow - Creates a magical bow made of vines that allows you to launch storm arrows.

Druidic Mace Enchantment - Mace deals no direct physical damage. The mace has a poison enchantment that stacks and prolongs the duration with every strike on non animal enemies. When an animal is struck with the mace, it will tame the animal.

Infused Vine Staff - The staff is used similar to a torch, and when an enemy is bashed, they get engulfed in a cluster of vines.

Infused Pollen Staff - The staff is used similar to a torch, and when an enemy is bashed, they attract a swarm of bees that deal minor poison damage and causes enemies to run in fear.

Infused Petrify Staff - The staff is used similar to a torch, and when an enemy is bashed, your opponent turns into stone. While petrified, the target is unable to move, but also cannot be harmed.

Player Home Location:


- Download and install using Nexus mod Manager - Recommended

- Download and Install Manually

If Manual, exctract the .rar files and merge the data folder with your data folder in your Skyrim folder.


This mod has a few locations around Skyrim that made map changes. Any mods that altars the same map cells will conflict with this mod.


- Some animals may not be tamed and instead become cloned. The Clone however will be tamed.
- Note: Having too many animal companions may cause weird things to happen. This cannot be fixed due to Skyrim's mechanics.

Future Plans:

- Adding 2 new armors, one for the Roguish Druid type, and one for the caster type.

Recomended Mods:

You can now use Druid Essentials alongside steelfeather's Path of Sorcery by using the Path of Sorcery Assorted Patch by DrMonops!



Scripting and Code - ZeroEternalz

Creation Kit and Textures - Arcane51388

Models and Images - Maymay1588

Special Thanks:

FranklinZunge - Created the model for the Druid Cuirass, Scale and Fur
LordOFWar Using his imports to create the druidic armor - Forests The Witcher 2 Models
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Do not use parts of this mod in other mods or upload this mod to other sites. If you wish to translate this mod to another language contact either ZeroEternalz or Arcane51388 for permission. We will display a link to your mod page.