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A quest to look for the Glamoril, an ancient powerfull artifact that it's said that it was stolen from Akatosh by Shalidor himself and now it is in Skyrim, hidden somewhere in Labyrinthia. 2 New dungeons, 20 new unique spells, a new player home, a powerfull staff that freezes time and a unique backpiece.

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Wellcome to my new mod, The Glamoril.

So i was playing skyrim for a while... again... and i wanted to create my own type of magic, so i crafted this mod to play arround. All the spells are Time/Space/gravity/force related, most of them are immensely powerfull so they cost tons of magica to cast... but well you can... "evade" that problem with some enchanting. That means this mod adds a very powerfull set of spells to the player that contols the enviroment arround him, for sure you will feel a powerfull wizard of the creation. It also now adds a entire new questline in wich you will discover some secrets of the lore meawhile you face new threats.

What this mod adds so far:
- A quest to find the secret of the glamoril, an ancient powerfull artifact. It's said that it was stolen from Akatosh by Shalidor himself and is now in Skyrim, hidden somewhere in Labyrinthia. To start the quest find the book "Shalidor, Archmage" added by this mod to the book leveled lists so they should be aviable to buy in any book vendor. (The leveled lists wasn't eddited the book is added dynamically by a script wich triggers once you add the mod and press "normal mode" in the message that will spawn once you first load the game). If you need help with the walkthrough there's a readme in the documents tab with a step by step guide on how to solve the puzzles, you also have a video.

- 2 new dungeons in wich you will have to face challenging puzzles and 4 new HARD bosses, they scale with your level and will be tough even if you are at level max. Each boss has unique mechanics and the have phases, as less health they have they become harder and stonger.

- 20 new Spells that will be described below, you can also see the screenshots for some of them.

- A new Player Home.

- A Staff that stops time.

-An elder scroll as a backpiece that increases your efectivity as a mage. Version

Xbox Version

All Spells belong to the Alteration magic category

Apprentice Spells

· Daze: Shatter the space arround a target knoking him and dealing damage over time.
· Eternity Feast: Rewind time and regenerate health and mana.
· Wrap Space (Lesser Power): Constrict an area and release it violently to throw away everyone in your surroundings

Expert Spells

· Dimensional Storage: Open a dimension in wich you can store all your items.
· Shalidor's Mirror (Ward): Create a force field arround you that increases your armor and magic resistance. If you get hit by a spell you will defelect it. The deflected spell will be fired wherever the caster is pointing, also this effect has 2 seconds of cooldown.
· Force Cape (Flesh): Protect youself with a force field that repels physical and magical attacks resisting 60% of it's strenght. It also makes you immune to falling damage.
· Psychic: Pull to yourself objects and people from a distance.
· Mark and Recall: On first cast mark your place. On Second cast teleport yourself to the marked location.
· Reality Slash: Cut reality itself dealing unresistable magic damage to those caught in the diversion. If the spell hits a ward it will break it.
· Teleport: Teleport yourself to the target location.
· Arcane Thievery: Steal from a target with 100% chance.
· Test of time: Speed up the aging process of the target dealing damage and turning them into ash if the target has 20% or less health.

Master Spells

· Accelerate Time: pretty self explainatory...
· Freeze time: Freeze time on first cast, unfreeze it on second cast. This spell comes in 2 versions, a onehanded casting spell and a lesser power spell.
· Continuum Split: Break space-time continuum creating a distorsion at your location. Once the effect finish (or recast) you go back in time being teleported back to that location and your magicka/health/stamina will be restored to their original values.
· Shatter Space: Distort the reality arround you pushing away everyone in a large area.
· Worlds Collide: Wrap 2 realities violently dealing damage to the target. Once the effect finishes shatter both realities dealing true damage to the target.
· Event Horizon: Create an impenetrable barrier arround yourself and absorb magicka arround the barrier.
· Dimensional Realm: On first cast mark the place and teleport yourself to your own dimensional realm (player home), on second cast teleport youself back to the marked location.
· Black Hole: Create a black hole on target location that pulls enemies and allies alike leaving defenseless and dealing falling damage if they get knoked off in the process.


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Walkthrough of the Quest

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